The Latest Kitchen Trends – Innovative And Practical Ideas For Every Home!

The kitchen is the heart of any home – it is the glue that holds all the other shared spaces in a house together. However, since it’s also a functional space, people follow a regular old footprint to design it. But if you’re tired of looking at the same old ideas and want something new, then we’ve compiled a list of some great ideas to inspire you!

Let’s take a look:

1. Refinishing the cabinet façade

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Replace cabinet doors and drawer facades

Trendy kitchens feel voguish because of their charismatic cabinet finishes. We no longer live in the era where classic rustic wood cabinets were all the rage. These days, homeowners like to opt for stylish, handle-less kitchen cabinetry that gives the overall space a seamless, sophisticated look. Most of the time, they’re clad in beautiful high-gloss or matte laminates, but once in a while, you see a trending paint color as well – bright orange anyone?

2. Adding a coffee bar

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Add a Coffee Bar

The contemporary kitchen is no longer just a place of sheer functionality. It has become a centre of gathering, relaxing, and snacking as well. Therefore, adding a trendy coffee bar to yours is definitely an excellent way to keep up with the latest trends. You can furnish it with either a professional coffee maker or opt for the easygoing Nespresso or even a smart coffee machine. Make some space for your coffee beans and mugs, and enjoy the whole look by designing an adjoining seating area. This would of course, appeal to every coffee aficionado. Move over Starbucks!

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Coffee bar drawer for accessories

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3. Upgrading from typical backsplashes

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Upgrade backsplash

Typical tiled backsplashes are so old-fashioned. In fact, their vintage aesthetic is no longer appreciated with the contemporary homebuyer market. Instead, people want a sleek, chic, and highly sophisticated alternative and glass or acrylics are the perfect materials for the job. They not only have that gorgeously clean look, but their reflective, glossy surfaces look so much more better with accompanying under-cabinet lighting or LED strip lights! And to add to that, they are infinitely easy to clean and maintain.

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4. Adding stylish open shelving

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Stylish Open Shelves

While closed cabinets are always going to be an integral part of a fully-functional kitchen, you can add some stylish, aesthetically pleasant open shelves to deliver some contrast. They can either be used to feature décor items or they can be used to organise beautiful spice bottles. Many homeowners also highlight beautiful crockery on these shelves to maximize the visual impact of the space.

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Stylish open shelves

5. Beautifying the storage spaces

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Beautify Storage Space

If you notice one thing during a full-day cookout, it’s that the storage in old kitchens is very primitive. This is why trendy new kitchens have stylish, innovative storage options for everyday kitchen essentials. Instead of the typical cabinet shelves, these kitchens feature creative hardware that lets you make the most of unreachable cabinet spaces.

You can also opt for hydraulic pull-down arms to make reaching the overhead cabinets easier. Then there’s the cosmetic shelving for spices, cutting boards, etc. that can also add to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen!

6. Opt for an electric hood and hob

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Electric Hood and Hob

No matter how much you spruce up your kitchen aesthetic, your kitchens are never going to feel up-to-the-minute if you’re still working with a gas stove and an old-fashioned hood. So if you’re looking for a splurge-worthy upgrade, then it’s best to opt for an induction-based electric hob and a modern cooker hood. Not only will they make your cooking experience easier and more efficient, but they’ll also give your kitchens that coveted sleek, modern look with clean lines.

7. Focus on the fixtures

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Focus on fixtures

Contemporary kitchens aren’t bogged down by the constraints of typical-looking fixtures. Instead, they thrive on gorgeous alternatives with unconventional finishes. For example, brass faucets and hardware exudes a perfectly glamorous appeal, but if you want to be more understated, then it’s best to opt for sophisticated nickel as well.

8. Window backsplash

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Kitchen window as backsplash

One of the most hyped kitchen trends these days includes “backsplash windows”, where instead of a typical backsplash of tile or glass cladding atop a brick wall, there are actual windows on the backsplash.

These windows highlight the view that’s just beyond and keep the kitchen from looking (and feeling) to drab or work-oriented. This idea takes the term “cooking with a view” to a whole other level!

9. Emphasized kitchen storage

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Emphasised kitchen storage

Kitchen storage is no longer considered something that should be hidden. In fact, it’s considered something to be beautifully organized and showcased. This is why modern kitchens have at least one cabinet (often long and vertical) with glass panels that showcases all the daily use crockery and cutlery items. Sometimes, it encases small appliances like blenders, grinder, and coffee machines as well. You can complement it with décor items such as beautifully organized cookbooks, vases, etc. as well.

