Best Smart Pet Cameras with Treat Dispenser & Laser Game

Pet cameras are going to get huge as more and more people adopt a pet or two as part of their family. We explore 8 of the best connected smart pet cameras that not only lets you watch but interact with your pet including alerting, talking, rewarding and playing with them remotely.

With todays’ smart home technology innovation, extending the same ‘smarts’ such as wireless IP security camera, motion detection, noise activation, night vision, two way audio and and voice assisted technology to cater for pets is easy. Throw in a treat dispenser and laser game and you have an interactive pet camera.

As we know, technology doesn’t stand still. More and more features are going to come to the humble pet camera. We are seeing bark detection, automatic games and rewards, animal facial recognition as well as integration with Voice Activated Assistants such as Alexa on higher models with more features to likely to be added in later iterations.

To learn about what to look for in a pet cameras, use our simple 10 point feature guide below:

Top 10 Features to Look for in a Pet Camera


Top 8 Best Smart Pet Cameras with Dog with Treat Dispenser and Laser Game for Dogs and Cats

Our line-up includes best selling, mid-range to down right affordable pet cameras to fit any budget.

1. Furbo Dog Camera

Full HD Camera | Treat Dispenser | Two Way Audio | 160° wide angle view | 4x Digital Zoom | Night Vision | Alexa Compatible

If aesthetic is important to you, Furbo is going to melt into your modern living environment without some much as a curious eye from visitors. Featuring the biggest currently available – a massive 160˚ wide-angle lens that you can position without fuss, is without doubt one of the most attractive features of this pet camera. Tizzy will find it impossible to hide from this all-seeing eye-in-the-sky and with all the expected features at this level – remote treat dispenser, day and night vision, social media connectivity – the cherry on the cake of the Furbo is that it is Alexa compatible as well.

Furbo Dog Camera
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Furbo Dog Camera on Amazon

Video resolution is higher than that on the Pawbo, as it captures video in Full HD or 1080p day and night (with night vision). It doesn’t stop there, the on board treat dispenser can toss treats manually or automatically and get this, you can use Alexa to ask Furbo to toss a treat every hour. How cool is that.

Furbo has its claim to fame when it was featured on The Ellen Show. At the time of writing, it is the best selling pet camera on Amazon.

Other features include barking alert, 2-way audio, real time notifications triggered by animal or human activity, event-based cloud recording and pet diary. The latter being a compilation of clips in a short 60 second video capturing the life of your pet showing only highlights. There is also a neat blue glow light from the base of the unit making it one of the coolest pet camera around.

Check out the features summary and app view in the gallery below:


Key Features:

  • 1080p Full HD camera with night vision, 160° wide angle view and 4x digital zoom
  • 2 way chat with built-in mic and speaker and barking alert with bark sensor
  • Toss not just drop a treat with remotely, controlled via Furbo app for iOS or Android.
  • Take photos or record video and share it on social media via Furbo app
  • Sleek design with bamboo cover in natural finish
  • Soft glow status indicator
  • Compatible with Alexa

2. Pawbo Life Pet Camera

HD Camera | Treat Dispenser | Laser Game | Two Way Audio

The Pawbo Life ups the ante somewhat with a treat dispenser. Yes, you read right. In a year this will be a standard feature on any pet camera but as yet, it’s only on the more sophisticated models. The Pawbo has all the expected bells and whistles but shines in the area of connectivity. You can control multiple cameras off the one base station and up to 8 users can log on to ‘A day in the life of Boris the wonder dog’ and… you can automatically share content from your pet’s day to their very own Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts. Perfect for the fluffy social media sensation in your family.

Pawbo Life Pet Camera
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Pawbo Life Pet Camera on Amazon

Check out the features summary and app view in the gallery below:

Key Features:

  • 720p HD live video streaming, 130° wide-angle lens, 4x digital zoom
  • Record and store videos on the mobile device
  • 2-way audio with on-board speaker and microphone
  • Laser game function to play and interact with your pet
  • Treat dispenser to reward your pet with their favourite treat
  • Social sharing of snaps via Pawbo Life app to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Up to 8 concurrent video stream to different users, app lets you view and control multiple cameras
  • Buzz you pet with ringtone notifications to get your pet’s attention
  • 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity
  • Pawbo Theme Park accessories available separately

3. Petzi Treat Cam

HD Camera | Treat Dispenser | Night Vision | Companion App

Petzi is on the value side for those whom are on a budget. The WiFi enabled pet camera with treat dispenser is shaped like a soap dispenser and can be use as a. Use the onboard camera to check on your pets and the smart treat dispenser to interact and reward them.

The built-in HD 720p video camera does not have the biggest field of vision, only 110-degree wide but is sufficient for most application. Paired with high quality audio output, you can speak to your pet remotely interact and offer them their favourite treat using the treat launcher.

