Summer Picnic Essentials – everything you need for a fun day out

Summer is here, let the outdoor fun begin! Whether you are just going to the park with the family for a picnic or joining a festival, open-air concert, outdoor event or fair, make it a picnic to remember with our summer picnic essentials.

Get together for a picnic this summer in style and make it a truly memorable one with all the right kits and gadgets. Our list of summer picnic essentials include among other things cooler boxes to keep cold drinks and food fresh, spacious roll-up extra thick summer blankets, weatherproof wireless Bluetooth speakers and USB battery chargers and portable barbecues for that all important outdoor cooking.

Why use throwaway paper cups and plates when you can have a set of cutlery, plates, glasses and even linen napkins all packed and ready in a picnic basket or backpack. Thinking about the elements; light showers, extreme heat of the summer sun or strong gusty wind, use an instant shelter or pop-up canopy and tent. Prefer to eat at the table, bring your own foldable picnic table and chairs. These integrated table and chairs fold flat and have easy to carry handle so you can bring it anywhere with you.

Top 10 Summer Picnic Essentials – everything you need for a fun day out

Planning for your summer picnic, here is our category of Picnic Essentials for this Summer.

  1. Camping Cooler Box & Bag
  2. Picnic Basket
  3. Picnic Backpack
  4. Picnic Blanket
  5. Portable BBQ
  6. Sun Shades, Canopies and Shelters
  7. Picnic Table
  8. Pest & Insect Repellents
  9. Weatherproof Bluetooth Speakers
  10. External Battery Chargers

Here are some of the best selling items under each of our 10 categories.

1. Camping Cooler Box & Bags

Want to kick back with a cool bottle of beer or your favourite icy cool soft drink to counter the summer heat, use one of these camping cooler boxes. For a small family, a personal cooler box with 5 Quart capacity from Coleman or Rubbermaid should do the trick. If you cater to a bigger group, consider the 48-Quart Coleman Cooler. It can hold up to 63 cans of drinks. Bigger cooler boxes also come with handle and wheels as well as leak proof drain to empty the box of water when you finish. As an alternative to ice, you can also get ice packs. Simply keep this frozen in the freezer and chuck them in together with your drinks when you are ready.

If you don’t have the room to store these big cooler boxes, you can also find soft, fold flat cooler bags that will take up less room in storage. You can put these away easily when not in use. These are your packed lunch cooler bags but ultra big, durable and insulated cooler totes that will pack everything from your picnic food, drinks to fresh fruits and vegetables. It can also double up as your grocery cooler bag that you use on a more regular basis. But the biggest plus has to be that it is collapsible.

Igloo Island Breeze Cooler with wheels and telescopic handle

Pelican Elite 30 Quart Cooler – for extreme ice retention (Other capacities: 20 Quart, 50 Quart, 70 Quart or bigger also available)

CleverMade SnapBasket 50 Can 30 Liter Insulated Tote Bag

2. Picnic Basket

If you like tradition, a traditional wicker picnic hamper basket has everything for a vintage picnic experience. Available in 2 person or 4 person place sets, these baskets features all wicker construction lined with cotton cloth interior and complete with leather straps to secure the cover. Unlike its backpack counter part, there is a lot of structured space inside the basket so you don’t have to worry about your picnic food being squashed. If you carry it right, everything will stay upright and you cake will arrive in one piece as it should. However, it does mean that it takes up more space and a bit more cumbersome to carry on longer journeys. You get with the basket; knives, forks, spoons, ceramic dinner plates, plastic wine glasses, salt and pepper shakers, bottle opener and cotton napkins. Picnic blankets are sometimes offered.

Best Choice Products 2 Person Wicker Picnic Basket

3. Picnic Backpack

If the traditional wicker picnic basket is not your thing and you would rather a more conventional, easier to carry option then you can’t go wrong with a picnic backpack. It has everything you need for a deluxe picnic service. Typically available with two person or 4 person place sets these picnic backpack hampers come with a cooler compartment for food such as sandwiches, cold meats, cakes and fresh food like salad and fruits. It also comes with the all important flatwares; stainless steel knives, forks, spoons, dinner plates and napkins. There is also room for plastic wine glasses, bottle opener, slat and pepper shakers, cheese or butter knife and chopping board for bread or cheese. More complete backpacks also come with picnic blankets, bottle carrier and cooler padded shoulder straps and carry handle.

4. Picnic Blanket

We like to keep a roll-up or fold flat picnic blanket or picnic rug in the car boot at all times. You can use these anywhere and anytime, not just for picnic. Pull up at a stop on a scenic route in your journey and take time to enjoy the view on a spacious blanket or gather for lunch during your office lunch break in the city park or squares. With one of these, any time can be picnic time be it at the parks, trails, or beaches.

5. Portable BBQ

Being a fan of barbecues, no picnic or gathering should be without a barbecue. So if you have to take it to the road, the park, camping or the beach, pack one of these portable barbecues for your trip. Portable charcoal barbecues are getting more advanced these days. From modern compact cube designs with food storage and chopping boards built-in, to strong and sturdy cast steel boxes and round barbecues, to fan driven smokeless barbecues and grills, you will be spoiled for choice.

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6. Sun Shades and Shelters

When the heat gets too much, be at the beach, in the park, the games, races or by the river; use one of these instant sun-shades or pop-up shelters and canopies. These help to keep the family safe when staying out for a long period of time under scorching heat. These offer them a chance to get out of the sun. Some of these canopies even come with removable screens to keep the bugs and insects out or special sun wall to completely block out harmful UV light. Made from heavy-duty fabric and steel frames, it can stand up to wind and rain. Manufacturers boast quick and easy way to set, with some claiming that their shelter will take up to or under a minute to setup with things like pop-up action or push-button release levers.

Beach shelters are like our camping tents except that there is an open side. It is easy to setup and put away; folds down flat with cover for ease of carriage. Depending on the size, it can shelter between 2 – 4 adults. It offers protection from the sun, rain and wind and is suitable not only for the beach but for any outdoor events like concerts, fairs and open-air shows. These shelters are made from breathable polyester material and is water repellent. Some include internal pockets to store personal items, hooks to hang your belongings and see through screens.

7. Picnic Table

Fold-able picnic tables have been around for a long time. Remember those integrated tables and chairs that fold up into a rectangular suitcase. These are fond memories I had as a child growing up and going on picnics. These days, you can still get Suitcase Picnic Table. While they are not as popular as some of the standalone fold-able tables and chairs, these are great for up to four medium sized adults, young children or kids. Just be sure to watch out and not get your fingers caught when opening or closing the table and chairs. They are made from heavy duty plastic and aluminium alloy frame for durability and come with rather big table surface.

8. Pest & Insect Repellents

Don’t let bugs and insects spoil your day. Pack one of these natural insect repellent to repel mosquitos, ticks, fly and bugs.

9. Weatherproof Bluetooth Speakers

Enjoy perfect sound and punchy bass from these neat wireless Bluetooth speakers. And, to top it off, we list weatherproof speakers for that extra peace of mind, knowing that your speaker will withstand splashes, rain, dust and sand on your next picnic trip. These speaker that has been designed for the adventurous kind, they are lightweight, robust and produces sound that is meticulously rich in detail making it the perfect companion whenever you venture outdoors. Take with you whenever you go camping or are relaxing with friends by the pool and enjoy the perfect soundtrack alongside those special moments.

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10. External Battery Chargers

All the gadgets in the world won’t save you if you run out of juice. And, when you have your e-readers, smartphones, tablets and Bluetooth speakers out with you for your picnic, by the seaside or your next camping trip, remember to pack one of these high capacity external battery chargers.