12 Amazingly Inspiring DIY Room Decor Ideas for Teens

When I was a child, my room was several shades of dusty pink which I abhorred. It was my grandma who chose the color pallet when she was still around. The rose-colored wall, the tinted windows, the stuffy polka-dot bedding, the mauve curtains… It should have been pretty cute, but it reeked of niminy-piminy ladylike vibes.

Surrounded by 50 shades of pink, I felt suffocated. Needless to say, it took years of begging and tears to convince my parent to remodel my room. I was over the moon when they finally agreed. From what seemed like the kingdom of unicorns and fairies, my room was transformed into an airy, well-lit space with subtle tones of purple. I could breathe! I didn’t have the luxury of Pinterest to rescue me then, but DIY ideas were a big help. It saved a lot of money and allowed me experiment.

Inspiring DIY Decoration Ideas For Your Teens

If you are a teen stuck in a room suitable for a cartoon character or simply want to jazz things up, let your creative juices flow and checkout these amazing DIY decor ideas.

1. Color Up the Door

Decorate the Doors
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I guess it is no longer cool to hang a ‘Stay OUT of My Room’ sign on your door. It never worked anyway. Siblings and parents would still barge in whenever they felt like it. If you want to brighten up your room, why don’t you start with the entrance? You can make a statement without coming off as arrogant. With the help of some tapes and stickers, you can redo your bedroom door!

Washi tapes have to be the best thing that ever been invented. Available in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, they truly make DIY tasks enjoyable. To decorate your door with tapes, you will need a scale and lots of patience. You don’t want to mess up the alignments. Check out this neat DIY door project at I Spy DIY. You can go for any color or pattern you like.

Here are exciting washi tapes we found on Amazon:

2. A Vibrant Geometric Headboard

Designer Head Board from akailochiclife
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If you have a thing for geometric shapes, you will love this gorgeous project. Say goodbye to the plain old wall behind your bed and color it up in a unique way. Take 1/2 and 1-inch thick foam sheets and cut them into various shapes including arrow heads, polygons, and triangles. Keep the sizes random. Apply Smooth Finish over the foams to smoothen the surfaces. When the coating is dry, apply acrylic paints. Stick the shapes on the wall with the help of mounting shape. The end-result is a fantastic burst of colors. You can opt for rainbow colors or stick to a single-color pallet. You can read the complete tutorial at akailochiclife.

You can find multipack foam sheets for crafts in various colours on Amazon. Here are some that we found.

3. Easy Peasy Picture Wall

Decal Photo Frames from Washi Tapes
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When my cousin left for college, she had a hard time adjusting initially. Homesick and tired of the new routine, she felt as if she was burning out. In a few weeks, she settled in, bought some furnishings, and created a picture wall. She said it made her dorm room homely. If you are planning to have a snazzy picture wall in your room or in your dorm, you may want to think about DIY tape frames. Yes, Washi tapes to the rescue again!

Remove your favourite family pictures from the album, take a Polaroid selfie with your friends, cut out magazine clippings or print your favorite quotes, and simply paste it on the wall with Washi tapes. It is surprisingly chic and cheap! And hey, no more filling up holes and marks left by drilled nails when you move out! Designsponge did it and it looks insanely cute!

You can also find wall decals to go with the frames or ready made frame stickers or even make your own family tree, just some of the many ideas to spice up your very own picture wall.

4. DIY Skateboard Shelves

Skateboard shelves
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Do you love skateboarding and can’t live a day without it? Bring it in to your room! Prop up skateboard shelves and make your room stand out. Trust me, your friends will love it! Buy four mini skateboards and drill them into the wall with L-brackets. That’s it!

Next thing to do is to place your things on your brand-new shelves. Put framed pictures, books, and action figures. Depending upon your style, you can go for solid colors or a bright printed version for a pop of color. Check out the awesome tutorial at Jenna Burger.

For this, you are going to need a few skate boards. A mixture of big and small state boards would be ideal just to randomize things a bit. This idea also works for young adults wanting to add a twist to their standard wall shelves. Instead of using colourful, plastic of designer boards, consider plain bamboo skateboard decks in natural finish.

5. Stuffed Shirt Cushions

Turn old shirts into pillow or cushion cases
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If you are in a baseball team or cheer-leading squad, you must have some old team shirts, jerseys and jackets lying around. You can recycle them into neat cushions or pillows! All you need is a few needles and thread, cushion stuffing, shirts, and basic sewing skills. If you don’t know how to sew, you can either ask your mom to help you out or check tutorials on YouTube.

