Turboant X7 Pro Electric Scooter for Adults: e-scooters with style & attitude

The debate over e-scooters and whether they are beneficial or detrimental to the community at large has been bubbling just under the surface over the past couple of years. Largely quoted as an incentive for that ‘last mile commute’, scooter rentals have become prominent in places with sunny weather although the antagonism against them has been unduly harsh.

Yet having seen several versions of the Xiaomi electric scooter out and about here in the UK, we observed the speed and ease with which their riders maneuvered. And we were curious. Were all adult electric scooters equivalent?

With Turboant X7 Pro, the company has taken everything in the Turboant X7 and given it a boost. The X7 Pro comes with a larger battery for range, bigger 10-inch pneumatic tyres for smoother ride and a whole lot more fun. In this article, we take a closer look at the adult electric scooter that has changed the way we think about e-scooters.

The Beginnings of Electric Scooters

Not that long ago, electric two wheel kick scooters were made exclusively for children with a short range of under 10 miles and batteries that took seemingly forever to charge up. Early versions of the adult e-scooters too were plagued with issues such as bumpy rides, limited range and slow speed. For example, an entry level e-scooter typically has a range of around 11 miles with a maximum speed of up to 14 mph and has small 6.0-inch wheels. As with all things, the range and speed of these e-scooters have improved over time and the Turboant X7 Pro is the direct product of such development.

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Turboant X7 Pro in Action

Bigger and Better, Faster and Longer

How does the Turboant X7 Pro compare to its smaller sibling, the Turboant X7? For start, the tyres. The Turboant X7 Pro comes with 10-inch tubed pneumatic tyres. These are bigger than the 8.5-inch tubeless pneumatic tyres used on the Turboant X7. In fact, it is the biggest we have seen on an e-scooter. Bigger tyres mean a smoother ride, being better at rolling over bumps, dips and cracks. And Turboant’s choice of pneumatic over solid tyres means better shock absorption. It may require topping up with air once in a while, but in the long run, we believe it will be worth it. Rolling over bumps and riding on gravel will ultimately feel smoother.

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Turboant X7 on Amazon

Next, we look at the speed. The Turboant X7 Pro is powered by the same 350W motor found on the Turboant X7. It goes without saying that the Turboant X7 Pro is fast, faster than its competitors’  whom are largely still using 250W and 300W motors. Here, you see an increase in speed by as much as 4.5mph for a top speed of 20mph. The average speed of today’s e-scooters are around 12 – 15.5mph.

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Turboant X7 Pro on Amazon

But what use is speed if battery capacity is limited? Not with the Turboant X7 Pro. It comes with a bigger 10Ah capacity battery compared to 6.4Ah on the Turboant X7. That is enough to cover a longer range of up to 30 miles, almost double that of Turboant X7’s 16 miles. For an easy comparison between both e-scooters from Turboant, refer to table below.

Turboant X7Turboant X7 Pro
Top Speed20 mph20 mph
Max. Range16 miles30 miles
Charging Time4-6 hours6 hours
Tyres8.5-inch tubeless pneumatic10-inch tubed pneumatic
Battery Capacity6.4Ah10Ah
Cruise ControlYes

Table comparing Turboant X7 and Turboant X7 Pro

Turboant X7 Pro Electric Scooter In-Depth Review

The Turboant X7 Pro electric scooter for adults is one of the best e-scooters around with plenty of design appeal. We take a closer look at aspects of the scooter that stand out to us and what we think could be better.

1. Design

As always, first impressions are everything, and it is safe to say that right from the start, the unboxing, the setting up, charging and our test ride, we have been nothing but impressed with the Turboant X7 Pro. The build quality is great. Out of the box, you can immediately see that this is a high quality product. The attention to detail is amazing.

Every screw is seated properly, the folding joints on the stem come together seamlessly with no uneven gaps, lines are clean and even the removable battery gives a satisfying click when seated in place. Our only slight niggle is, during unboxing we noticed one end of the front reflector sticker hanging out. This was quickly resolved by aligning and smoothing out the sticker back in place.

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Turboant X7 Pro Front Wheel and Folding Mechanism

There are no exposed welded joints with uneven and bumpy metalwork. Where the base or deck connects to the stem, you find a smooth joint that follows the curves of the front tyre expanding to accommodate the wiring and contacts for the front wheel drive electric motor, see picture above. This is a stark contrast to the typical pipe and tubular frame designs employed by the competitors. Sometimes. anchored joints held by bolts and nuts are used, nowhere as elegant as the Turboant X7 Pro, see images below.

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Welded Joints with Rough Weld Metal Surface

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Nuts and Bolts Anchored Joints both Static and Foldable

Assembly is required when you first get the e-scooter. Unlock the stem by pressing down on the mudguard, raise it to upright position and then lift the stem folding quick release spanner to lock it in place. Secure the spanner by rotating the stem safety latch. Use the included M6 hexagon wrench to fix the brake lever. It is important to keep the brake lever secure. Next, screw on the handles. Keep the M6 hexagon wrench handy as you will need this to tighten the stem folding spanner if and when it comes loose.

