Unique Backsplash Ideas That Will Transform Your Kitchen Interiors

A kitchen backsplash is there to protect the wall from getting stained, burned, or otherwise damaged. But over the years, it has also become an important design element that is used to add visual accenting to kitchen interior designs.

If you’re searching for a backsplash for your own kitchen and are tired of looking at conventional tiles, then here are some unique ideas that will totally transform your interiors. Let’s take a look:

1. The Mosaic Aesthetic

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The tiny detailing of mosaics has always been used to enhance the aesthetics of simple walls (and sometimes even floors!). Using this material to design your kitchen backsplash is definitely a unique idea. There are so many different colors and finishes that you can pick from. Mismatched, colorful mosaic tiles are perfect for emulating a fun, vibrant appeal in eclectic style kitchens, but you can also find upscale, high-end, single-toned options if you’re going for a somber look.


2. The Hexagonal Tile Look

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Hexagonal tiles have a very distinct look because of their polygonal shape! Aside from adding infinite interest and visual dynamic to a simple kitchen, they can also be used to emulate shapely contrast in your space. Pro tip: these tiles look their best when paired with cabinets and countertops with plain finishing. Pairing them with textures can make your kitchens feel overwhelming.

3. Mirror Backsplash

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Image source: Tilebar

Have you ever heard of mirrors as a kitchen backsplash? Well, that’s an actual thing! They’re made out of glass, so if stained, you can easily clean them up. This material is a great backsplash choice for small galley or wall kitchens, as its reflective properties can enhance the quality of the space. Since it can also be cut to fit different spaces, you can easily customize your backsplash pattern as well. Aside from great functional and ergonomic properties, this unique backsplash material will also help imbue your kitchens with unfettered glamour and ritziness!

Did you know: you can use antique glass and beveled mirrors as your kitchen backsplash! Here are more unique ideas.

4. The Metal Backsplash Aesthetic

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Image source: Etsy

Metal is one of the most uncanny materials that can be used as a backsplash. While commercial kitchens are usually outfitted with stainless steel backsplashes, it has a very sterile look to it. You can alter it by going for galvanized metal or ribbed corrugated sheets. The latter can also be customized with paint to suit your desired aesthetic! Use of modern materials with innovative finish means these need not be actual metal. Some are made from heat resistant Polymet PET plastic that are waterproof, tear-proof and high temperature resistant. Will peel and stick surface on the back, they are easy to install too.


5. The Subway Tile Visuals

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Classic subway tiles are the trendiest way to add a unique vibe to your kitchen interiors. Their brick-like aesthetic and tile-like finishing offers a very distinct aura. Using these tiles as your kitchen backsplash will definitely add a distinguished look to your ambiance. They’re available in both stark white and pure black finishes. Most have glossy finish, but you can also find some in matte.

Once again: these tiles look their best when paired with plain colors, but they can certainly be on the bolder spectrum. For example, white subway tiles can look stunning with teal or navy blue kitchen cabinets.


6. The Industrial Chic Look

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If you’re designing your kitchen in the industrial chic style, then there’s no better option than oversized cloudy grey porcelain tiles! They have a raw, edgy outlook that goes really well with minimalist cabinetry finishes. You can also cap them off with stainless steel studs in the parts that are away from the hood! The concrete-inspired aesthetic of these tiles is perfect for the industrial look, and features that perfect blend of modern-meets-warehouse aesthetic.

7. The Luxurious Marble Effect

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You might have heard of marble countertops, but marble backsplash? That’s as unique as they come! Since there are huge varieties of marble out there, it can be challenging to choose your best pick. Here’s a general thumb rule for selecting one as your backsplash: if your cabinetry is dark-hued, pick a marble with white background. Carrera marble, Calcutta marble, and Thasos marble are good options.

However, if your cabinetry is painted in lighter shades, then pick a marble with a darker finish. Royal black and Devonian black are viable options.


