Essential Accessories to Complete the iPad Pro

If you have the iPad Pro, it is time to think about the essential accessories to make the most of the big screen tablet. This article lists accessories you ought to consider if you have the iPad Pro for protection, extended functionality and better productivity.

We have taken to list the accessories under different categories; stylus, keyboard, case, stand and sleeve. While the latter is purely optional, we would strongly recommend the stylus, keyboard and case. Let’s take a closer look at each of these.


The Apple Pencil, if nothing is the perfect companion accessory. Designed especially for the iPad Pro to take advantage of the big screen and Multi-Touch technology, it mirrors the feeling of using a normal pencil on paper. Use it to annotate, write, sketch, draw, paint or draft; the possibilities are endless.

The real benefit of Apple Pencil when used with the iPad Pro is the speed. Unlike other writing tablet, the iPad Pro scans its surface for the Pencil, 240 times per second, twice the data points it normally collects with normal finger touch.

The surface also scans the pressure you apply with the Pencil and accurately portrays how hard you press the pencil by showing thin or thicker lines as well as other creative effects available with different apps such as market, felt tip, air brush, inky pen or normal brush.

Beyond speed and pressure, the Pencil can also be tilted to add shades just like you would when using an ordinary pencil or charcoal to sketch and shade. The Apple Pencil with its two tilt sensors calculate the exact orientation and angle of your hand together with Multi-Touch sensors on the display.

The Apple Pencil has built-in rechargeable battery that last for up to 12 hours per charge and can be charged straight from the iPad Pro’s Lightning connector. 15 seconds of charge gives you 30 minutes of use.


Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro

The Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro is Apple’s first keyboard cover. iPad owners have always relied on third party accessory manufacturers to come up with a keyboard for their iPad. This time around, Apple decided to make their own. If you are familiar with the Smart Covers, Apple’s screen cover with magnetic catches on one side, the Smart Keyboard is essentially a foldable cover for the screen with keyboard built-in.

You can use the Smart Keyboard as a cover for the screen, a stand in presentation mode and as a keyboard in a productivity mode with a stand to prop up the iPad Pro.

Unlike the standard Smart Cover, it is much wider when unfolded, the additional width is due to the depth of the keyboard. The cover protects both the keys on the keyboard and the screen.

Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

An alternative to Apple’s Smart Keyboard is Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case. This is a 2-in-1 solution combining keyboard and case together offering all round protection and keyboard.

Designed exclusively to work with the iPad Pro and its Smart Connector, the Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case automatically powers on and connects with iPad Pro when placed in the typing position — no Bluetooth pairing needed.

The iPad Pro also powers the keyboard, so you never have to think about charging it again. The intuitive keyboard layout helps you take full advantage of iPad Pro’s expansive workspace and iOS 9 features. Available in Dark Blue, Black or Red.


Your options are not many; designed for iPad Pro cases are mainly from Apple for now and your options are:

iPad Pro Smart Cover

The all too familiar Smart Cover design has been around since earlier generation iPad. Lightweight and durable, it protects the iPad Pro screen without covering up its aluminium back.

A magnetic hinge aligns the Smart Cover with iPad Pro for a perfect fit and helps it stay put. Open the Smart Cover to wake iPad Pro. Close it and iPad Pro goes to sleep.

The cover can be folded (rolled up) to turn it into a stand for presentation mode (above) or productivity mode (below).

For total front-and-back coverage, you can pair it with an iPad Pro Silicone Case below. Available in Charcoal Grey or White.

iPad Pro Silicone Case

The Apple-designed Silicone Case protects the back of your iPad Pro and fits snugly over the buttons without adding bulk.

The soft microfibre lining helps protect your iPad Pro, while the silky, soft-touch silicone exterior feels great in your hand.

And it pairs perfectly with the new Smart Keyboard or Smart Cover, with space on one side for the magnetic catch. Together they offer total front-and-back coverage. Available in Charcoal Grey or White.


Here are some stands that will work with the iPad Pro. Be aware that some stands are not quite big enough for the iPad Pro with its 12.9-inch screen.

Twelve South ParcSlope stand for iPad Pro

It is still early days with most stands made to fit iPad Air and others are actually laptop and MacBook stands. Twelve South boasts that their stand, the ParcSlope works equally well with iPad Pro.

The stand holds the iPad Pro at a perfect and secure angle for sketching, annotating, drafting or editing with Apple Pencil.

TechMatte Multi-Angle XL Durable Aluminum Tablet Stand

Given the sheer size of the iPad Pro, a stand needs to be big enough to offer a stable and secure platform for the device.

The TechMatt XL does this well. Its foldable design and one touch button to deploy as well as 270 degrees rotation allows for multiple viewing angles gives the stand its versatility.

Remember to get the XL model as the standard model is not wide enough to support the iPad Pro.

GMYLE S Design Dark Wooden Stand

The GMYLE stand is made from high quality handcrafted birch plywood. Lightweight and minimalist, the durable hard body ensures reliability, durability and stability. 

It can be used for both vertical and horizontal viewing with the stand offering two viewing angles, adjustable by flipping the stand upside down.

Sleeve and Bag

If you are not one for cases and covers, perfect a sleeve would be useful for when you need to store or transport the tablet. The iPad Pro is after all a big tablet and would benefit from extra protection from scuffs, scratches and bends. Here are a couple of sleeves and bag for the big guy.

ProCase Sleeve for iPad Pro 

With room for Apple Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil, this is a perfect sleeve for any iPad owner. Available in four colours: Black, Red, Brown and Mint Green.

ProCase Sleeve
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OMOTON PU Leather Wallet for iPad Pro

Made from high quality PU leather, the sleeve is ultra-slim and slips easily into the briefcase or backpack. Features include microfibre interior, magnetic flap, name card holder, Apple Pencil holder and document pocket. Available in red or black.