Our Fantastic Guide on How to Plan the Perfect Summer Party

Throwing a summer party can be a lot of hard work. We all want to be that perfect host who leaves a grand impression on their guests. From greeting them with a jolly smile and warm hug to preparing a delicious feast from scratch – everything needs to be immaculate and picture-perfect. Unfortunately, reality can’t be more different.

How to Plan the Perfect Summer Party

During my last backyard bash, I promised myself to stay calm and composed without breaking a sweat and worrying over tiny matters. The big day arrived, and I found myself surrounded by trifling issues that gave me a killer headache and stopped me from enjoying the party. What a pity! This time I am going to be more organized and I have come up with a plan of action. Don’t you worry… I am going to share all my secrets with you.

summer garden party
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Here are a few tips to make your next summery event a striking affair!

What’s the Theme?

A beautiful decor creates a pleasant ambiance and a welcoming aura. Choose a pretty and colorful theme for your summer bash – It can be a sun-kissed beach party, a grassy picnic, a soiree on a patio at twilight or a festive gathering under the starry skies. You don’t need to spend a lot on decor. Fill it up with cheap dollar-store pieces, freshly cut blooms in vibrantly-painted vases, an array of sparkly hurricane lanterns and fairy-lights, scented candles, an eye-catching tablecloth, and fancy cutlery. You can also include interactive activities such as a piñata and funky props to have memorable pictures with. Be it rustic or modern, the point is to whip up a cohesive and appealing look for the party.

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If you have invited families with kids, arrange a chaperoned play-area in a separate corner. You can include board games, crafty activities, and a jumping castle to keep the little ones occupied and cheerful. You can even hand-out small goody bags and watch their delightful expressions as they open them. If your event is outdoors, place some pedestal fans and bug repellents to keep the place airy and pest-free.

Who, When, Where and How? Remember to Plan Ahead

If you wish to stay unflappable even during the most chaotic state of affairs, planning ahead is the key. Whether it is the venue, decor, music, food, or invitations, think and map out everything. Conceptualizing your summer party in your mind, put it down on the paper and then bring it to life. Some of the most important factors you must consider include date, location, theme, and menu. Are you going for an outdoor pool soiree, a barbecue night, or a formal dinner party? Select a theme and food items and begin shopping for the things in advance. Don’t forget to create a party budget – You definitely don’t want to go overboard!

set a date for your party
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Once the date and location have been finalized, starting mailing invitations. It is a good idea to send them out at least two weeks before so that your guests can work around their schedules and commitments. Keep your guest list selective and in accordance with space. The venue must not get crowded and noisy; it can put people off.

What’s the Vibe?

Are you done with the guest list? Great! Now it is time to create some amazing invitation cards that will give your friends and family an idea on what to expect. Sometimes it is not apparent on invites whether it is a formal or an informal occasion. Once a friend arranged a cozy get-together and she didn’t let the folks know that it was a rooftop barbecue party. Some people appeared dressed up in tailored pants and long skirts. You can imagine how they felt enveloped by stifling smoky and sultry air.

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When you invite people, let them know the dress-code and theme. For instance, if it is a pool party, you can mention ‘don’t forget to bring your swimwear!’ or if is a formal gathering, give them a hint to wear their best suits and bow-ties. Your guests will highly appreciate the gesture and will be garbed in appropriate attire. Moreover, doing so will avoid causing you and your guests unnecessary hassle and embarrassment.

What’s on the Plate?

The menu is most probably the highlight of your party. People look forward to scrumptious meals and it is one of the main reasons they come to parties. Be smart and choose the dishes wisely. Opt for items that can be prepared a day or two in advance and don’t require last-minute attention. If you are having a barbecue, marinate the meat 48 hours prior to the grilling session, and freeze it. On the day of the occasion, take out the meat first thing in the morning and defrost it. Be diverse – If there are vegans, children, and people with diet restrictions in your list, ensure there are options for them to indulge in. Include seasonal fruits and vegetables in salads, appetizers, and beverages. It is quite important that you don’t change your menu at the eleventh hour – It will only create trouble for you.

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Serve in style to make an appealing impression. Use clean and polished dishes and make sure there is enough cutlery for everyone. You don’t want people to hunt around for clean forks and glasses. Water and beverages must be easily accessible.

Let the Music Play

Don’t we all secretly want to be DJs with a pair of cool shades on? Perhaps not, but it is certainly fun to be one! Experience it at your own party and play songs that touch the souls of your guests. Choose familiar artists that people instantly recognize and begin to sway with the music. Plan for a playlist that goes on for up to five hours – That’s how long an ideal party should last. Once the music stops playing, people might get the hint that it is time to leave. Place speakers at a distance and keep the volume on a moderate level. Don’t annoy your neighbors by blaring up the volume.

Make Introductions – Mingle Around

As a host, it is your responsibility to break the ice and make introductions. Allow your best friend to strike up a conversation with your boss’ wife and let your dad crack a few jokes with a colleague. It will tone down the awkwardness and everyone will feel at ease with each other. If everything goes well, everyone will fit in comfortably.

Cold Drinks and Cocktails
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Remember, it is your party too so don’t forget to have fun. Forget about the broken bowl for the moment and focus on the positive aspects. Smile, sing, socialize and eat with your loved ones. Have a good time!

House parties are fun especially during the summer season. You are the boss, the DJ and the host. Indulge in hours of unfiltered fun without any time-limits. Make your beanfeasts lively and memorable and learn to be the life of the party. If you handle everything properly and stay collected throughout the event, your cookouts, summer celebrations and pool bashes will be a big hit and you will be guaranteed to can draw a large crowd every time you throw a party.