The Wireless Battery Outdoor Security Camera with Enhanced WiFi Range

Totally wire-free outdoor security cameras are sleek and discrete with its compact size, white shiny housing and built-in antenna. But, what if what you really need is a stable WiFi connection. One of these wireless battery outdoor security cameras with enhanced WiFi range ought to do the trick.

Before you go any further, this article deals with only one wireless security camera with enhanced WiFi range using two external high gain antennas. For a range of different cameras, check out our other articles below:

WiFi Coverage Issues

It not easy planting security cameras to cover the perimeter of your property, especially when you have a big, long or wide garden. The typical home wireless router does offer enough in way of WiFi coverage. Fortunately, these enhanced range wireless battery operated security cameras with dual antenna for 4dBi signal gain is here to save the day.

These cameras are great for the gate, the driveway, the car porch, the summer house, the garage, the shed, the end of the garden and virtually anywhere that coverage may be an issue. Used with the standard wireless router, it is able to increase the coverage distance up to 50% and offer a more stable connection. The router will receive a stronger signal from the camera, more so compared to your standard wireless security camera.

Some of the outdoor security camera manufacturers like eufyCam and Blink offer a base station or a sync module with their cameras. These act as a repeater to offer the extra coverage that the cameras need to cover a wider area. In repeater mode, cameras can either connect directly to the home WiFi router or if the base station or sync module is closer, connect to it. Then, the base station or sync module would in turn connect to the home WiFi.

Totally Wire-Free Outdoor Security Camera

In addition to that, it is totally wire-free which makes it the best choice for outdoor cameras and ease of installation. This means you do not need a power supply and cabled network for the unit to work. Installation is as easy as switching it on, connecting it to the wireless router and mounting the camera.

It uses its onboard rechargeable battery pack and optional solar panel to keep its charge topped up. Even with the onboard battery alone, it is enough to last up to 180 days per charge. You then swap out the battery or bring the unit in for charging.

Enhanced Range Wireless Battery Security Camera

If you have seen enough wireless battery security cameras, you would have noticed that some of these cameras are all based on the same hardware. Only the colour of the housing or the badge has changed. Everything else, quite literary everything is the same.

The wireless cameras on our list below are based on the same hardware with similar if not exactly the same specifications and hardware. But make no mistake, these cameras are packed with features, the complete list of which is shown below.

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  • 1080p Full HD 120-degree viewing angle
  • Smooth Night Vision with infrared LED (up to 33ft in the dark)
  • Smart PIR sensor (passive infra-red motion sensor) works in conjunction to the camera software to detect human and avoid false alarm
  • Rechargeable high capacity 10400mAh battery
  • Up to 180 days battery life
  • 2.4GHz WiFi for wireless connectivity
  • Totally wire-free setup with battery and WiFi
  • Only record when motion is detected with an instant alert notification sent to the smartphone
  • Records locally to microSD card (optional) with backup to secure cloud option (7-days for free)
  • MicroSD card slot supports up to 128GB storage
  • IP65 weather proof housing to keep the camera safe
  • 2 Way Audio via iOS or Android app (CloudEdge) with onboard microphone and speaker
  • 4dBi Dual Antenna to increase coverage by 50% for stable connection and two times stronger signal. No more buffering or stuttering video feed.
  • Solar panel accessory (sometimes optional) to keep the battery topped up, 3 hours of sunlight is enough to keep the camera going for one month based on 10 triggered recordings per day

Some technical specifications

  • Wi-Fi Frequency: 2.4GHz(wireless range up to 65ft/20m*)
  • Viewing Angle: 120° wide angle (unless stated otherwise)
  • Motion Sensitivity: PIR up to 66ft / 20m
  • Infrared Night Vision: Up to 100ft / 30m
  • Audio Range: Up to 16ft / 5m
  • Dimensions:2.6” x 5.7” x 3.39″ / 66mm x 145mm x 86mm
  • Operating Temperature: -4°F to 113°F / -20°C to 45°C

The only thing to note is, without the solar panel accessory, you will need to take the camera off its mount to charge the onboard battery and reattach it when done.

1. Conico Outdoor Security Camera – Enhanced Dual Antenna

Conico is one of the more popular outdoor security camera with dual antenna. It has a 1080p Full HD camera sensor with 120-degree view with PIR sensor and four infrared LED to capture video for both day and night (50 feet). The dual high gain antennas use 2.4GHz WiFi to connect to the home wireless network. Suitable for outdoor use, the camera is IP65 rated. Download the app for notifications and remote live view as well as two-way audio using onboard speaker and microphone. Captured video clips triggered by the Smart PIR sensor can be stored locally using a microSD card in the camera or using the cloud storage.

