Storage Solutions for a Clutter Free Bedroom: steps to keep your sleeping pad tidy

Looking for ways to keep your bedroom tidy and clutter free, use these 9 fresh ideas to declutter your bedroom and create more space.

1. Colour & Surfaces

If you have a small bedroom, use white or shades of white on the walls and the storage cupboards. Matching the colours of the walls and wardrobe especially white, makes the surfaces of the room look seamless.This adds a sense of spaciousness to any room no matter the size. Allow plenty of natural light in to keep the room bright and airy. Keep photos and pictures or painting to a minimum especially those hung on the wall. Also consider full height wardrobe with mirrors for doors.

White Bedroom
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2. Custom Built Hidden Storage

From raised platforms, eaves and storage headboards to over head cupboards; hidden storage can be designed into bespoke surfaces and structure. Platform and steps can double as storage, increasing the storage capacity especially when constructed to cover a big portion of the floor space. When you have a platform, there is no need for a bed frame as one can simply put the mattress on top of the platform. To access the storage space within the platform, either a hatch door on the platform surface or drawers along the steps can be used.

Platform Bed With Storage
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Keep anything and everything out of sight with custom made hidden storage leaving the bedroom completely clutter free for a totally minimalistic space. Immerse yourself in a zen like environment and enjoy a peaceful sleep every time.

3. Storage Furniture

Ottoman beds or divan beds with drawers are great storage solutions for things that you seldom need or use. Large furniture like a bed frame has a huge cavity inside which would otherwise go to waste. Using an ottoman storage bed instead of standard bed frame lets you stash things away even bulking items like luggage bags and winter duvet and jackets. Remember, only use these storage for occasional use items. Other furniture with storage includes foot stools, side tables and bed-end bench.

Grey Ottoman Storage Bed
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4. Walk-in Wardrobe

Splitroom Walk-in Wardrobe
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If space is not an issue, and you have plenty in the bedroom, consider splitting the room up to create a separate walk-in wardrobe. This could also be a spare room next to the bedroom that you don’t need. With clever layout change, the spare room can be turned into a walk-in closet with two rows of cabinets and open wardrobe along the opposite walls. Keep the path in the middle clear and a mirror at the end of the pathway for dressing or as a catwalk for one.

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Walk-in wardrobe is definitely a luxury and the best way to keep all your clothes, bags, shoes and accessories separate and away from the bedroom. Use open shelves, drawers, hangers, glass shelves, baskets and storage systems for clothes, footwear and accessories to keep everything organised.

5. Fitted Wardrobe

Custom built fitted wardrobe that cover the length of a wall in your bedroom from floor to ceiling offers the best use of space and the biggest amount of storage. This allows it to swallow almost anything from clothes and accessories to extra bedding and more.

Choose an interior bedroom wall that has no windows and preferably no doors, fittings or air conditioning unit. This will be your ideal space for a full length built-in fitted wardrobe. While custom fitted wardrobe costs more, it will fully utilise the available space and can take on any layout. This includes tricky corners, tight spaces and odd shapes like under-stairs or loft roof.

Full Wall Fitted Wardrobe
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For compact spaces, use the full length fitted wardrobe as a feature wall. You can even design it with concealed cabinets, media console and mounted large screen television. Having it custom built means the wardrobe can be personalised with units that will cater to your needs.

6. Floor to Ceiling Ready Wardrobe

As with built-in wardrobe, you might, with a bit of time and research find suitable flat pack solutions to design your own floor to ceiling wardrobe. We found a combination of IKEA Besta and IKEA Pax wardrobes to be super efficient for small bedrooms. The right units with varying unit depths can maximise the use of the limited floor space in a small room. Standard units are cheaper compared to built-in wardrobe. Choose from available colour and finish options for the colour scheme to suit.

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Ensuring that the units are full height, from floor to ceiling be it custom built or ready wardrobe not only maximises the storage space but creates a sense of space in the room. Once assembled, the linear lines on the wardrobe becomes part of the room and makes the room feel roomier.

7. Ready Made Wardrobe

For an even cheaper solution, choose a ready a made wardrobe but be sure to find the highest possible units to take advantage of the room height. Fill the rest of the space between the wardrobe and the ceiling with storage boxes for extra storage. Off the shelf store-bought wardrobe are designed as standalone units.

While they may not offer as much storage as other solutions listed here, but they are available in all manner of design, style, sizes and colours. Moreover, being free standing also means the wardrobe can be rearranged and moved as they are not fixed to suit the interior space or as a refresh.

Ready Wardrobe
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8. Wall-mounted Storage & Shelves

Another way to increase storage space is to have wall mounted storage. This could be overhead storage above and around the headboard or cabinets and shelves above the door or window. They provide extra storage and surfaces to keep all your bedtime essentials. You can even use the wall-mounted storage for books, accessories and trinkets.

wall mounted storage
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9. Modular Blocks & Interior Organisers

Don’t just get a standard wardrobe, consider a modular solution where you get to decide what goes where. Take the time to customise your wardrobe layout if you are considering a bespoke wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe or wall-to-ceiling ready wardrobe. There are plenty of storage solutions to choose from when putting together your personalised modular blocks.

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Configure anything from shelves to drawers to hanging rails, right down to laundry basket and accessories tray to take organisation of your storage to the next level. Other interior organisers include stackable boxes, trouser hanging rack, dress hangers, shoe holders, basket drawers, hanging pockets and glass shelves. These help keep every clothing item and accessories in order.

If you have other storage solutions for the bedroom, we would love to hear from you. Please leave your recommendations in the comment section below to share with our readers.