From Hygge to Ubuntu – Buzz Words to Live By

At some point in all of our lives, we may have felt like giving up the luxuries and worries of contemporary lifestyle to adopt a simpler and more intentional manner of living. I mean, I have often fantasised about quitting my current job, abandoning my well-maintained home, and moving to a small English cottage with a thatched roof by a trickling brook. It sounds surreal.

Admittedly though, it is, of course, easier said than done. Whenever I have an urge to buy a new Kate Spade handbag or go on a shopping spree at Ikea, I question my wish and tell my inner-shopaholic a firm ‘No’. Sometimes it works, but mostly it doesn’t.

However, does the expensive bag sitting in my closet truly make me happy? The answer is usually, no. How, then do I attain eternal peace of mind?

It turns out it isn’t just me who daydreams about a ‘back to basics’ approach to life and a desire for greater tranquility. Many people, all across the globe are turning to simpler and happier lifestyles. In many cultures, there are certain habits, concepts and traditions that people follow to achieve inner peace and reach the core of happiness. When I read up on it, it definitely helped me understand myself better and I learnt how to accept and embrace myself more.

Currently, certain ‘buzz’ words derived from various traditions around the world are making it’s rounds. Words like Hygge and Lagom are circulating the Internet, hitting the bookshelves and people, in their desire to experience a high quality of life are curious about they offer. Do you remember ‘Hakuna Matata‘? Well, these have a similar vibe!

Read on and perhaps, you may just stumble upon your ‘Buzz word’ to live by!

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