Best All Metal Laptop Stands for the new MacBook, MBA and MBP

You have the run of the mill notebook stands and you have these, all aluminium, superbly finished, built to last stands to complement the stylish look of your new MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. These laptop or notebook stands will add a touch of style and luxury to your work space. A must have accessory that will last a long time.

A laptop stand is great for ergonomics; lets you work comfortably as a workstation. Typically it functions to tilt the keyboard to a comfortable typing position and raising the screen to eye level at the same time. Others raise the laptop even higher. For the latter, you will need a separate keyboard and pointing device, track pad or mouse to complete the workstation.

Laptop stands are also great for those with a permanent place of work, who use a laptop from a fixed desk either in the office or at home. While laptops are designed for portability and are suitable for commutes and short journeys, prolonged use on the desk may cause some discomfort particularly when one has to stare down at the screen all the time.

While there are many laptop stands in the market, none come close to these laptops stands. With its quality finish and solid construction, these stands are a must have accessory that are guaranteed to serve you for many years to come, definitely a worthwhile investment.

In our search for the best MacBook laptop stand, we apply the following criteria:

  • Must be Aluminium or Metallic
  • Must have brushed or anodized finish
  • Must be Silver in colour, with options for gray and gold to match the new MacBook 12
  • Must be sturdy, stable and strong
  • Must have rubber grip and/or folded edge to stop the machine from slipping
  • Must have sufficient ventilation for the laptop to avoid overheating

The Top 5 Best Aluminium Stands for New MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Here is an overview of our laptop stands for the new MacBook 12-inch, MacBook Air 11 and 13-inch and MacBook Pro 13 and 15-inch.

1. Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand (Silver)

Also: Rain Design mStand 360 Laptop Stand with Swivel Base

2. Twelve South ParcSlope MacBook and iPad Pro Stand (Silver)

3. Griffin Technology Elevator Laptop Stand (Silver)

4. Belkin Loft Laptop Stand (Silver and Grey)

5. Stouch Luxury Aluminium Laptop Stand (Gold or Silver)

BONUS: Rain Design iLevel 2 & Twelve South HiRise Adjustable Stand [HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE]

Now for a closer look at each of these stands:

1. mStand Laptop Stand (Silver)

  • Single piece, sand-blasted silver anodised body to match Apple hardware
  • Suitable for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook for depth less than 10.4-inch
  • Raises the notebook screen height to eye level 5.9-inch
  • Aluminium panel act as heat sink
  • Keyboard stash under the laptop holder

Also: mStand 360 Laptop Stand with Swivel Base

2. Twelve South ParcSlope MacBook and iPad Pro Stand (Silver)

Made from Single piece aluminium for solid construction. Position keyboard and trackpad at a comfortable 18-degrees for typing. Rubber feet and anti-slip cushion protects the laptop. Can also be used for iPad Pro

3. Griffin Technology Elevator Laptop Stand (Silver)

  • One of the earliest MacBook stand in the market, the 2-piece U-shaped laptop arms with anti-slip cushion held are together with transparent perspex plastic.
  • Two additional slip on plastic edging wraps the front edge of the laptop.

Griffin Elevator
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4. Belkin Loft Laptop Stand (Silver and Grey)

From the maker of desktop and laptop accessories comes the Belkin Loft Laptop Stand. Unlike some of the other stands featured here, the Loft is actually assembled from 2 pieces of molded aluminium held together with a plastic insert. The laptop platform not only allows air flow but offers good grip with rubber cushion fitted on all contact surfaces with the laptop. There is space for keyboard or mouse underneath the platform and cable management ring to keep the desk organised and clutter free.

5. Stouch Luxury Aluminium Laptop Stand (Gold or Silver)

Similar in design to Twelve South above, except that Stouch offers a champagne gold option for those new 12-inch MacBooks.

BONUS: Height Adjustable MacBook Stands

Rain Design iLevel 2

The Rain Design iLevel 2 is a height adjustalbe stand that raises the screen to eye level for better individual ergonomics. It has a front slider to make height adjustment easy. Made from all aluminium material, the laptop platform helps dissipate heat from the MacBook. There is space behind the tilting anchor to leave your keyboard when not in use. Finished in anodized aluminium to match Apple’s hardware.

Twelve South HiRise Adjustable Stand

Here is another height adjustable stand, this time from Twelve South. Compatible with MacBook of all sizes, the spring-loaded post makes adjusting the height quick and easy. The stand’s V-shaped supporting arms are lined with silicone for firmer grip and better air flow. The room underneath the stand is perfect to store away keyboard and mouse when not in use.


elago L3 Aluminium Stand for Laptop (Silver, Champagne Gold, Dark Grey)

One of the few MacBook stands that offer colour options, available in Silver, Champagne Gold and Dark Grey, The V shape stand is a perfect companion to the new MacBook. While it might be  a little big, length wise, it should work perfectly in complemeting colour and shades.

Alsoelago L4 Aluminium Stand for Laptop

Steklo X-Stand Portable Aluminium Laptop Stand – ULTRA PORTABLE

Aluminium stand that provides stability for all laptops with screen size from 12 – 17 inches with focus on ventilation, lightweight and portability. The sand-blasted and metallic silver anodized finish matches Apple MacBook Pro & Air and other laptops while it folds up to no more than 6.3-inch in length and weights only 5.8oz perfect for travels.

AboveTEK Aluminium Laptop Stand (U Shape)

The U shaped AboveTEK stand is a single piece silver anodized aluminium alloy laptop stand that raises the laptop and provide a space to stash away the keyboard and mouse when not in use to free up desk space. The stand works with 11 to 17-inch laptops. AboveTEK also carries the V Shape stand similar to that of Twelve South and Stouch seen above.

Also: AboveTEK Aluminium Laptop Stand (V Shape)

CYK Studio L-COOL Ergonomic Aluminium Laptop Stand

The L-COOL laptop stand is a three-piece stand with two L shaped stands held together with a cross bar. The two L shaped stands have non-slip cushion and folded edge for more support.

Also: CYK Studio C-Cool Ergonomic Aluminium Laptop Stand

The Rise Laptop Stand by Sewell

Looks familiar? That is because we have seen the same single piece aluminium stand in our Best MacBook stands list above under the name mStand. Aside from the full base plate instead of one with a rain drop cut out and etched branding, the two are perfectly identical, raising the screen by 6-inches. A swivel version is also available.

Also: The Rise Laptop Swivel Stand by Sewell

Rain Laptop Stand (same as mStand above)

From the people that made the mStand in the list of Best MacBook Stands above, the company also markets the same stands under the Rain label including the swivel base option below.

Also: Rain 360° Laptop Stand