The camera also works at night using low light IR night vision. Use the companion Petzi app to control the pet camera and take photos to share on social media.

Petzi Treat Cam
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Petzi Treat Cam on Amazon

Key Features:

  • built-in HD 720p video with 110 degree wide viewing angle with night vision IR camera
  • built-in treat launcher to dispense treats to your dog
  • high quality audio output top speak to your pet
  • works with Amazon Dash Replenishment, automatically tracks the treat levels in real time and reorders when low
  • wall mountable

4. Petcube Bites Pet Camera

Full HD Camera | Treat Dispenser | Two Way Audio | Night Vision | Motion and Sound Alert | Alexa Compatible

The stylish Petcube is available with four different accents; Matte Silver (shown below), Carbon Back, Rose Gold or White. It not only looks good but works great too with Full HD 1080p camera with wide angle lens, 3x optical zoom and night vision. Live stream your pet camera and share this on Facebook or save the videoclips from the timeline to share privately.

There is a two pound container for all the treats you will need to use with the treat dispenser. Monitor and fling treats remotely using the app with varying distances up to 6 feet. The app lets you do this by swiping up on the display Angry Birds style. You can also set a schedule for the dispenser for automatic treating. The Petcube will let you know on your app when it is running low on treats so you can top it up again.

Petcube Bites Pet Camera
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Petcube Bites Pet Camera on Amazon

The two way audio system lets you talk to your pet with on board speaker and microphone. However, the biggest feature has to be the free cloud video storage that comes with your purchase. Apart from getting notifications triggered by sound and motion, you can view recorded video clips on an interactive timeline in the app. The service stores up to 4 hours of activity allowing for browsing, downloading and sharing.

Key Features

  • Full HD 1080p high resolution camera with 138° wide angle lens, 3x digital zoom and night vision support
  • Two way audio to speak to your pets and hear them with onboard microphone and speaker
  • Treat dispenser can be activated manually and remotely or schedule for automatic treating
  • Free cloud video storage up to the last 4 hours accessible via the companion Petcube app
  • Sound and motion alerts via mobile notifications
  • Monitor and control up to 6 cameras with one account
  • Compatible with Alexa so just ask Alexa to treat your pet hands free.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi 2.4Ghz connectivity

5. SKYMEE Petalk AI Dog Camera

Camera | Treat Dispenser | Two Way Audio | Night Vision | Motion and Sound Alert | Alexa Compatible

The SkyMee Petalk AI Dog Camera does not come with a laser game option but has received many good reviews from verified purchasers. The unit looks like a table top air freshener and comes with everything you would expect from a pet camera. The Full HD 1080p wide angle camera is capable Full HD video recording, 4x optical zoom and night vision support.

The onboard microphone and speaker lets you speak and listen to your pet remotely. A separate motion sensor detect and sends push notifications when the pet is close. You can also use it to keep an eye on the kids or pick up any intruders. Use the companion Skymee app to dispense treats, tossing it in the air so you cute furry friend can catch it, keeping them entertained remotely. The app also lets you take photos and record videos, storing this on the phone.

Another feature that allows SkyMee to stand out from the rest of the competition is the presence indicator light. The visual cue turns from yellow to blue when you log on with your app. Dogs pick up yellow and blue light. This indicator will let your dog know that you are around.

SKYMEE Dog Camera
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Skymee Petalk Pet Camera on Amazon

Key Features

  • Full HD 1080p camera with Full HD video recording, 4X zoom and night vision with Infrared support
  • 2 way audio support with onboard microphone and speaker
  • On board motion detector notifies you on your mobile device when your pet approaches
  • Treat dispenser, controlled remotely via companion app tosses a reward as part of your interaction with your pet
  • Visual indicator with dogs being able to see the difference with yellow and blue light.
  • When engaged via the app, the indicator light will turn blue to attract your dog
  • 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity

Check out the features summary and app view in the gallery below:

6. Lovoom T20 Smart Pet Camera

Camera | Treat Dispenser | Two Way Audio | Pan and Zoom | Remote Control

The Lovoom Pet Monitoring Camera is available with rose gold trim as show below or black trim. The unit goes beyond just being a stationary pet camera like most of the other cameras in our line up. It has a rotating base that lets you remotely turn the viewing angle of the camera, panning your view angles up to 180°. That’s like turning left or right to see where you pet is.

This also allows you to launch or toss your treat at different directions allowing for even more engaging plays. Fill it up with cats’ or dogs’ kibbles and you are good to go. You can also set the distance approximately 1 to 3 meters at which the treat is tossed. When at home, simply pick up the IR remote control to manually adjust the direction and distance of the launcher or simply turn to auto mode.

Owners couldn’t believe how much fun they can have with their pets being able to toss treats right or left and close or far. It’s fun watching them chase after the treats, keeping them active and engaged.

