Luxury Accessories for the Living Space – add a touch of gold & glamour to any room

“Never buy a piece of art that you don’t have to have. You know, don’t worry about who the artist is or how much it’s worth. I mean, you have to live with it every day. You have to walk by it every day. You have to really love it; you have to really appreciate it. It’s kind of like picking a mate.”

This is a genius line from Jennifer Aniston’s movie, ‘The Breakup.’ It just makes sense that when accessorizing your home, you never settle for pieces that do not make you swoon the first time you see it. If you must splurge, do it on things that you have to see and live with every day – things that make you feel like royalty in your own home.

20 Luxury Accessories to Add a Touch of Gold and Glamour to Any Room

Luxury comes in many shapes and sizes, but here are some of the best accessories you can get to add a touch of gold to your living space.

1. Design Toscano Grande Chateau Beaumont Candelabra

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Design Toscano Grande Chateau Beaumont Candelabra on Amazon

Nothing says royal quite like a pair of heavy, antique gold candleholders elaborately designed in the fancy Rococo style. If your living space aesthetic includes aged antiques, this candelabra set will both fit in and stand out thanks to its ornate, hand-casted stone finished with gold gilt and sleek designer resin. Each piece is ready to hold five taper candles — just make sure not to leave any of them unattended.

2. Napoleon Alluravision Hanging Fireplace

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Napoleon Alluravision Hanging Fireplace on Amazon

If candles are not quite your kind of flame holders, you can instead opt for his hanging electric fireplace for your heating and decor needs. Its most notable feature is the frameless finish that emphasizes the golden flames while keeping the design minimalistic. Despite its intricate design, this is actually a plug-and-play accessory, for that perfect mix of convenience and luxury.

3. Leewadee Tall Big Floor Standing Vase

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Leewadee Tall Big Floor Standing Vase on Amazon

Floor vases can instantly accentuate any boring corner in your living space. This particular standing vase drips elegance for that modern-rustic mix, as it is made from mango wood and designed with a vibrant gold finish. If your room at home doubles as an office, this would also be the perfect reception statement piece that screams both elegance and boldness.

4. Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Medium Vase

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Michael Aram Butterfly Ginkgo Medium Vase on Amazon

Michael Aram is quite the artist, and he has definitely outdone himself with the Butterfly Ginkgo Collection, which basically presents flora as fauna. In this breathtaking centerpiece and coffee table staple, the double leaves of the Ginkgo are rendered as playful butterfly wings. Aram’s extraordinary and impressively original vision paired with excellent craftsmanship makes this piece a true gem in the modern age.

5. Barski Decanter

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Barski Decanter on Amazon

All homes need a decanter, and this one from Barski is perfect for both personal use and when you’re having friends over for some brandy, whisky, vodka, or bourbon. Cut from fine European crystal for unparalleled sparkle and clarity, its irregular shape and gold accents make this Barski decanter appear more like a sophisticated work of art than a mere functional item in your home.

6. Livex Lighting Ceiling Medallion

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Livex Lighting Ceiling Medallion on Amazon

Shopping for a chandelier shouldn’t just be about the lamp. The medallion that connects it to the ceiling can make or break the elegance of your lighting piece. Ceiling medallions further enhance the look of any room that has a chandelier in it. This particular piece features hand-painted vintage gold leaf finishing and would look great with all kinds of chandeliers and ceiling lamps.

7. MEEROSEE Crystal Chandeliers

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MEEROSEE Crystal Chandeliers on Amazon

Crystal chandeliers never fail to bedazzle. They reflect light and sparkle even in the morning, and command attention when completely lit up at night. Every crystal in this Meerosee chandelier is precision-cut for maximum faceting and light refraction, matched with high-quality metal framing for the penultimate contemporary luxury. This beautiful work of art takes about six hours to put together, but it’s definitely worth it.

8. Schonbek Swarovski Lighting Sterling Chandelier

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Schonbek Swarovski Lighting Sterling Chandelier on Amazon

Still, if you want the most luxurious chandelier you can order online, you can’t ever go wrong with a classic Schonbek. Since the 1800s, Schonbek’s name has been synonymous with carefully crafted crystal chandeliers considered as heirlooms in many elite clans. This crystal Swarovski chandelier may not have a literal touch of gold in it, but it’s all you need to elevate any room into one that’s fit for kings.

9. Schonbek French Gold Light Pendant

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Schonbek French Gold Light Pendant on Amazon

Unfortunately, not all living spaces can host a chandelier without it looking out of place. For flats and studio units, the Schonbek light pendant might fare better. It’s much more compact and lightweight compared to the Swarovski silver chandelier so it wouldn’t look tacky and over imposing even in smaller rooms, but rest assured that the French gold finishing of this pendant is just as elegant and breathtaking.

