15 Cute and Fun Stationery Items to Jazz Up Your Desk

What makes Mondays doubly dreadful is having to trade your cute, cozy, plushie-filled room in exchange for drab computers and cold desks that speak nothing of your fun personality. Well, regardless if you’re studying or already working, there’s always a way to bring a little bit of you into your desk in order to avoid feeling like Garfield on Mondays.

Here are some of the most adorable stationery items we found that could brighten up your desk at home, in school, or at work:

1. Baby Groot Pencil Holder

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Baby Groot Pencil Holder on Amazon

It’s almost impossible to feel bored or burned out when you have a Baby Groot sitting on your desk and smiling up at you. Cute as it is, this ‘action figure’ has a multitude of practical uses. First, you can use it as a pen holder to declutter your desk a little bit. However, if you already have a pencil holder or a standing pencil case, you can still go for Baby Groot and use it as a flower pot holder. Colorful flowers planted on a pot held in Baby Groot’s head might be all you need for that extra Monday motivation.

2. Cassette Tape Dispenser & Pen Holder

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Cassette Tape Dispenser & Pen Holder on Amazon

You might have noticed that the Baby Groot pencil holder pictured above is perfect for smaller desks and workspaces because of its small size. Now, if you need something bigger that can also hold small stationery items like push pins, cork board tacks, staples, and the likes, this cassette tape pen holder might be a better choice.

This pen holder also has a built-in tape dispenser for your sticky tape needs. The cassette tape design is a small, aesthetic bonus for 90s kids who are going for that nostalgic vibe.

3. Bear Desk Organizer

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Bear Desk Organizer on Amazon

If you also need a spot for your reading glasses and mobile phone on your desk, then it doesn’t get better than this desk organizer which has enough room for about 20 pens, a small pair of scissors, your phone or tablet, and any standard-sized pair of eye-wear. It even has a built-in hook where you can hang up your keys to avoid leaving them when it’s time to get up from your desk.

Despite its large capacity and actual wood material, this bear desk organiser surprisingly doesn’t take up too much space. Plus, how cute is it to see a bear wearing your glasses whenever you’re not using them?

4. Cast Iron Cat Bookends

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Cast Iron Cat Bookends on Amazon

Stacking books on your desk is a great way to waste way too much space that can otherwise be used as your free working area. To remedy this while still keeping a few of your choice titles within arm’s reach, you need sturdy bookends.

Well, what about two adorable cats with their paws up, seemingly using your hardbound covers as their scratch post? It’s ironic that these bookends might look like your cat, but won’t be easily knocked off by your actual furbaby because it is pretty heavy, and can thus keep your books securely in place.

5. Cat Post-it Dispenser

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Cat Post-it Dispenser on Amazon

One stationery item that you must never do without is a proper post-it dispenser. You never know when you will get hit with a random amazing idea which you have to jot down so you won’t lose it to its fleeting nature.

This cute, white cat can stand guard for all your good working ideas as it presents you with one 3×3 post-it note at a time. This fun notes holder can make sure you never have to fumble around for a clean sheet of paper when you need to write something down fast.

6. Mermaid Tape Dispenser

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Mermaid Tape Dispenser on Amazon

Aside from losing important notes because you had to list them down on the margins of scratch papers, another annoying thing that no one likes doing is having to wrestle with a Sellotape. Just trying to find the end of the tape, and struggling to tug on it every time you need just a small bit is everyone’s challenge.

Having a good tape dispenser can help you dispense with this problem completely. This cute mermaid tape dispenser does the job while looking absolutely adorable. Its long lashes, rosy cheeks, and brown wavy hair will surely give more life to your working space.

7. Squishy Fidget Pen Topper

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Squishy Fidget Pen Toppers on Amazon

Working and even scrapbooking can be stressful sometimes, so having an on-hand stress ball right by your desk is always a good idea. Now, if you are apprehensive about buying a stress plushie or even a fidget spinner to help you deal with restlessness because it won’t serve any other purpose and you’re trying to be more mindful about only purchasing functional stuff, these pen toppers are for you.

