Top 8 Best Smart Video Doorbells for Your Front Door: remote intercom, face recognition & more

Video doorbells aren’t new. Wired intercom systems that support two way conversation and sometimes video have been around for ages. So how are these smart video doorbells any different? For starters, one of these will not only let you see who is at the door but with WiFi connectivity, remote app access, facial recognition, voice command support and security features, it takes the meaning of doorbell to a whole new level.

You will learn from our list of Best Smart Video Doorbells that features like night vision, motion sensor and sound triggered alerts, customisable activity zones, cloud storage, temper and weather proof design, wide angle views and activity monitoring are quite common. But some of these goes further by including AI technology to intelligently recognise faces and pick up shapes like parcels and packages as well as support for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to pipe live video of your doorway to their smart display.

Top 8 Best Smart Video Doorbells for Your Front Door

These are our recommendations for some of the best Smart Video Doorbells in the market right now. To make it easier to choose one that suits you, we have highlighted features that matter to most people.

1. August Doorbell Cam ProBest to replace existing wired doorbell, built-in floodlight and supports Alexa

The company that started off with smart door locks now extends their product portfolio to include video door bells. Their first being August View and now August Doorbell Cam Pro. The difference here is August View is totally wire free with rechargeable battery while August Doorbell Cam Pro works with existing wiring for your doorbell. While August View comes with a separate wireless chime unit that you plug into a wall socket, the August Doorbell Cam Pro works with existing mechanical chime.

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August Doorbell Cam Pro in Dark Gray

August Doorbell Cam Pro will need 12-24V AC wired power so make sure you check that your existing wiring supports this. Elsewhere, the doorbell camera offers round the clock video recording, up to 24 hours free with their Basic plan. Premium plan saves up to 15 days worth of footage while Premium Plus goes up to 30 days. We like the built-in floodlight for Full Colour HD nighttime video versus the conventional infrared monochrome video footage.

Pros: HD Video Quality is excellent. It has a unique intercom capability, can connect to your home WiFi network and has motion sensor and floodlight for nighttime video. The doorbell also works with Alexa and can be paired to an August Smart Lock via August Connect WiFi Bridge.

Cons: Wired installation only. It requires power and existing mechanical chime, essentially replacing the mechanical doorbell. Basic subscription plan is free but offers 24 hours running recording only. This also doesn’t work with IFTTT.

Bottom line: It is a significant improvement from the original August Doorbell with lots of new, cool features. It can also be paired with August Smart Locks so you can let guests into the house with one single app. However, a separate August Connect WiFi Bridge is required. Here is to hoping the next generation doorbell will finally integrate with IFTTT so you will no longer need to purchase a monthly subscription for storage. Having said all that, this still makes our top 6 list.

2. Remo+ RemoBell S Video DoorbellBest to replace existing wired doorbell and supports Alexa and Google Assistant

Another video doorbell that requires existing doorbell wiring, the Remo+ offers 24/7 video surveillance of all front door activities. Unlike the August Doorbell Cam Pro, it is offered with up to 3 days of free recording and storage in the cloud. For longer recording time and bigger storage, see paid plans. It also has the added advantage of selecting areas of interest to avoid false alerts. Video motion sensor, night vision with infrared support and 180 degree wide angle view completes this offering.

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RemoPlus RemoBell S 180° Field of View

Other noteworthy features include HD video, live view, two way conversation, adjustable motion sensor sensitivity as well as customisable motion zones and dewarping option for live view via Remo+ app. Finally, the Remo+ doorbell can be activated via voice with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Pros: The price is easy on the pockets, has High Def video and motion detectors. It is great value considering it has two-way audio and free cloud storage for up to 3 days. It works well with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

Cons: Although easy to install, it still does require you connect it to your current wiring as it uses your existing door bell wiring for power; and while the video is High Def, the wide angle lens presents a fish-eye effect that gives you this weird bubble image. Dewarping feature on app quickly resolves this.

Bottom line: The price point seals the deal. It has a ton of features that most modern ones don’t have. Nothing speaks state-of-the-art than a well-priced piece of tomorrow for your home today. Plus, it supports Alexa and Google voice activated services, a big bonus if you already use either of these at home. There is a caveat in that the free cloud storage is only good for rolling three days. You will need one of the paid plans for additional storage.

3. Ring Peephole Cam (also known as Ring Door View Cam) – Best for apartment dwellers and doors with existing peephole, wire-free, supports Alexa

Instead of peering and squinting over a tiny peephole, use the Ring app to see who is at the door whether you are at home or away. The unit supports HD video, two way audio, motion-activated alerts and knock sensing. If you are old school and still wishes to look through the peephole, it hasn’t replaced this entirely. On the opposite end of the camera you will find the conventional peephole for walk up viewing with privacy shield. The latter means the person outside cannot spy on you.

