10 Meaningful Gifts for Fathers Day that Won’t Break the Bank

Coming up with unique gifts for Father’s Day is not easy. Every year when Father’s Day arrive, we rack our brains trying to figure out the best present. Materialistic things don’t have an impact and cupcakes don’t go easy on the sugar level. Of course, you can always give him a pair of cuff links for the hundredth time or add yet another ‘You’re the Best Dad’ to his best-dad cup collection, but how about something heartwarming and much more meaningful than a wallet?

Can’t think of anything? Let us help you out! Here are a few Father’s Day gift ideas that are emotionally worthwhile and affordable!

Father's Day Gift Ideas
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1. A Book of Memories

If your father is like mine and he rarely expresses his emotions, then perhaps a book of memories can do the trick. The DIY project is cheap, simple and brings back a number of joyful memories from the long-forgotten past.

And, if you are not the DIY type, you can always get a scrapbook to fill up or scrapbook kit and scrapbook supplies that contains everything you need to get started.

Take a scrapbook and stick your favourite photos, pictures and memorabilia like movie tickets, souvenirs from your holidays together and old pennies. Under each picture, write down why that moment holds an extra special place in your heart. Place the memory book in a customized gift box and hand it to your dad. Watch his tearful, contented smile as he goes through each memory with awe and pure happiness!

2. Plan a Father’s Day Date

As a child, what was your favourite thing to do with your dad? Surprise your dad with a Father’s Day date! It could be your favourite movie, a game of basketball or a road trip. When I was in school, my dad and I often used to go to an ice-cream parlour on our way back. I’d ask him to buy me a fancy sundae while he would order a double scoop of vanilla ice cream for himself.

He would ask me about my day and I’d spill all the gossip I heard from my friends and classmates. Those 20 minutes every week turned out to be extremely important in my upbringing. It has been more than a decade since we last visited the parlour, but I know it is still there. I am planning to take my dad to that very same ice parlour to relive those special memories.

3. Wash his Car and Arrange his Garage

If your father loves his car, but lately he hasn’t been able to properly look after it, then how about you do it for him? Clean up his car and arrange his garage. Give the car a good wash inside out, fix all annoying issues like creaking doors or a dent, remodel the garage and rearrange his tools neatly. You can even design a ‘Dad’s Car Wash Basket’ and fill it up with car wash soaps, sponges, and waxes. Trust me, it will be a pleasant surprise for him! Here are some car wash kit that we found online.

4. A Customized Cookbook

Recipe books come handy for everyone. This Father’s Day make your dad’s life easier by creating a customized cookbook for him with all his favorite dishes. From the wonderfully crispy baked chicken to delectable apple crumble, jot down several recipes with accurate measurements and tips, print them out and compile them. If you are clueless, you can ask your mom to help you out. She will know all the secrets!

5. A Video of Admiration

Is your dad tech-savvy? Perhaps a gift of admiration will uplift his spirits! Your dad is your very first hero and you must let him know! Get all your siblings together and record short clips of each of them mentioning the reasons they love your dad and list out some of his best qualities. Compile the clips into a video. On Father’s Day, email it your dad or post it on his Facebook timeline. He will love the gesture.

6. A Framed Collage

Are your kids looking to please their dad with a perfect gift? Help them out to create a framed photo collage. Print out some of the best pictures of kids and their dad together. Stick the photos on a chart paper and ask your kids to write a message for their dad in the bottom. Help your child cut out a frame from a cardboard and wrap it in a printed paper. Insert the picture in the frame and put it up on his side-table when he goes to sleep! Record his expressions when he wakes up to find the sweet little present!

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7. A Goody Basket

Take a large basket and fill it up with your dad’s favorite little things. It can include a couple of new shirts, aftershave, perfume, movie tickets, candies, chocolates and snacks he enjoys, gift cards to his favorite stores and salons and tickets to the game.

Not only is the gift super-affordable, it is thoughtful as well. It shows your dad that you know the little details that matter to him. Whenever he munches on the chips you gifted or wear the shirt you got him, a smile will be sure to brighten up his face.

8. A Funny Gag Gift

Inside jokes keep the families together. If your dad isn’t the one to take life seriously, lighten up the situation even more by giving him a hilarious gag gift on Father’s Day. It could be an ugly dad fanny pack, a mug labeled ‘You are the best farter ever‘, or an outrageous talking toilet roll spindle. Let him open the present right in front of you and watch as he laughs out loud in shock. Not only he will appreciate the sentiments, he will also value your sense of humor and might reward you with a funny dad joke.

9. Get Him the Best Apps

Parents often struggle with technology. From downloading music on iTunes to navigating maps, smart technology tends to leave them baffled. Make your dad’s life easier by helping him out with his smartphone. Install the best applications that will make his life easy and fun. They can include applications such as My Fitness Pal, BP Buddy, Words with Friends, Waze, WhatsApp, Wunderlist and of course, Facebook and Snapchat. Next time your dad asks for your help, don’t shrug him off!

Throw a BBQ Party for your Dad
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10. Throw a BBQ Party

Dads adore cooking out and serving a sizzling platter of barbecue. This Father’s Day, gift him a brand new prep BBQ set to keep his garden parties cheerful and alive. Besides the new tools, you can also get his BBQ grill polished and serviced. Surprise him even more by hosting a party and invite his friends and loved ones. If you think you can handle it, prepare some finger-licking barbecue items, and gobble them down together.

Some fathers are expressive, and some are not, but you know best how to get to his heart. A perfect gift does not have to expensive and luxurious and it certainly does not have to break your bank. The point is to let your dad know how much you love him and how much he means to you. Turn this Father’s Day into a memorable and cherishable day that your dad will treasure forever. Well, what are you waiting for? Go, surprise him!