5 Tips for a Feng Shui Inspired Lifestyle

When the clock strikes 5, and my work is almost done, I itch to go back to my home. As soon as I enter my house, I look around and take a deep breath. I am back; in my kingdom and my comfort zone – home is where I can be my real self. Thanks to my Feng Shui inspired setup, the harmony and energy of my home matches mine and it contains all the good vibes.

During spring cleaning, when flowers were blossoming, and birds were chirping, I decided to reorganize my house with a little Feng Shui. I loved the results!

You must be wondering what on earth is this Feng Shui…

Is it some sort of magic spell? No!
Is it something supernatural? Not at all!

It is simply a ‘balancing system’ that involves positioning yourself and objects around you within a harmonious space. Feng Shui is a Chinese metaphysical and quasi-philosophical system which is being practiced for thousands of centuries. Just like yoga, it has numerous benefits for our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

In English, Feng means wind and Shui means water. The philosophy is based on the principles of Qi, Yin and Yang, and Bagua theories. It will help you tone down the crazy in your life, bring balance in your relationships and boost your confidence.

Since five is an auspicious number for me in Feng Shui, I will share five basic tips to bring the revitalizing wind and water into your life style!

1. Reorganize Yourself and Your Space – Remember Who You Are

We have such busy lives that we tend to forget what we yearn to do. Perhaps you had dreamed about becoming a pianist, but all that ‘money programming’ took you on a different path. I won’t tell you to put a giant piano in your living room, because that won’t be convenient, but infuse your house with little reminders that relate to your personal style.

Clear up clutter to unblock ‘the path of resilience’, get expressive art that acts as an energetic fuel, ditch toxic people who drain you and make you feel bad, and brighten up your surroundings. These simple steps will make a difference and help you manifest your dreams.

2. Discover Your Feng Shui Birth Element

Find out your feng shui birth element and use it to strengthen and nourish yourself and your environment. For instance, my birth element is metal. According to feng shui, white and metallic colors are best for me. Introducing such colors around me helped me align my life. Although I love bright hues, there is a certain calmness and purity associated with white color that instantly brings peace to the setting.

I decorated West, Northwest, and North areas of my house with circular items with metallic finish. I used white pillows, gray rugs, and metal frames to balance the other colors in the house. The result was an open, clutter free space with just a right dose of warmth. Decorating your personal space according to your birth element will help you focus and maintain your peace of mind. Are you fire, water, wood, earth, or metal? Find out!

3. Value Your Time, Be Efficient

Most of the time, our mind is on pending tasks and monotonous chores. We hardly get to spend quality time with our own selves. In feng shui, using time wisely has a great importance. Stop procrastinating and do what you can do today instead of putting it on tomorrow. Delaying things tend to drain you out of your energy. Organize your life and spend some stress-free time with yourself.

At work, take some time to clear your desk of things you don’t need. Try to do things by following a schedule. If you tend to come late, work on being punctual. Arrive early and go back on time. Lastly, put up a framed photo of your loved ones or a cherished memento as a reminder. The steps are simple and only requires a small effort from your side. Follow them and you will see a positive change in your lifestyle.

4. Introduce Nature and Outdoor in Your Life

Feng Shui is directly linked to open spaces and nature. The principle is based on Tao, a concept that defines our connection to the surrounding nature. Tao creates a strong feeling of awakening – it is the calm you feel when you take a stroll under the clear morning sky and it is the enthralment when you hit the waves at the seashore. Through Tao, feng shui connects you to the earth. It is hard to find nature in our urbanized surroundings. It’s all right though. You don’t have to move to a countryside to access a serene landscape right outside your home.

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To introduce Tao in your life, begin with basic steps. Put up succulent plants indoors, place clay pots on a window sill, create a small-scale herb garden and sprinkle some seashells in a decorative bowl. If you are used to stay indoors most of the times, try to spend some time outdoors. Make a sand castle on the beach, read a book in a park, build a snowman with kids, and enjoy the light drizzle on your face.

5. You Are What You Eat

Do you often grab a coffee for breakfast and eat a stale sandwich for dinner? In a rush, we eat whatever we get our hands on, or worse, we don’t eat at all. Following feng shui means taking care of your eating habits. That means less frozen pizzas, guys! To feng shui your food, you need to have a proper, well-balanced diet enriched with nutrients. Your plate should have all the five elements – metal, wood, fire, earth, and water.

  • Metal, associated with color white and autumn, affects lungs. Food items that smell pungent and are colored white, such as onions, represent metal.
  • Wood represents spring and leafy vegetables. It is the element that impacts your liver.
  • To introduce fire in your plate, try to eat bitter food like sprouts to cleanse your heart and cardiovascular system.
  • Water represents black and the season of winter. Incorporate sea food and salty items in your diet to improve the health of your kidneys.
  • Earth, associated with yellow and summer, affects your spleen and pancreas. Add root vegetables in your diet like sweet potatoes and yams.

Once you start eating a well-balanced diet, your body and mind will be nourished. Adopting a healthy habit will make you feel more in control, and hence leading to stability.

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Feng shui your life with these simple steps! Try to declutter your surroundings and organize yourself. Work on your relationships and try to follow your dreams. Once you begin to follow the basic rules, you will notice a certain tranquility that envelopes you.

As for me, my life has seen positive changes since I incorporated the Chinese philosophy. I am calmer and patient, and handle stress way better than before. I am surrounded by happy thoughts (well, mostly!) and people who truly care for me. The best part is that I have learned to reach work on time. You won’t see me running to catch a bus anymore!