Sweet Bee Buzz has an excellent post that explains how to sew a shirt on to the cushion without losing its shape. Style up your man-cave or femme den with personalized cushions.

6. DIY Basketball Themed Trash Can

Turn Waste Paper Basket into Basket Ball Hoop
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Did you know that your trashcan can make a statement too? If you are a die-hard fan of basketball, you will love this nifty DIY decor idea. Most of the times, we ignore the dustbin and it sadly sits in a dreary corner. Well, not anymore.

Groovy Kids Gear has the perfect idea to jazz up your dustbin. Get a mesh net, orange tape and a stainless-steel trashcan. Wrap the mesh net around the trashcan with the orange tape and voila! Your customized basketball bin is ready. Mind you, don’t throw balls in it. It is only for trash!


7. Potted Air Plants

Air Plant Wall Pots
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Plants and a cheerful splash of color – What more do you need to brighten the ambiance? It is perfect for teens who want to stay connected with nature while keeping the cool vibes on. Grab some air-dry clay and mold it into a shape of pot.

When it is dry, apply acrylic paint over it. You can paint patterns, shapes or keep it plain. Put air plants in each pot and place it in your room. Remember to take care of your plants. They don’t need soil to thrive, but they still need an occasional spray of water.

Here are some air plant wall pot ideas to spark your creativity.

Air Plant Wall Pot
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You can also find air dry modelling clays in different assorted colours so you don’t have to paint the finished product. These clay comes either in resealable pots or bags and will harden if left out so be sure to put the lid on or put them in zip lock backs and store them in a cold place away from sun light when not in use.

8. Graffiti Wall

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If you wish to add a bit of edge in your bedroom and you are good with drawing, a graffiti can work wonders. Draw with a pencil and outline it with a marker. Once you are satisfied with the final drawing, color it up with spray paints.

It is a slow task and requires a lot of effort and patience. However, the end result is awesome. The street cred will spice up the room and makes it the hot spot for hangouts. Besides the graffiti, you can also spray-paint the shelves with metallic paint and place a guitar or other memorabilia on it if you are into music.

9. Wrench Hangers

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Why would anyone want boring old coat hooks when you can have groovy hooks made from actual wrenches! They are simple enough to create. Heat the wrenches to soften them and bend them in hook shape. Hammer them onto the wall with nails and hang your jackets and coats away. To bend the metal, you can follow the tutorial online.

Please take the necessary precautions, wear heat proof aprons, goggles and masks as well as heat proof gloves when working with fire. When hammering heated metal, they can sometimes let out sparks of fire, be sure to have the necessary protection and allow plenty of room around your workspace.

10. DIY Pom Pom Rug

How to make your own pom pom rug
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Girl, you are going to love it! If you adore rainbows and butterflies, the pom pom rug is just the right thing for your room. The huge, soft rug is what you want to be greeted with when you enter your room. Live Colorful has a great tutorial which can guide you on how to sew your own pom pom rug. You need to buy hundreds of multi-colored pom-poms, a solid-colored fabric, and some threads and needles. Cut the fabric into a large circle and sew the pom poms over it. Throw the rug anywhere in the room and enjoy the rainbow colors.

For even more inspiration with Pom-Poms, see below.

11. Fairy Lights on Ceiling

For sparkles, twinkles, and coziness, make your own night sky and transform your room into a stunning night sky at bedtime. It is quite simple – place some nails or pegs on the walls and tie a few strings of battery-operated fairy lights across the ceiling. Change into your best PJs, turn the lights off, and switch on the fairy light. You will be amazed how dreamy your room looks!

Fairy Light Ceiling
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12. Whiteboard Wall

If you love to-do-lists and always want to stay up to the minute, create a whiteboard wall in your bedroom. Paint one wall or a corner of your room with whiteboard paint, also known as ‘dry erase’, and you have your own noticeboard which you can revamp whenever you want! Make lists, doodle and whatever you fancy. When you need a change, erase it, and draw something else!

Whiteboard or Dry Erase Wall
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If you want to revamp your room, DIY projects can do wonders! At first, it may seem difficult but once you get started, you realize it was well worth it. Don’t stay stuck in a room you don’t belong it. Make your mark and design it to your liking without running out of your pocket money.

For your whiteboard wall, you can choose from one of the following options we found on Amazon. You can even turn your entire wall into a magnetic whiteboard with magnetic primer or undercoat and dry-erase paint from Smarter Surface. These are available as a kit. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, pick-up a self adhesive whiteboard decal. Again, you can also get self-adhesive magnetic whiteboard decals for a bit more money.