The pen toppers feature squishy bubbleheads that take the form of a pizza, a burger, a bucket of popcorn, and a serving of sundae to remind you of happy things while you press down on them to release negative vibes.

8. Paw Wax Seal Stamp

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Paw Wax Seal Stamp on Amazon

Your stationery collection will never be complete with a wax seal stamp that can wow the recipient of your fancy letters. Your cat-loving friends will surely appreciate this paw wax seal.

They will love it even more if you tell them that Uniqooo, the company behind this adorable wax seal stamp, has actually rescued seven street cats since starting their stationery business. This seal stamp is actually the founders’ way to honor their rescued furbabies.

9. Shaped Paper Punchers

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Shaped Paper Punchers on Amazon

These pre-shaped punchers take the cake when it comes to multi-functionality. Kids can use it for their creative schoolworks, teens can borrow it for their scrapbooking needs, and adults can surely use them to cut out shapes for nail art purposes.

Each set already contains 20 patterns, including usual shapes like stars and hearts, as well as a couple of unique ones like clover, rabbit, and even maple leaf. You might think it’s very capricious to buy shaped punchers when you can easily cut out the shapes you need manually, but trust that you’ll never run out of things to use your shaped puncher for.

10. Kpop Washi Tapes

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Kpop Washi Tapes on Amazon

Is there a BTS fan in the house? These decorative yet functional washi tapes would be perfect for them. Journaling and scrapbooking (and also writing letters, if that’s something you like doing) will be a lot more fun with these washi tapes, which feature symbols that were actually designed by members of Korean boy band sensation BTS.

11. Lipstick Tube Correction Tape

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Lipstick Tube Correction Tape on Amazon

If you think correcting mistakes can never be fun, then you obviously haven’t heard of these lipstick-shaped correction tapes. These are as easy to use as actual lipstick tubes – you just have to turn the dial to release the correction tape into the tip.

Having a cute correction tape tube also has its psychological benefits. Instead of getting frustrated when making mistakes like writing down the wrong date, you can now be excited for the chance to take out your lipstick correction tape.

12. Carrot Pencil Case Set

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Carrot Pencil Case Set on Amazon

Sometimes, your need for stationery items does not end at home. Even when you’re away from your desk or even on vacation, you need at least the basic supplies just in case you suddenly get hit by the urge to sit down and create something.

This carrot pencil case set is not just perfect for school kids. It can help anyone bring along 15-20 mechanical pens, complete with erasers and lead refills. It also includes a carrot-shaped notepad and a gel pen so that none of your fleeting ideas get lost even when you’re not sitting on your desk.

13. Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

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Magnetic Dry Erase Boards on Amazon

If you’re the kind of person who functions better when you list down everything you have to achieve for the day, the week, or even the month, then this magnetic dry erase board is a must-add to your stationery collection. Instead of your desk, though, you can put this up on your personal fridge or any other magnetic surface to always be on top of your schedule.

The neon markers are included with the board, so you won’t have to worry about looking for luminous pens that will show up quite well on this black magnetic board.

14. Decorative Push Pins Cork Board Tacks

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Decorative Push Pins & Cork Tacks on Amazon

Instead of a blackboard, some people prefer putting up post-its on cork boards. If this is your style, then you can’t miss having these adorable push pins and tacks on your desk. These are perfect for displaying your to-do lists, quick artworks, and any reminders that you might want to closely keep track of while you work.

15. Glass Dip Calligraphy Set

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Glass Dip Calligraphy Set on Amazon

A good calligraphy set should never be missing from the collection of an avid stationery enthusiast. This starter set already includes two glass pens, inks in 14 different colours, a penholder, and even a cleaning cup.

It’s perfect for anyone who’s trying to learn calligraphy by writing letters and other written outputs.

That wraps up our list of all the cute and fun stationery items you can add to your collection today. Having stuff in your workspace that spark joy can make all the difference when it comes to those Mondays when you feel like it’s impossible to drag yourself to sit on your desk.

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