10 Unconventional Uses for your Normal Everyday Household Items

Take a look around your house and you will find a number of things that you use every day without giving a single thought. The nail polish remover you take out to rub off the chipped off nail colour, the used tea-bag you just threw away in the bin, that empty jam jar you are about to get rid of… the list is endless.

There are a plethora of objects that can serve as dual use and make your life a lot easier. For instance, did you know you that baby wipes can effortlessly clean the stubborn marks off your glasses and phone’s screen? Baby wipes are also extremely gentle and are mostly chemical-free so will not harm the coating on your glasses or phone display. Yes, you don’t have to buy an expensive screen cleaner kit for a flawless finish anymore! You will be surprised to know that there are dozens of similar cheats. In this article, we share with you some of our favourites.

Here are some unconventional uses for your normal everyday household items. Try them out and see for yourself. You can thank us later…

1. Baking Soda is Your Best Friend

We are not exaggerating when we say this, but baking soda is literally a life-saver. Whether it is a heartburn that has been bothering you since ages or your favourite sneakers that stink so bad that your wife has threatened to throw them out of the house – bicarbonate of soda can solve many problems. Generously sprinkle it inside your smelly loafers and leave it overnight. The next day, wash it out and the smell will be gone!

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Image source: Health and Healthy Living

Other uses for baking soda includes; use baking soda as a mouthwash, to remove most kinds of stains off your clothes, to relieve heartburn, sore throat, and insect bites, to eliminate dandruff, and to sparkle up kitchen utensils and sinks.

2. Eggs are Not Just for Devouring

We all love a good cheese omelette on a lazy Sunday morning. But do you know that eggs are incredibly versatile. Their usage is not limited to cakes and breakfast. They make a great beauty product for your hair! If you have been suffering from severe hair fall, split ends, and dry and damaged hair, an egg mask can make a huge difference and bring back the healthy glow to your locks.

Beat an egg, mix it with yogurt or coconut oil, and apply it on your scalp and hair tips. Leave it for about 30 minutes, and then rinse it with shampoo. You will notice the change immediately. Use this mask once a week and continue to follow this regime for three months. The benefits of an all natural treatment with organic ingredients are better and less harmful than any chemical substance made in the factory.

3. Toothpaste to the Rescue

Toothpaste assures a radiant smile and fresh breath. It can also be used to clean your home appliances too such as blackened iron, jewellery, watches, metal sinks and counters. You can also use it to clean the white rubber seal around your refrigerator or grout between the tiles in your toilet or tiled flooring. Use a generous amount of toothpaste for stubborn stains on a sponge and scrub away. Wash it off with water or wipe it up with a clean damp sponge afterwards. The items will be restored to their sparkling clean finish.

4. Don’t Throw Away Used Tea Bags

Are you seeking a great face mask that promises quick results? Look no further! Used tea bags can make an amazing face mask. Allow them to soak in cold water, then put them on your face and take a breather. They are simply great for dark circles and blemishes. They provide relief from burns and bites too.

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Image source: http://www.exgag.com/home-remedies-fresh-soft-skin-weekend/

Fresh tea bags, particularly of the herbal mint variety also make a great deodorizer. If your refrigerator has been giving off a weird smell lately, put a few tea bags at the back of the fridge. They also work well for smelly sneakers. These hacks do not cost much and certainly worth a try. The next time you have your cup of tea, be sure to save the tea bag, dry them up and give it a second life.

5. A Penny for Your Flowers

Are you a person who adores cut flowers and loves to adorn your home with them? Then you can understand what a disappointment it is whenever they wilt. You can lengthen their lives by simply adding a penny in to the vase with a pinch of sugar.

penny in flower vase
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Did you know that copper pennies are also awesome at repelling slugs? Place a dozen of them in your garden, and you will notice that the slugs that had been eating your plants will vanish slowly.

6. Turn to Petroleum Jelly in a Sticky Situation

Petroleum jelly is one of the most underrated household items. Be it for quick makeup removal, to loosen a stuck zipper or to oil the squeaking hinges of a door, petroleum jelly has numerous uses. Squeaky doors are an annoyance and can kill the peace. Take a scoop of petroleum jelly and rub it on the hinges. You will never hear the squeak again.

It is also ideal for removing sticker and wax residues. Take a ball of cotton, dip it in the jar of Vaseline and gently rub it on to the hard surfaces with residues. The stubborn residues will disappear.

We know that petroleum jelly is great as a moisturiser but there are other great cosmetic uses too besides locking in the moisture in your skin. You can use it to gloss your lips,  buff away dry skin, intensify your eye shadow, rub it on your arms and legs or back for an even tan, add cheekbones highlight and even tame your unruly eyebrows. For more uses for petroleum jelly, see www.allyou.com

7. Use a Sponge to Remove the Pilling

It is a pain when you take out your new sweater from the laundry and it is full of nasty pilling. Cutting it with a scissor or razor can irrecoverably damage it. What you can do is use a soft and porous sponge and gently rub it across the clothes. Do it twice and thrice, and all the annoying bobbles will get stuck to the sponge.

Sponges also offer a cushioning effect to delicate items in storage. Cut several sponges in small pieces and place it around the item in the box. If a box is dropped by accident, the sponges will ensure the safety of your valuables.

8. Kitchen Tongs to Reach for Things

Some of us have a hard time reaching for things. It can be a hassle to drag a stool every time you need an item from the top shelf. Well, next time try tongs to get hold of it. They worked perfectly for us!

9. Disposable Baby Diapers

All parents know what a blessing diapers are. What if we tell you that they have many great non-baby, non-poop applications? Yup! You can use diapers as very temporary knee-shields while you are going skiing or ice-skating, as an ice pack and even as an emergency sanitary napkin!

To create a knee shield, tie a diaper around each knee and ski away. If you want more protection, you can double the layers.

10. Toothbrush as a Cleaning Tool

No, not just for teeth. You can use an old toothbrush to clean dirt from hair brushes, shoes, nails, keyboards, and appliances like toasters and waffle makers. If you don’t like the idea of old toothbrushes, the next time you stay at a hotel or take a long haul flight, bag yourself some single use toothbrushes.

Remember the toothpaste hack mentioned earlier, use the toothbrush with tooth paste for all purpose cleaning. Along with toothpaste, toothbrushes can be used to clean crayons scribbles off the walls and doors, stains from tiles and grout, and kitchen counters.

toothbrush to clean keyboard
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Try these tips out and let us know how they worked! And if you have any more to add, tell us in the comments.