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Li-ling Ooi

Co-founder, editor and author at Colour My Living, Li-ling has a strong passion for creating good content on all things that spark her interest from the kitchen to the outdoors. In her spare time, she is an avid reader and a fan of inspirational talks and videos. She also loves checking out what’s new and shiny on the Internet and sharing it with readers.

Where the kitchen is concerned she is always ready for a challenge, be it to prepare a traditional dish from Penang (where she is originally from) or whip up a healthy portion of her family’s favourite coconut caramel jam. Nothing excites her more than being able to enjoy those dishes with her family. The feeling is one of accomplishment.

Her other passion is to share her knowledge and experience on how one can go about feeling better about themselves and the way they feel about money. These are presented in everyday sound bites, inspirational presentation videos, on the internet as blog posts and in her e-book available from our sister site.

With Sam, her husband and Georgia, their 11-year old daughter, they enjoy travelling and sight seeing, trotting around Europe and Asia.