10. Built-in appliances

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Built-in Appliances

Gone are the days where bulky kitchen appliances took up precious shelf space, countertop space, and even floor space. Today, built-in appliances are becoming the new norm. Microwaves and ovens are affixed inside the cabinetry so that they don’t take up any space on the countertops. Similarly, fridges and freezers are also installed inside tall cabinets to avoid bulk on the floor layout. Even the hobs are installed within the countertop to give that sleek effect.

11. Smart fridge-freezer

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Search Samsung Smart American Fridge Freezer on Amazon

A separate fridge and deep freezer are a thing of the past. The latest kitchen trends feature an uptick in the combined smart fridge-freezer market. This is not only a convenient appliance, but it’s also super compact. It doesn’t take up as much space as two appliances separately do. It’s also functionally optimized, so homeowners consider it a worthy investment for their modern kitchens.

12. Vertical pantries

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Vertical Pantry – Pull out larder

With such extensive shortage of real estate in the world, a full-blown butler’s pantry is no longer an option for many homeowners. This is why vertical pantries are the newest addition to the latest kitchen trends.

It consists of a tall, full-length in-built shelf with multiple shelves inside. Some of them (or more often than not, all of them) can be pulled out. It’s a convenient and space-saving way to design storage space for all your pantry essentials. It also looks pretty stylish when merged with the rest of your kitchen cabinetry.

13. Kitchen islands or breakfast bars

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Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar

Since open floor layouts have become the new norm, the latest kitchen trends are all about stylish breakfast bars and kitchens. The former are perfect for oversized kitchens as they take up a lot of space. However, if you want an island for a small kitchen, then try exploring the moving island genre. If that’s not your cup of tea, then you can opt for breakfast bars, which are also a pretty great way to transition the kitchen to the rest of the home interior in style.

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14. Stylish wine racks

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Stylish mini bar for the kitchen

A built-in wine bar is another contemporary addition to trendy modern kitchens. A corner of the cabinet space is allocated to the wine storage and you can even tweak the backsplash to add a little glamour to this side. These bars are also designed with single bottle showcases so that homeowners can enjoy a good view of their liquor collection.

15. Multi drawer kitchen unit

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Another one of the latest kitchen trends includes foregoing typical kitchen drawers for ergonomic hardware. Usually, the first pullout drawer is small and regular sized, and you put cutlery in it. The second one is larger and can be used to store plates, glasses, and other eating items. The third one is the largest and is big enough to accommodate even big utensils like woks, saucepans, etc. These drawers are stacked on top of each other and are the perfect organizing tool for those who don’t like a messy kitchen.

16. Standalone double door larder

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Large larder cupboard

Akin to the American fridge freezer but without active cooling, these standalone larder cupboards offer plenty of storage space and room to organise its content. They include spacious shelves, doors with built-in tall storage rack, exposed lower crates for dry and cool storage perfect root vegetables. Further storage is also available at bottom in the form of full and half size drawers.

However, from what we have seen so far, these are mainly traditional styled larders with panelled doors making them timeless but won’t necessarily fit in a modern kitchen. You can of course take the idea and build on it to fit modern cabinets with full height door.

17. Bring back the kitchen dresser unit

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Kitchen Dresser Unit

A large dresser is useful not only in the dining room but in the kitchen too. They offer plenty of storage with open and covered shelves, drawers and cupboards. Over time, they have fallen out of favour mainly because the majority had to economise in terms of the space they have. It certainly wouldn’t work in a small house or apartment. But, it is making a comeback and in the right Farrow and Ball colour, they will match even in a modern kitchen.

18. The Rayburn AGA Range Cooker

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Rayburn Aga in a modern kitchen

The AGA evokes all things traditional and classical, however, it is making a quiet but revolutionary comeback. The AGA isn’t just a cooker in the traditional sense, it is also a heat source for the home and with it’s always ‘on’ function, cooking and baking aren’t the only things they are capable of, think built-in tumble drier, toaster even simple ironing!

The Rayburn series comes in a range of colours and options to match the most modern kitchen. If you’re one for the fusion style of old and new, nothing works better than an Aga.

So, this is everything you need to know about the latest kitchen trends. We hope these suggestions spark some unique ideas for you during your own kitchen upgrade!