Velvet Chairs & Sofas are Making a Comeback: Here’s how to brighten up any room

Plush and velvet fabrics are making a comeback in the living and dining room. You can find them in all shapes and sizes from tall winged arm chairs, button tufted sofa to elegant mid-back dining chairs and poofs. We explore this renewed old-world plush and luxury here and how you can use them to brighten up any room.

Add glamour to your home with these modern take on the old world charm, furnitures upholstered with nothing but the smoothest and plushes velvet fabrics.

Top 8 Velvet Furniture and Soft Furnishing To Brighten Up Any Room

Velvet seats are not limited to the dining room or living room. They work just as well in the bedroom, hallway, landing and office. Should you decide to go velvet throughout, you have come to the right place. We explore all the different options available with a selection of some of the best examples to go into any room.

  1. Velvet Couch or Sofa
  2. Velvet Chair
  3. Velvet Loveseat
  4. Velvet Accent Chair
  5. Velvet Ottoman and Footstool
  6. Velvet Bench
  7. Velvet Dining Chairs
  8. Velvet Curtains

If you are looking to brighten up your room, don’t miss out of these design ideas and inspiring interior decor. It is amazing what you can achieve with the right selection of furniture.

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1. Velvet Couch or Sofa

Possibly the biggest piece of furniture in the living room, the couch or sofa is typically big enough for 2 or 3 full grown adults. The velvet couches featured here come in a variety of designs and features including L-shaped, convertible, sofa beds and boxed sofa. The luxury feel of the velvet upholstery together with sculptured profiles such as the rolled arm rest, Chesterfield style, button tufted backrest, scalloped seat, nailhead trim and various leg materials completes the contemporary pieces.

Convertible Recliner Couch
Vintage Design Button Tufted Sofabed
Sofabed with Foldaway Cup Holder
Mid-Century Modern Sectional Couch
Box Couch with Nailhead Trim
Tufted Futon Vintage Style Couch
Sectional L Shaped Couch
Mid-Century Modern Velvet Couch
Chesterfield Tufted 3 Seater Sofa
Contemporary Couch with Chrome Legs

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2. Velvet Arm Chair

Single seater arm chair that complements the long 2 or 3 seater sofa or couch works best if they are in the same colour.

Winged Tufted Chair

Velvet Arm Chair

Light Grey Arm Chair with Nailhead Trim

Winged Arm Chair

Club Barrel Chair with Tufted Back & Studded Rim

Tufted Arm Chair

Mustard Yellow Arm Chair

Swooping Two Toned Arm Chair

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3. Velvet Loveseat

Loveseat or two seater small couch are prefect for small rooms. They typically come with arm rests and are great to cozy up in. With its plush and velvet tones, these amazing samples not only offer a comfortable seating area but great for making a design statement.

Barrel Back Loveseat
Seashell Backrest Loveseat
Rolled Arm Gothic Loveseat
Chesterfield style scrolled arms loveseat
High Back Tufted and Winged Loveseat
Modern Tufted Loveseat with Nailhead Trim

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4. Velvet Accent Chair

These accent chairs are not used purely for aesthetic purposes. With the right colour to match the room’s decor, and other furnitures, they work both visually and functionally to accentuate the room and as seats for extra guests. Accent chairs works in the living room, dining room and bedroom, bringing with it a sense of modern luxury, elegance and style.

Button Tufted Emerald Armchair
Turfted U Shaped Based Accent Chair
Dark Teal Alyssa Arm Chair
Modern Accent Chair with Gold Legs

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5. Velvet Ottoman and Footstool

Need extra storage? These velvet ottomans in the shape of a round, square or rectangular foot stools ought to do the trick. They sometimes double as tray top coffee table or vanity stool depending on the shape. And, are usually finished with gold or silver trim with metal or wooden legs. Note that not all ottomans come with storage space. You will need to check with the retailer to confirm.

Contemporary Velvet Ottoman
Round Ottoman Stool with Metal Legs
Round Ottoman Stool with Metal Accent
Button Tufted Ottoman Footrest
Round Ottoman Stool with Metal Legs
Round Ottoman Stool with Metal Base

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6. Velvet Bench

These velvet benches are suitable for the hallway, entryway, bed end, by a table or in the centre of the room to double as a coffee table perfect for trays and books. It is truly a flexible piece of furniture that can go in any room. Designed with plush and soft cushion, upholstered in tufted or flat velvet fabric, these benches brings style and elegance to the interior. It works just as well on its own or matched with other velvet clad furniture.

Chesterfield Style Arm Bench
Oblong Nash Velvet Bench
Safavieh Emerald and Gold Bench
Tufted Velvet Bench
Tufted Bench with Arms and Nailhead Trim
Velvet Bench with Arms and Bolster Pillows

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7. Velvet Dining Chairs

Combination of velvet fabric upholstered seats and metallic leg makes these dining chairs stand out giving i a generous dose of elegance and style. The silky and delicate soft feel of velvet on a dining chair offers plenty in way of comfort. But, if you prefer wooden legs, there are those that use tapered rubberwood finished in black or dark brown for a more classic look. You can also choose between a mid to high back seat, one without arm rests, with arm rests or with small swooping arm rests. For added style little details like scallop shell back, button tufted or simply tufted back and seat, piping and nailhead trim.

Green Mid-Century Modern Dining Chair

Cosmopolitan Astor Dining Chair

Dining Room Lounge Chair

Dining Room Lounge Chair

Tufted Dining Chairs

Mid-Century Modern Sloping Arms Dining Chair

Velvet Dining Chair with Gold Legs

Dining Armchair

Victorian Dining Chair with Nailhead Trim

Modern Leisure Chair with Metal Legs

Dining Arm Chair with Metal Legs

Mid Century Modern Dining Chair

Tufted Dining Chair

Tufted Armless Dining Chair

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8. Velvet Curtains

Not a furniture but essential to complete the old school charm, velvet curtains are available in many exciting colours. The nature of the fabric means these curtains double as black out drapes and as it is typically heavy, hangs and sets well offering a structured and crease free look. When closed, they will cut out UV rays and light as well as keep the heat out in the summer with its heat insulating qualities. Also, they help to reduce noise and trap the heat in during the winter helping maintain the room temperature. Modern velvet curtains are now machine washable in cold water and can be tumble dried. Plus, it can also be steam cleaned and ironed if required.

Teal Green Velvet Curtains

Ginger Mustard Luxury Velvet Curtains

Roslynwood Olive Green Velvet Curtains

Burgundy Luxury Velvet Curtains

Elegant Blush Beige Velvet Drapes

Long Grey Luxurious Velvet Curtains

Blackout Velvet Curtains & Matching Cushion Case

Grey Living Room Velvet Curtains

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