Picking the Right Soft Furnishings for your Living Room

The living room is the hub of all relaxation and entertainment in modern homes, so it should always be furnished accordingly. From classy sofas to posh window coverings, the basic layout of this space is pretty standard. However, we can always experiment with soft furnishings to personalize this space. Here, we take a look at how you can pick the right soft furnishings and how they can emulate unfettered coziness and style in your spaces.

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Soft Furnishing Ideas

1. Sofa Upholstery

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Your sofa upholstery complements your interior design theme. For example, if you’re going for a posh, upscale urban chic look, then your sofa should be upholstered in sumptuous velvet or jute. If you’re going for a contemporary-casual look, then rugged leather upholstery is a good option. For sleek modern living rooms, form-fitted leather, suede, and common fabrics never go out of style. It’s all about how your sofa is going to impact the overall ambiance. It’s usually the statement piece and focal point of the lounge, so pick your upholstery accordingly.

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2. Throws

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Sofa or armchair throws are woolen blankets that are artistically draped across one corner to emulate a cozy vibe. They have a decorative appeal but can also be used functionally if you were to ever fall asleep on the sofa. These throws are highly attractive and their color should be chosen to contrast the sofa or chair upholstery that you want to sprawl them on. For example, if the sofa is grey, then the throw can be beige, cream, or white.

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3. Pillows

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Throw pillows for sofa are one of the most important soft furnishings that you can select for your living rooms. They’re used to emulate beautiful contrast and a sense of comfort within the ambiance. They should be selected in contrasting colors that stand out against the sofa upholstery. Many homeowners mix and match their throw pillow covers to create great visual impact. However, you need a keen eye for color contrast to pull this off successfully!

4. Slipcovers

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Slipcovers are there to protect your sofa upholstery from accidental stains, spills, and regular old household dust. They’re usually just splayed over the couch in a form-fitting way and stay as is unless you’re entertaining guests. So, since they are a semi-permanent part of your lounge interior, you need to choose them in colors that are soothing and complementary to your interior theme.

5. Curtains

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You can’t complete your living room soft furnishing without choosing the right curtains. Not only do they cover up the windows, but they’re an inherent part of the overall ambiance. You should pick the kind of fabric that suits your overall theme. Sheers go well with breezy modern and contemporary homes while thick, patterned fabrics are more for the traditional, vintage, and transitional spaces. You can also do a mix and match of both fabrics to complement a contemporary interior design.

6. Light Fixtures

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Not actually soft furnishing but the choice of lighting fixtures and lamp shades makes all the difference. Lamp shades made from cloth, weave cane, woven seagrass, wicker rattan, bamboo or linen gives the room a softer feel. This makes the light fixtures of a living room part of the soft furnishings. From the table lamps to the ceiling fixture to even the wall lights, everything needs to be selected to complement the space. All of these items are usually selected to play in contrast with the rest of the color scheme, so that the whole room looks interesting and dynamic wen they are lit up.

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7. Color scheme

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The color scheme is one of the most important aspects of your living room interior design. Not only does it set the tone for the rest of the ambiance, but it provides a basic theme for you to work with. Since the lounge is for relaxing as well as entertaining, it’s best to pick colors that are bold, striking, but also have a soothing vibe. Wood and whites is a popular theme followed closely by classy teal and sophisticated neutrals.

8. Linen, Woven or Grass Cloth Wallpaper

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If your living room feels too plain and you want to make it truly experiential, then go for cloth wallpaper. A good cloth wallpaper do not only add a lot of oomph to the ambiance, but you can find it in a lot of interesting colors, textures, patterns, and details. This extensive choice allows you to pick something that complements your interior design theme while also aesthetically pleasing. Options include wheat grass cloth, textured linen, jute or natural fibres knotted and stitched together. Do make sure to pick a wallpaper that complements the wall color of your lounge, because that will add wholesomeness to the surroundings.

9. Ottomans

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Tiny foot ottomans, tuffies, and poufs are also a great way to experiment with the soft furnishings of your living room. They’re considered “separates” so you should pick them out in contrasting textures, fabrics, and upholsteries to add visual interest to your overall ambiance. They’re usually placed around and about the coffee table for maximum visibility and impact.

10. Braided baskets / Woven Rope

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If you’re the kind of homeowner who always needs a clutter-free living room zone, then you need to invest in a braided basket made from seagrass, woven cotton rope, jute or wicker. It’s the kind of uncanny soft furnishing that adds a lot of panache to your spaces. It can also become a useful accent piece. Just put it in a corner or beside your media console and load it up with throws, magazines, extra pillows, and all the extra things that lie about your lounge when they’re not needed. It can also also be used as storage for firewood or as a planter, to seat your big potted plant in.

11. Textile tapestries & wall hangings

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Tapestries and wall hangings can complete the décor of your living room while adding a cozy, comfortable aura to the ambiance. If you’re going for a tapestry then make sure to make it the statement piece of your lounge.

12. Macrame Wall Hanging

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Just like textile tapestries wall hangings, but with macramé hangings. Choose either beige or stained fringe wall banner for that bohemian style. You can even create a gallery wall out of your favorite textiles and macrame hangings, see below.

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13. Macrame plant hangers

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If you’re searching for an interesting soft furnishing to complement your living rooms with, then you should go for macramé plant hangers. They’re classy, boho-chic and will look great hanging atop the window sill. Feature beautiful indoor creepers within them that trail down the sides and you’ll have a great indoor garden style aesthetic!

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14. Rugs

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The rug of your living room is the kind of soft furnishing that requires a lot of thought. It should contrast, yet complement the sofa. It should also stand out from the floor finish. A great thumb rule is to either choose a totally contrasting third color, or opt for a shade that matches the sofa upholstery but is one or two shades lighter, so that it bridges the aesthetic-distance between the furniture and the floor.

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15. Upholstered coffee tables

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Tired of looking at typical sleek coffee tables? You can opt for an upholstered coffee table. It’s perfect for kicking back and putting your feet on and the good ones even offer a spacious storage compartment. They can be used as tabletops as well. You can feature a DIY decorative tray in their middle as a statement piece!

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16. Accent chairs

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The perfect soft furnishing to add that finishing touch to your living room is an accent chair or two. They play in contrast with the sofa fabric and also provide some extra space to sit. The visual impact of these chairs is definitely something to behold when chosen right. Their style should complement the sofa, but the color of their upholstery should contrast with it. It should also be different from the rug and the curtains so that they stand out amidst the rest of the layout.

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So, this is your guide to picking out the right soft furnishings for your living room. We hope you find it helpful while selecting décor, furniture, and accessories for your own lounge!