Lovoom Pet Monitoring Camera
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Lovoom Smart Pet Camera on Amazon

The 720p HD camera is paired with two way audio system allowing for remote monitoring and chat via the Lovoom app. Using the Lovoom app, take photos or record videos of your pet and store them safely on your mobile device all done remotely.

The box looks bigger than it is. The design is simple and compact and works well in any room with modern décor. It may be a bit on the pricey side but the added level of interactivity, being able to pan the camera angle and control the distance of the projectile and auto mode keeps you and your pet entertained for hours.

It’s worth noting that the camera does not support night vision and wouldn’t it be great if laser game is included, think of all the fun one can have rotating the camera and changing the direction of the red spot.

Key Features

  • Panning function up to 180 degrees (+/-90° to find your pet)
  • 720p HD camera with 4 x digital zoom
  • 2 way audio function for live chat with built in microphone and speaker
  • Set the distance of the food launch between 3 to 30 feet or 1 to 3 meters
  • Capture videos and take still photos and store them on the mobile device using Lovoom T20 app
  • 2.4GHz WiFi Connectivity
  • Infrared remote controller to manually control the direction and distance of the launch

Check out the features summary and app view in the gallery below:

7. DOGNESS Pet Treat Dispenser with Camera

HD Camera | Treat Dispenser | Two Way Audio | Night Vision

Dogness is another Pet Camera with treat dispenser. Available in three colours, white, blue or black, the unit has a no nonsense design with a wide angle 165 degree 720p HD camera with night vision support. Use the app to stream live video remotely from anywhere, anytime be it day or night.

Together with the onboard microphone and speaker, the camera lets you carry out two way chat with you pet. This will help calm them down with a familiar voice from the other end. We know our dog can recognise anyone over the speaker and react accordingly.

DOGNESS Pet Treat Dispenser
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DOGNESS Pet Camera on Amazon

A manual treat button below the camera launches a treat but you can also remotely control the unit to toss a treat to your dog as a reward for the tricks it managed or for coming to the camera when you called remotely.

There is also a quick indicator light to let you know that you are connection to the wireless network and if the treat compartment needs a refill. While the unit is free standing, there are mounting holes on the back should you wish to hang it on the wall.

Check out the features summary and app view in the gallery below:

What it lacks is the laser game option. The manufacturer also warns that the unit only works with 2.4GHz and not 5G WiFi like all pet cameras in our line-up.

Key Features:

  • HD camera for live stream, photo and video capture with night vision support
  • Wide angle lens for a wider field of vision
  • 2 way voice chat with built-in microphone and speaker
  • Manual treat release button
  • Easy access to treat compartment with air tight natural bamboo lid with wood grain finish
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Connectivity

8. FUNPAW Q Cat & Dog

HD Camera | Treat Dispenser | Toy Laser | Two Way Audio

The FunPaw Q treat dispenser and camera may look a little basic and simple in design but has all the basic features as a fun pet camera. The onboard 720p HD camera with 120 degree wide angle view and 8GB of on board memory allows photos and videos to be captured and saved locally. Two way audio capability with integrated microphone and speaker allows for plain conversation with the pet.

The treat dispenser lets you store and project 11 treats, pre-loaded in the gun barrel like container. The launcher is capable of tossing the treat up to 3 feet away. Finally, the onboard moveable pet laser pointer will keep both dog and feline occupied for hours, playing chase with the red dot even when you are not at home. FunPaw Q works via Bluetooth of WiFi.

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FUNPAW Q Pet Camera on Amazon


FUNPAW Playbot Q Pet Camera

HD Camera | Treat Dispenser | Laser Game | Pet Feeder | Two Way Audio | Night Lights

This second Playbot Q goes beyond being a treat dispenser. The smart pet camera also comes with a food tray for automatic feeder with programmable schedule. What’s more, the camera, treat launcher and feed tray can be controlled remotely via app and the onboard speaker and microphone lets you talk to your pet. And, if you haven’t noticed, the entire camera and feeder unit is mobile and can be controlled like a remote control car via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Use the onboard 1MP camera with 8GB storage and microphone to tap into a live stream, record video, capture photos or chat with your pet offering 720p HD resolution. The food and snack dispenser can store different kinds of food. Based on a set schedule, the tray will rotate to reveal segments that contain the food portions. There are 5 compartments altogether. The treat launcher is capable of catapulting a small treat up to 3 feet away as a reward for your pet. These small treats are preloaded into a gun barrel style storage.

Finally, use the laser pointer to encourage your pet to chase and play. This we find works for both cats and dogs. The laser pointer can be turned on and controlled remotely.

Now, the idea is great, but execution and support is lacking hence many buyers are complaining about the product. We hope that FunPaw will continue to improve on the product and the companion app.


FUNPAW Playbot Q Pet Camera
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FUNPAW Q Pet Camera on Amazon