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Ring Peephole Cam 155° Field of View

Advanced features include adjustable motion detection, customisable privacy settings, removable battery pack as well as compatibility with Alexa. With the Ring app, you can also tap into Live View for real time streaming and connect with your community for real time crime and safety alerts.

Pros: Perfect for apartment dwellers and doors with peepholes. This video doorbell is totally wire-free and does not connect to your home circuit so no power or wiring required. Rechargeable battery included. It has all the features of any modern smart doorbell including Hi-Def video and supports IFTTT.

Cons: Just like other Ring cameras, you’ll have to purchase a subscription to Ring Protect to save, view, and share videos, which is stored for up to 60 days. The subscription is only $3 per month. You also need to remove your traditional peephole to install the camera as there is an exterior and an interior unit connected together via the hole on the door left by the peephole unit.

Bottom line: This is perfect for apartment dwellers or even for students who live in shared dorms. Since most of these places do have peepholes on their doors, installation of the Ring Peephole shouldn’t be a problem. See in real time just like a peephole or remotely via the app who has come a-calling.


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4. Ring Video Doorbell ProBest to replace existing wired doorbell and supports Alexa

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a culmination of generations of Ring’s video doorbells. Other doorbells include the original Ring Video Doorbell, Door View Cam for peephole-like installation (featured above) and the second generation Video Doorbell 2. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a hardwired unit with ultra slim design and enhanced security features. But don’t be mistaken, it still supports WiFi, two-way chat, customisable motion zones, HD video and infrared night vision.

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Using the Ring app, you can get instant alerts remotely when visitors press the doorbell or when the built-in motion sensor is triggered. You then choose to see, listen and talk to the person at the door from your mobile device in real time. Note that this is a hardwired video doorbell and requires existing doorbell wiring and a transformer, 16-24VAC for power.

Pros: The modern design gives it a flair for expensive tastes. Just like the Ring Peephole Cam, it has all the features you need and want. Hardwired and powered, you never have to worry about charging, extra battery unit or remember to swap the battery. A separate chime unit is also included. With Full HD 1080p video and enhanced security feature in an ultra slim design, this is a proper video doorbell.

Cons: It is a bit over our budget range for modern video doorbells but still definitely worth every single penny especially if design is your make or break factor. You might want to consider professional installation as it uses existing standard doorbell system or transformer with 8-24VAC. Paid Ring Protect Plan offers up to 30 Day video history and can be combined with Ring security cameras. Otherwise, live view only.

Bottom Line: This is a more secure, sophisticated and expensive version of the previous Ring Peephole Cam and Ring Video Doorbell 2 with identical features. A paid plan is essential for recorded footage stored in the cloud.

5. Ring Video Doorbell 2Best for wire-free installation and supports Alexa

We have covered most of the features of this model in the previous Ring Video Doorbells so won’t go into details. Like the Ring Peephole Cam, the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is totally wire-free and battery-powered. Choose the Ring Video Doorbell 2 if you do not have existing door chime installed. It includes a rechargeable battery pack and can work on any door.

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Ring Video Doorbell 2

6. Arlo Video DoorbellBest to replace existing wired doorbell, high resolution camera, siren built-in and supports Alexa

While Ring introduced video doorbells and started making security cameras, Arlo is the reverse. Starting with security cameras, it then introduced the smart connected doorbells, this being the video variety while the other is a basic voice only option. The Arlo Video Doorbell goes beyond Full HD with 1536 x 1536 pixel resolution, capturing HD video with HDR for more vivid details. It also uses an ultra wide 180 degree lens with camera sensor that captures square footages hence the 1:1 pixel ratio vs the conventional 16:9 aspect ratio.

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Arlo Video Doorbell

Other features that lets it stand out include motion detection and alerts, live streaming, 2 way audio, night vision with infrared LEDs and quick pre-recorded audio responses. The Arlo Video Doorbell also calls the phone directly when the doorbell button is pressed instead of just a notification that might get missed. If you are unable to answer, it lets the guests leave messages that you can listen remotely.

We like that the video doorbell takes the least amount of wall or door space with its slim profile and compact design. Plus, being a security company first, it comes with a siren built-in that can be automatically triggered by an event or set off remotely. Arlo Smart subscription plan is required to make the most of the video doorbell with up to 30 days video history.