8. Plastic Emulsion Paint

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This particular kitchen backsplash material is rarely ever used, but it’s as charming as they come. You can use it to emulate any aura you like in your kitchens. For example , the pale millennial pink hue in this image coupled with the wooden countertops and shelves evokes a 50s vintage Americana appeal, but by using a different color, you could totally change the overall vibe of the space quite easily!

Additionally, the great thing about plastic emulsion paint is that it can be easily wiped off if or when stained, so it’s a viable option for a trendy kitchen backsplash.


9. The Peranakan or Moroccan Tile Look

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Peranakan tiles are a unique backsplash choice because of their eclectic patterning. The Moroccan-contemporary patterns printed on their surface always evoke a traditional vibe that is underscored with Mediterranean and modern appeal. These tiles work well as a kitchen backsplash, but you need to pair them with plain countertops and cabinet finishes for them to stand out within the overall ambiance!

10. The Contemporary Mix & Match Tile Look

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You must have seen lots of plain old contemporary backsplash tiles, and you might have found a few that you liked – but have you ever considered mixing and matching your top picks? That’s the great thing about tiles: you can customize them in your own unique patterns. If you’re taking this route, then do consult a professional, choose colors that play in contrast with each other, and make sure that the proportions of your customized backsplash design look fine.


11. The Stone Tile Effect

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If you want to emulate a rustic, slightly agrestic touch to your kitchen interiors, then stone-faced tiles are a great way to do so! They’re available in a number of finishes. The sandstone brown ones exude a cottage style appeal while the darker, charcoal-hued ones are perfect for adding a bit of texture to modern or contemporary kitchen interiors.


12. The Clean, Minimalist, Plain Backsplash

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Either acrylic or plain toughened glass is used to make such kitchen backsplashes. They’re unique because they’re as smooth, groutless, and innovative as they come. While typical kitchen backsplashes have a pattern that sets them apart, the sleek homogeneity of this particular backsplash idea is what makes it so distinguished. When accentuated with under-cabinet lights, this material feels even more timeless and austere.


13. Herringbone Style Backsplash

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The herringbone pattern in kitchen backsplashes is typically articulated with the help of subway tiles. It looks absolutely stunning and unique. This pattern also exudes understated drama, which is great for adding lots of visual dynamic to a simple kitchen aesthetic. Do remember to pair this backsplash style with plain cabinetry – either dark or light – as this pattern can feel overwhelming when matched with boldly textured materials.


14. Wooden Tiled Contemporary Look

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Actual wooden backsplashes aren’t a great choice for kitchen interiors, as even the chemically treated ones can shrink with age. Plus, the heat and vapour of the cooking is not suitable for the contraction and expansion of the joints. This is why wood-textured tiles are used to recreate this aesthetic instead.

These tiles are easy to clean, deliver stunning contemporary-chic visuals, and pair well with most modern kitchens. You can even match them with butcher-block countertops to get that full rustic effect!


15. Getting Crafty With Wallpaper

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If you’re tired of looking through typical backsplash materials, then you can get crafty with wallpaper as well. While the general purpose of a backsplash is to minimize the mess that comes with cooking, you can still furnish it with wallpaper and cover it with tempered glass. This way, whenever there are any spills or stains, they can be easily wiped off without harming the wallpaper in any way!


16. The Vintage Retro Look

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If your ideal kitchen aesthetic leans towards the vintage side, then you can opt for medium-sized mosaic tiles for your backsplash. This will give you a huge edge when deciding on a mix-and-match color scheme to get that 50s Americana look. Pastels with white are a good option. Shades of blush pink, powder blue or minty green interspersed with white mosaic tiles will definitely pack a solid visual punch when arranged strategically.


17. Classic Bold Splashes

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Truly bold backsplashes are few and far between, when it comes to interesting kitchen interiors. They may include unique colors (jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, ruby, etc.) paired with distinct materials (like acrylic, porcelain tiles, etc.). The end result is always pretty impact worthy. Just take the classic blue backsplash in this image as an example. It’s been emulated through the herringbone pattern and looks absolutely stunning on the whole.

So, these are some of the most unique kitchen backsplash ideas that you’ll ever come across. They’ll definitely help you add a distinguished, personalized quality to your spaces!