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Conico Outdoor Security Camera on Amazon

The camera also supports a solar panel charger. The solar panel is available separately or as a package with the camera. Given that there is no base station, you can buy multiples of the cameras and it would work independently.

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Conico Outdoor Security Camera with Solar Panel on Amazon
  • 1080p Full HD Video Capture
  • Night Vision with infrared LED
  • Motion Detection with Smart PIR sensor
  • Two Way Audio
  • Android and iOS apps
  • IP65 Waterproof and Digital Zoom
  • Micro SD Card and Cloud Service

2. ZUMIMALL Wireless Outdoor WiFi Security Camera

The second most popular camera is from ZUMIMALL. Their wireless outdoor security camera is the only one in stylish space gray and black. Starting with the camera sensor, it is equipped with 36mm lens with 120-degree viewing angle and is capable of capturing 1080p full HD resolution video. It will only record when the PIR motion sensor detects motion and sends a notification to the smartphone via CloudEdge app. Pop-in a microSD card (up to 128GB) and have the video recorded locally or enable Cloud storage.

Turn on smart detection and avoid false alerts with the camera only alerting you when it detects people. As for night vision, the infrared light together with anti-reflection panel and ICR infrared filter allows the camera to capture great black and white night vision images up to 55ft away. Other features include IP65 waterproof and dustproof, two way audio with built-in microphone and speaker, app that is compatible with Android and iOS and battery that last between 3 to 6 months depending on how often it is triggered.

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ZUMIMALL Wireless Outdoor WiFi Security Camera on Amazon

A separate solar panel, the ZUMIMALL X1/Q1 is available as an optional purchase to keep the onboard rechargeable battery topped up.

  • 1080p Full HD resolution
  • Night Vision
  • Smart PIR motion sensor
  • 2-way audio
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Android and iOS app with remote live view and multi view support
  • local with optional microSD card and cloud storage options
  • 10400mAh Rechargeable Battery with option to connect solar panel charger
  • 3-6 months battery life

3. ieGeek Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with Enhanced Dual Antenna

Similar to the Ctronics’s offering below as well as other cameras in our list. the ieGeek wireless outdoor security camera also comes with enhanced dual antenna. It has a 10400mAh rechargeable battery pack built-in that uses four AA batteries. The difference here is ieGeek’s claim to have developed a low power-consumption security camera that only records when motion is detected allowing for up to 180 days of battery life. This is of course subject to how often the camera is triggered and how often it records. The camera will wake up instantly and record when motion is detected and sends a real time alert to the smartphone within 0.2-1 seconds.

I get alerts immediately on my phone anytime anyone moves into the motion sensing range of the camera, which is seriously sensitive… almost too much so I had to turn mine down to low sensitivity and it seems just about right.

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ieGeek WiFi Camera on Amazon

As for the other features, it records in Full HD at 1080p resolution, capable of night vision, has a smart PIR motion sensor and offers real time two way conversation via the app. Storage is offered in the form of either using an optional microSD card or in the cloud. Download the CloudEdge app from GooglePlay or Apple store to scan and connect the camera to your phone. Create an account for cloud storage and you are off. Using the app, you can set alarm plan, the time in which the device will trigger alarm events to the app. Although The app will also let you know when battery level is below 20% to remind you to charge the camera.

Setting up is easy – What can I say, the set up is child’s play. Basically download the app, add the camera you have, which is shown in pretty pictures rather than words. Add your wi fi password, up pops a QR code on your phone and simply point it at the camera and wait for the jingle sound.

  • Built-in 10400mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Two 4DBI Antennae
  • Full HD 1080p with 130° Wide Angle
  • 65ft/20m Infrared Night Vision
  • Easy to Install
  • Clear Two-way Audio
  • Accurate PIR Detection and Mobile Alerts
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Micro SD / Cloud Storage
  • Shared User Access through App
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ieGeek Wireless Outdoor Security Cam with Solar Panel on Amazon

A separate purchase option that bundles the solar panel charger is also available for a bit more money so you never have to worry about charging the camera for all year round security.

I have had this camera for a week now, I’ve tested the battery and HD quality, firstly the camera is superbly build and has quite a weight to it and size but its still fairly discrete . It come’s with a sturdy mounting plate and bracket which holds the camera firmly in place. Apon installing i made sure i charged the camera to 100% and decided were i would place the unit.

I was pleasantly surprised by the wide field of view which made placement much easier, the quality of the 1080p footage is excellent, the night mode is superb but the most impressive thing for me is the battery life, after a week the camera is still at 100% which is quite shocking considering the amount of time I’ve played about with it watching alert footage and live streaming when am away from home. Battery lasts for three to four months.