Pros: The High Def video and sharp resolution is the main convincing factor to get this video Doorbell by Arlo. It uses a 180 degree lens and captures 1:1 aspect ratio video. It works with Alexa and other similar Arlo devices too. Another tipping point is how easy it is to install. Apart from using the app, there is a video installation guide for the job.

Cons: It does require a primary connection to your home circuit, hardwired to existing doorbell wiring but nothing that would need a professional to help with the installation. It doesn’t support IFTTT or Google Assistant (which can be a bummer for some) but there is Alexa. You also need a subscription to record your videos and receive smart notifications.

Bottom line: If you are a sucker for High Def video and would like to take clear and perfect shots with your video doorbell, this might be the one you’re looking for. There are also many clever features such as allowing your guests to leave you messages at the door, answer with pre-recorded messages if you are busy and trigger a call directly to you phone when the guest rings. The 180° diagonal viewing angle optimises your field of vision allowing for a full head to toe view including that all important package left at the front door.

7. Nest HelloReplaces existing wired doorbell, high resolution, facial recognition, supports Google Assistant 

Now part of the Google family, Nest Hello is a HD (HD UXGA 1600 x 1200) video doorbell that is designed to show everything at your doorstep from head to toe including packages on the floor by capturing video at 4:3 aspect ratio. That’s not quite 1:1 aspect ratio on the Arlo Video Doorbell above but still better than 16:9. Video shows up in HDR quality with plenty of details even in overexposed and dark areas.

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Nest Hello Doorbell 160° diagonal Field of View

Also, the camera is smart enough to recognise packages and familiar faces and present special alerts. You can add pre-recorded quick responses like on the Arlo but it does go one step further by sending an alert to you even when a visitor doesn’t ring the bell. This is useful for when a delivery man just left a parcel or when a familiar person or stranger is hanging around the door.

While you can check in any time 24/7 for a live stream, it only records 3 hours of snapshot history. A fee based Nest Aware subscription plan is required for continuous video recording up to 30 days and intelligently recognises faces for familiar face alerts.

Pros: The modern design takes the cake. It has face recognition (one of the first to introduce this feature in Video Doorbells) and can notify you when a package is delivered (or picked up). It works well with Google Assistant and can stream live to Google Nest Hub smart display.

Cons: This is one of those where you need a professional to help you set up and connect to your home door bell circuit. Hardwired, it requires an existing chime box and the right transformer. If you don’t have one yet, it might be wise to get a wireless one instead. Intelligent alert and continuous video recording are only available with subscription.

Bottom line: If you are a stickler for knowing who it is at your door, you’ll like Nest Hello since. It will tell you who exactly is at your door even before they press the doorbell. This is one of the few doorbell that supports face recognition.

8. Eufy Security Video DoorbellReplaces existing wired doorbell or battery powered high resolution, facial recognition, supports Alexa or Google Assistant 

Firstly, the Eufy Security Video Doorbell captures super detailed image and video at 2K resolution with advanced HDR and distortion correction for better video quality, day or night. Second, it is not limited to just motion detection but facial detection too, presenting you with a thumbnail preview of the faces when it picks up a person. If you add faces of family and friends, the system is smart enough to notify you only when a stranger is detected. That way, your partner or children coming home will not trigger an alert.

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eufy Security Video Doorbell Requires Existing Doorbell Wires

There are two versions, one that requires existing doorbell wiring and another, a battery powered wire-free version. The former comes with built-in 4GB storage and a free wireless electronic chime unit that supports 8 ringtones and adjustable volume levels. The latter includes a wireless base unit with 16GB local storage that also works as a chime. The battery powered unit lasts up to 6 months on a single charge.

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More on the internal storage, the local storage vs cloud storage means no monthly fees to pay. For security, it uses military grade AES 256-bit data encryption to protect captured and transmited footages. Like most cameras here it supports smart detection zones so you only receive alerts that matters, instant pre-recorded responses for quick instruction or answers, 2 way audio and three second video footage in the alerts. Both versions work with Alexa or Google Assistant for live video on the respective smart display. You can also use an Alexa Echo speaker as a chime.

Pros: High 2K resolution 2560 x 1920 video with 4:3 aspect ratio for bigger viewable area. Also there are no monthly fees to pay as it has its own local storage. The unit is also durable and weather proof and a companion chime is included, no need for separate purchases.

Cons: no cloud storage if you are looking for off-site backup. Video recording is stored locally.

Bottom line: It is still early days and the product is new. Some early reviews are not favourable but nothing that cannot be resolved with software updates. The fact that it is available with no monthly fee is a big selling point. The wire-free battery powered version is easier to install and that Sony 2K camera sensor and professional grade lens

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