Features and Focal Point Ideas for Your Living Room

A living room is one of those ubiquitous public spaces that are always going to remain the entertainment and relaxing hub of a home. Therefore, it should be designed in a way that is comfortable, conversational, yet statement worthy. Visitors need to come in and feel instantly welcome while also being awed by how gorgeous the whole ambiance is.

Top 15 Best Features and Focal Point Ideas for Your Living Room

This is why you need a conversation-starting focal point. It should always be front-and-center so that people can take note of it. If you’re struggling to find a good one, here are some great ideas to help you out:

1. Digital picture frames

Digital Art Frame Backlit
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Digital Art Frame Backlit

Artistic tech is paving the way for new and improved interior décor idea, and if you want an especially attractive, super unconventional living room focal point, then you should definitely opt for electronic artwork or digital picture frame. It’s basically an upgraded version of basic statement art. These frames are backlit and glow in the dark, so even when the rest of your living room lights are switched off, these are always going to remain front, center, and totally lit.

If you prefer to show your own photos, check out the Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame. These free standing or wall mounted digital photo frames ranging from 9.7-inch to 15-inch lets you load up your favourite selection of photos based on playlists that you create using your mobile device (smartphone or tablet). We recommend the 13.3-inch or the 15-inch models as these come with Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels for sharper images. Other, more basic digital photo frames are also available where you load up your photos using a microSD card.

Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame
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Smart Digital Picture Frame on Amazon


2. Dual Function TV

To turn the dial all the way up so to speak is the Samsung The Frame TV. These are QLED TV with Art Mode built-in making them dual purpose, as a TV and picture frame. What this means is the slimline big screen TV ranging from 50-inch to 75-inch are available with gap free wall mount frame turning them into big picture frame. The artworks and photos can be from Samsung’s library or on your own collection. More images are available from the Art Store for a fee. You also get a choice of custom frame bezel that can be attached magnetically to each side of the TV to match your decor.

Samsung The Frame TV
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Samsung The Frame TV on Amazon


3. A colored ceiling

coloured ceiling
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Coloured ceiling

One of the most statement-worthy living room focal points can be a colored ceiling. It should be bold, vibrant, and match the overall theme of your interior design. It’s best to choose a wholly contrasting color that lends a lot of personality to the overall lounge ambiance, and you can even accessorize it with a bold light fixture for the best effect.


4. Coloured feature wall

Colored ceilings are usually implemented in rooms with tall walls, so if your living room is heighted, then this is the focal point you should opt for. If not, then switch to something else like a coloured wall. Here you can choose to display your favourite decors, mount your TV and site your console, have a floating shelf and more.

Coloured feature wall
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Coloured feature wall

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5. A statement sofa

Statement Sofa
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Statement Velvet Sofa on Amazon

What’s more eye-catching than a bold sofa in a living room? Nothing else, actually. Your sofa needs to speak in eye-catching vibrant tones and designs to be a focal point. Choosing a unique style and a statement-worthy upholstery is the best way to accomplish that. Choose classic styles or go for modern ones with flared arms. You can even accessorize it with throw pillow clusters and fluffy shrugs to complete the full effect.

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6. An oriental rug

Oriental Rug
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Oriental Rug on Amazon

If you want a beautiful, one-of-a-kind living room statement piece, then opt for a lush, hand-woven oriental rug. They’re a bit on the expensive side, but they can also be heirloom quality investments if taken care of. You can find lots of unique designs in this genre and pick one in a size that complements the ambiance, aesthetic, and thematic value of your lounge. Put it in the center of the room and top it off with a lightweight coffee table and a couple of poofs.

7. Eye-catching fireplace

eye catching fireplace
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Eye catching fireplace featured on Elle Decor

Fireplaces are some of the most interesting living room centerpieces that you can opt for. Not only are they natural eye-catchers, but there’s always a lot of potential in customizing their aesthetic to be as personal, eclectic, and unique as possible. One thing that you can do to set your fireplace apart is to paint it a vibrant color – pick a jewel tone so that it instantly becomes the focus of the room. You can also clad it in a contrasting material like wood or stone, which sets it apart from the rest of the room.


8. Accent furniture

Accent Furniture
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Accent Furniture source Veranda Magazine

If you want to give your living room a dynamic, well-integrated look, then you best opt for statement-worthy accent furniture. The basic task of such furniture is to add lots of flavor to the monotonous ambiance of a space, so it is naturally selected bold, patterned, and highly unique designs. You can pick an oversized or a dainty armchair for your lounge – whichever one suits your theme best – and use it to introduce diverse visual contrast within the surroundings.