4. Ctronics Outdoor Security Camera – Enhanced Dual Antenna

Perfect for covering areas with low WiFi signal, the Ctronic Outdoor Security Camera with enhanced dual antenna will help resolve unstable connection and video stuttering with the help of 4dB dual antenna arrangement. The high capacity 10400mAh battery pack offers up to 4 weeks (30 days) battery life with 12 weeks (84 days) standby time, rechargeable battery, waterproof IP66, 1080HD video, 130° two-way audio, PIR human motion detection, night vision with IR, micro SD card slot (up to 128GB), local and cloud storage supported.

I have a small house and the position of the front and back way cameras are set exactly at the same distances from the router. The signal strength on this model is 70% compared to the smaller model at only 47%. So a good improvement there.

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Ctronics Outdoor Security Camera on Amazon

5. UOKIER Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Not a name that you can pronounce without a second look, the UOKIER wireless security camera has a different mount, one that is easier to unscrew and take down when you need to charge the camera. Elsewhere, the specifications are the same, the high capacity battery, the dual antenna with 4dBi gain and stronger WiFi signal, the 1080p sensor with infrared night vision and the IP65 weatherproof housing. Use the app to setup the camera and enable smart human motion detection, two way audio, instant alerts, live view, shared view, low battery notifications, local and cloud storage and more.

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UOKIER Wireless Outdoor Security Camera on Amazon

…this is a very good outdoor camera option for your house in spots that can’t easily be wired in via either POE ethernet cables or BNC/12v wires. First charge the camera. Then run through the setup procedures inside your house with your phone/tablet. The setup is pretty much as easy as downloading an app, creating an account, and setting up the camera using a QR code. This took all of 30 seconds, no joke!

6. Kittyhok Wire-Free Outdoor Security Camera

Wearing another different badge, this time Kittyhok, the outdoor security camera is pretty much identical to others here with its 1080p sensor camera with PIR motion detection, infrared LED for night vision, 2-way audio, IP65 weatherproofing and microSD as well as cloud storage support. But what is most important in our books is the dual antenna setup. The antennas offer stronger WiFi signal, wider coverage with longer transmission distance and better video performance.

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Kittyhok Wire-Free Outdoor Security Camera on Amazon

The cloud service records video footage and save it to the cloud up to 7 days for free or you can extend that for a fee. If you prefer not to pay for remote storage, pick up a cheap microSD card and have the camera record video footage locally. Remember to do this before you mount the camera which will save you time fitting the microSD card.

7. YESKAMO Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Using the camera with a solar panel does make a lot of sense. While the onboard battery can last up to 6 months depending on usage, recharging the battery is something you have to worry about. With the solar panel, it will continually keep the battery topped up and the camera working all year round. It does not do much for the charge cycle though, but you will get continuous operation day and night 365 days a year.

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YESKAMO Outdoor Security Camera Wireless Solar Panel on Amazon

Again, YESKAMO’s version of the security camera is no different to other cameras here. You get four high capacity rechargeable AA batteries in the battery group for a total of 10400mAh capacity. This allows the camera to last up to 6 months with up to 10 months’ standby time. YESKAMO also offers the camera with the solar panel charger bundled for non-stop power supply (see below).

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YESKAMO Outdoor Security Camera on Amazon

As for its features, the camera uses 1080p Full HD sensor for video capture and 2.4GHz WiFi. It supports Night Vision with infrared LED and uses smart PIR motion detection to detect and trigger recording. With the CoudEdge app, you can access the camera for live feed, get push notifications, enable cloud storage, access local recording with optional SD card, perform two way audio conversation with someone at the other end of the camera and set motion sensor sensitivity. The latter also lets you enable smart PIR sensor mode to detect people only and stop false motion alerts caused by passing car, pets, moth, twigs or other un-related triggers.

For optimal performance, it is recommended that you place the camera at least six feet (two meters) above the ground and no more than 20 feet (six meters) away from the area you wish to monitor.

8. A-ZONE Wire-Free Outdoor Security Camera

Last but not least, we have the A-ZONE wire-free outdoor security camera. The rechargeable battery powered home security camera can offer non-stop round-the-clock video surveillance and goes further with a solar panel charger. It is 100% cordless using two high gain antenna for a stable 2.4GHz WiFi connection to the home broadband connection.

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A-ZONE Outdoor Security Camera on Amazon

Setup and installation is easy with the CloudEdge app. To fix it to the wall, all it needs is three screws. It not only works well but looks the part too. The Full HD sensor captures video at 1080p resolution.

Remember to check out our other posts on 100% wire free security cameras.