Top 5 Must-Have Accessories to Complete Your Fireplace

A working fireplace is not complete without these essential fireplace accessories. Whether it be a coal, wood, gas fireplace, an open fire or closed burner, these are must-have accessories to complete your fireplace.

Are you turning to heating your homes with pallet or wood-burning stoves, coal or wood open fires, here are some of the best accessories to have to complete your fireplace. Our list covers many aspects of keeping a fireplace safe and clean.

Top 5 Must-Have Accessories to Complete Your Fireplace

The accessories you will need for your fireplace can be grouped into five different categories. Depending on the fireplace you have, you may or may not need all of these. They are as follows:

  1. Fuel Storage: log basket or bin, coal scuttle, kindling bucket or tub
  2. Starting and Maintaining the Fire
  3. Safety and Protection
  4. Fireplace and Chimney Cleaning Kit
  5. Fireplace Mantel Surround, Hearth and Back Panel

Hence, our 5 must-have accessories fall under each of these categories.

1. Fuel Storage: log basket, coal scuttle and more

Store them with style, be it log wood, pallets or coal. Use a scuttle, basket, metal rack or metal tray to carry and store your fuel and keep this next to the fireplace for easy access. As it will be sitting by the fire, it forms part of your home decor, hence choosing the right design for your fireplace and home is of utmost importance. Coal hod, bucket or scuttle are perfect to carry pellet coal and ash. Well placed handles lets you carry and pour the fuel or clear the ash easily.

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Fireplace Bellows
Fireplace Bellows

2. Starting and Maintaining the Fire

To start the fire, one simply chooses a fire lighter cube or kindling wood, newspaper and fireplace bellows. But there are easier and better ways to start a fireplace fire. Enter the wool flame starter, flame sticks and pine cones, all of which are eco-friendly ways to start the wood or coal burners, fire pits and fire places.

Not only are they ecological, they are odourless and safe too. Use them to start the fire in your fireplace quickly and easily. An even cleverer way to get the fire started is by using grouped flame sticks. With each capable of burning for up to 10 minutes, a group of 5 or 6 arranged in a teepee shape will get you lit in no time.

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To keep the fire going, you will need fireplace tools be it for log or coal. These will need to be fairly big and long to keep your safe distance from the heat and sparks. It will also need to look good of course. A fireplace or fireside tool set must have the accompanying stand with holders.

This is for the brush, shovel, tong and fireplace poker to go on when not in use. Before you order one, you will need to decide on a finish and design that suits your fireplace and taste. From wrought iron silver to bronze to matte black with ornate to minimalist designs there is one for every fireplace.

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3. Safety and Protection

It is better to be than sorry. It goes without saying, when dealing with fire, you need to be extra careful. Fire proof gloves, fire guards, screens even extra long safety matches helps. If you have little ones or pets at home, you will need to consider Fireplace Fence or Baby Safety Gate.

Even if you do not use the fireplace much, you will need to keep those sharp corners and edges of the hearth covered with safety bumpers. These soft pre-taped foam bumpers will keep toddlers safe from accidental bumps and cuts.

Fireplace Safety Fence
Fireplace Screen
Safety Bumpers

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And, don’t forget your heat and fire resistant gloves.

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Other Fireplace Screen Guards

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Mandralla 3 Panel Gold Iron Fireplace Screen

Single Panel Wrought Iron Mesh Chevron Fireplace Screen

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4. Fireplace and Chimney Cleaning

Cleaning may be the last thing you think of when you have a working fireplace but is essential nonetheless to keep your fireplace working optimally. Use a fireplace cleaning log, fireplace cleaner solution, a chimney sweep kit or combination of these to make the cleaning job easier. If you have more than one fireplace and intend to clean this regularly by yourself, consider an ash vacuum.

Creosote Buster Firelog
Creosote Remover Tube
Fireplace Cleaner

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Chimney cleaning brush tool or sometimes known as chimney whip comes with flexible interconnecting rods that lets you extend your cleaning right up the chimney. It can be operated on its own or connected to a power drill for a more thorough sweeping action. This clears out the soot build up in fireplace flues and chimneys and help prevent flue fires.

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5. Fireplace Mantel  Surround, Hearth and Back Panel

If you are looking to enhance your fireplace be it gas, wood burner or coal fire, there are plenty of mantel piece or fire surround to choose from. From real ok wood to lime stone, granite, marble or stainless steel you will be spoilt for choice. If you are not the adventurous type, settle for a floating shelf above the fireplace made from reclaimed wood for that rustic solid wood look.

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Some manufacturers offer marble and granite hearth and back panel set separate to the mantel surround. Marbles, different granites and lime stones are known to withstand test of time and offers the feel of opulence and luxury. Putting the two together, the fireplace mantel surround or stove fireplace and the marble or granite set will make the fireplace complete. The right pair will form a perfect set and create an amazing focal point for any living room.