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9. A gallery wall

Gallery Wall Elle Decor
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Gallery Wall Source Elle Decor

A gorgeous gallery wall always makes a living room feel cozy, lived-in, and stylish at the same time. Plus, you always have so many options in how you can design your own wall. You could opt for the rigid grid-style aesthetic that looks really great when you want conformity in your ambiance. Then you have the asymmetric effect, which delivers an eclectic tinge to the space. You can also create a gallery wall out of mismatched personal items to make the entire lounge feel totally customized.


10. Digital Gallery Wall

Using the same dual purpose TV idea, you can create a gallery wall near your media console making your big screen TV part of the display. Using a series of high definition images be it photos, artwork or ariel images, the TV won’t look out of place and will feature your favourite are work just as well as the other traditional photo frames. This can be any standard wall mounted big screen TV with slim side profile.

Samsung The Frame on Gallery Wall
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Samsung The Frame on Gallery Wall (search Amazon)


11. The coffee table

Coffee table
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Coffee table on Amazon

If you want a small but effective focal point to add some unique flavor to your living rooms, then go for a compact, eclectic coffee table. It could be as small or large as you want as long as it complements your interior design theme. You can make it stand out because of its texture or because of its accents. Some coffee tables attract the eye because of a combination of both. Just make sure that it contrasts with the sofa and rug finish.


12. Statement throw cushions

throw cushions
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Throw cushions for sofa on Amazon

While the furniture is an inherent part of the living room, the throw pillows and cushions can spice up their design even more, while making an attractive focal point. For example, if your sofa or accent chair upholstery is on the neutral side, then you can select bold, jewel-colored throw pillows in different designs and make a feature piece out of them.

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13. Contrasting décor

Contrasting Decor
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Contrasting Decor

Décor and accessories might be small in size, but they always make a beautiful impact. You can carefully curate your selection to create multiple focal points within the room. The picture frame or hand-made wreath that goes above your fireplace can make a great conversation starter. The cluster of eclectic vases or decorative bowls arranged around the room can make strategic attractions that beautifully contrast the rest of the surroundings.

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14. Beautiful outdoor views

outdoor view from living room
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outdoor view from living room

If you can’t find a worthy show-stopping focal point on your own, then leave it all to the nature. That’s right – blurring the boundaries between your indoor and outdoor areas can help create a natural focal point for your lounge, i.e. the window. Pick a nice window treatment and let the landscape do its job!


15. Built-in shelves

Built-in bookshelves living room
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Built-in bookshelves

Built-in shelves are one of the most fantastic, organic focal points that you can add to your living room. They’re an excellent way to feature beautiful décor and highlight your favorite books. Plus, you can customize their designs however you want! From classical trims to gilded brass edges that speak of contemporary vision, you can design a feature bookshelf that will make your living room the talk of the town.

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16. The overall color scheme

overall colour scheme living room
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Overall colour scheme

The overall color scheme of your interior design can also be used to create various focal points throughout the living room. For example, if you’re working with neutrals, you can opt for a glamorous cubist statement art behind your sofa that uplifts its natural hues. Your wallpapers, doorways, and even your end tables can be used to enhance the thematic value of the color scheme!

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17. Fresh green planters

Fresh green planters
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Fresh green planters

One of the most fantastic ways to create beautiful focal points in your living room is to feature houseplants on various surfaces. This’ll work wonders if you have a green thumb to space. A tall fern in a large pot can be put in a corner and attract the eye from time to time. You can place the aloe plant or a horsetail plant on your mantle place for maximum impact. You can put air plats and tiny succulents on the coffee table for small but wondrous impact.

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18. A console

Living room console
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Living room console

Large living rooms often come with consoles or mini-buffet cabinets. They’re usually pushed up against an empty wall and provide decorative as well as functional prospects. This side-board buffet can become an inherent focal point of your lounge if you furnish it right. Accessorize it with beautiful décor. Put statement art or a cluster of small frames atop it. Embellish the top and open shelves with books, beautiful trinkets, and baubles. You can even put planters and woven baskets on each side to complete the whole look!

So, this is everything you need to know about creating interesting focal points for your living room. We hope you find this guide helpful and find some great ideas to make your lounge as statement-worthy as possible.

Edited by Samuel J. Tan