10. Design Toscano Chateau Chambord Mantel Clock

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Design Toscano Chateau Chambord Mantel Clock on Amazon

The timeless beauty and refinement of Classical Greek art adds glamour to any home, and this mantel clock is the best and most beautiful way to bring the ornate detailing of Greek art into your home. This one-foot-and-a-half timepiece features icons from traditional Greek sculptures like water maidens, smiling putti, shells, and griffins.

11. Krugg Lifted Mirror with Defogger

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Krugg Lifted Mirror with Defogger on Amazon

All living rooms are purposefully designed to impress guests, but you’d know someone’s nouveau riche when their bathrooms tell a different story. This is why you need a lighted, mounted mirror, like the Elsie, for all-around elegance even in the restroom.

The traditional matte gold frame is a perfect match for the modern LED technology for that contemporary and captivating vanity.

12. Raphael Roze Antique Gold Framed Mirror

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Raphael Roze Gold Framed Mirror on Amazon

Outside the bathroom, this gold spear Bahia mirror can give any bedroom, lounge, or hallway a sophisticated makeover. It is carved wood finished with deep gold paint for that almost-metallic aesthetics that first both rustic and modern-style home decor. It has none of the features a smart mirror, though, which means it’s as classic as classic can get.

13. Queen Ankhesenamun Coffin Storage Cabinet

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Queen Ankhesenamun Coffin Storage Cabinet on Amazon

History buffs will surely fall head over heels for this sarcophagus cabinet, which stands at 6 feet tall and opens to reveal 14 storage shelves for your personal effects. It’s not just a regular sarcophagus, too. The design is purely based on the ornate coffin of Ankesenamun, an 18th dynasty Egyptian queen who became the royal wife of King Tutankhamen. The cabinet was hand-cast from real crushed stone and finished with hand-painted accents of real gold leaf.

14. Purpledip Savitri Hindu Goddess Mother of Vedas

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Purpledip Savitri Hindu Goddess Mother of Vedas on Amazon

In Vedic texts, Gayatri is thought to be a consort to no less than Lord Brahma himself. The solar deity is associated in those old texts with abundance and contentment, making this decorated centerpiece a choice gift for housewarming parties and weddings.

15. Made By Humans Deflated Balloon Ceramic Decorative Bowl

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Made By Humans Deflated Balloon Ceramic Decorative Bowl on Amazon

Who says bowls have to be boring? Definitely not Natasha Co, the genius artist behind this one-of-a-kind ceramic and decorative bowl. This deflated balloon may be eccentric, but it carries a lot of character that is sure to pique the interest of anyone who might lay eyes on it in your living room. You may use it as a fruit or candy bowl, or as some sort of caddy for important things like keys, phones, and wallets.

16. Unique Faberge Jewelry Box

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Unique Faberge Jewelry Box on Amazon

Speaking of eccentric yet luxurious accessories for the home, what about a jewelry box that’s made from real goose eggshell? Imported from Cyprus, this Faberge egg is embellished with 24k gold, diamonds, and pearls. It’s a worthy new home for your prized jewels, which you can now display in plain sight with this unique jewelry box.

17. KOHLER Purist Single Wall Sconce

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KOHLER Purist Single Wall Sconce on Amazon

If you haven’t seen a lighting ornament in this list that will fit right in with your modern minimalist home aesthetic, then this wall scone from KOHLER might be exactly what you’re looking for. This subtle night light is amazing to look at, albeit quite complicated to install.

18. Ornate Gold Music Box

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Ornate Gold Music Box on Amazon

This gold engraved music box draws up feelings of nostalgia as it plays beautiful, 30-note renditions of classic songs like ‘Memory.’ The beveled crystal lid and the deep red velvet interior lining add to its timeless, classical appeal, making it a wonderful sidepiece to your living room coffee table.

19. Gold Foil Wall Art

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Gold Foil Wall Art on Amazon

Of course, you can’t speak about having a luxurious home if you don’t have at least one piece of evocative art hanging on the wall. This engraved print of a shimmering flower is adorned with real gold foil, for an enchanting and palatial wall decor.

20. Decorative Antique Gold Figurine

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Decorative Antique Gold Figurine on Amazon

In many cultures, tortoises are considered good luck, so this highly realistic rendering of the majestic animal made from composite and antique gold adds a bold statement in living room, either as a centerpiece or as part of an intricate landscape-inspired display.

These are just some of the most lavish accessories you can get to give new life and vigor to your living space. When choosing which of the decors to get for your space, remember Jennifer Aniston in ‘The Breakup’ and how her genius of a character never buys a piece of art she doesn’t have to have.