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Turboant X7 Pro Front Wheel and Electric Motor

2. Performance

With a powerful 36V electric motor producing an output of 350W, the Turboant X7 Pro stands out again from the competitors who use mainly 250W and 300W electric motors. This translates to an increased top speed of up to 20mph while other e-scooters can only reach a maximum of 15.5mph. We tried the three different speed settings. It works a treat with every step up, you can really feel the power coming from the motor.

With each increment in speed from low, to medium to sport, we can feel the increase in torque and the motor pulling its weight effortlessly on a flat path. Try the sports mode, we dare you to! Find a long, dry, flat and open path with nobody around. Be sure you have your helmet, knee and elbow pads on. Jump on the scooter and ride it at top speed. It will certainly give you an adrenalin rush.

Although 20mph is nothing compared to racing electric scooter speeds of 60mph, compared to walking, 20mph feels like flying. Just be prepared to have enough stopping distance if you do attempt to reach the top speed. As each speed setting also limits the top speed, you will need the sports mode to reach 20mph. The other settings are beginner’s mode at 6mph and normal or eco mode at 10mph.

Changes to settings are carried out using the function button with the digital LED screen on the top of the stem showing you the speed mode, travelling speed, battery level and other status.

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Turboant X7 Pro Charger and Removable Battery Pack

3. Location of Battery & Charging

The other thing that makes the Turboant X7 Pro stand out from other e-scooters in its class is the location of its battery pack. Most manufacturers including Xiaomi, Razor and Segway Ninebot place their batteries underneath the deck or base close to the ground.

Turboant on the other hand has decided to mount their battery pack into the stem. In the case of Turboant X7 Pro, this is slotted partway into an opening lengthwise on a chunky solid metal stem. The high-capacity battery is just too big to fit into the stem like the Turboant X7. With the battery positioned in the stem, this leaves plenty of ground clearance under the deck, as much as 4.5-inch, making it easier to go over bumps and uneven ground. This is certainly one thing less to worry about when you’re riding over puddles or larger bumps and potholes.

To fully charge the battery, connect charging adapter to the battery’s charging port. You can do this while the battery is installed on the scooter or removed from the scooter. This again is a useful feature when you need to swap out the depleted battery and leave it charging at home. Just make sure that the charging port on the battery is dry and free of dust before connecting the charging adapter. More on this later.

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Turboant X7 Pro Battery Charging Port and Connector

4. Range

While the range on a fully charged e-scooter is affected by many factors, the Turboant X7 Pro is still one of the best performing e-scooters around, offering a maximum range of 30 miles. This is thanks to its huge battery pack. In actual use there are many conditions that can affect its range. These include temperature, road conditions, user’s weight, driving mode, wind and tyre pressure. To understand how the 30 miles is derived, Turboant explains that the mileage test is carried out under the following conditions:

  • fully charged battery
  • speed level set to medium
  • temperature of 25 degree Celsius
  • 70% humidity
  • dry and flat road
  • tyre pressure at 34.8 psi (240kPa)
  • Users weight at 75kg (165lbs)

5. Removable and Replaceable Battery Pack

Another first from Turboant, their e-scooter battery packs are removable and can be charged either on the scooter or separately. This also means they can be replaced or swapped out when depleted. Turboant sells battery packs for both Turboant X7 and Turboant X7 Pro which you can buy as spare or as a replacement. If you are a heavy user, you might consider having a spare battery pack swapping out in the middle of the day to continue your journey.

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Turboant X7 Pro Unlock Removable Battery

These lithium-ion batteries have a fixed lifespan and is affected by the charge and discharge cycle. Performance is believed to naturally degrade after 500 charge/discharge cycles. This means it will hold less and less charge with every use, with battery life decreasing over time. Knowing that you can replace the battery when it has run its course means you can continue to use the e-scooter beyond the life of its battery. We haven’t come across any e-scooters with detachable battery pack.

6. Safety Features: False Start Prevention, Triple Braking System, Lights

There are many thoughtful safety features on board the Turboant X7 Pro. The motor on the e-scooter only starts working from 1.9 miles minimum speed. This means you have to kick-off manually then engage the throttle for the electric motor to come alive. This is to stop the scooter from shooting off from standstill when someone accidentally presses the throttle. Which, being red is really attractive and easy to do. I, for one tried this numerous times before reading the manual.

Next, we have a triple braking system. Two physical brakes are used on the rear wheel, one activated by depressing the brake lever on the left handlebar. That in turn applies the pressure on the ventilated disc brake on the rear wheel. The other is a foot brake. To apply this, rest your foot on the rear mudguard, it acts as a brake lever to apply pressure to the rear wheel to slow down or stop the scooter. The third brake is within the front wheel, built into the motor. Known as an Electronic Braking System, it is similar to the aggressive braking on today’s electrical cars. To trigger this, one just has to let off on the throttle, use the brake lever and the motor will cut off and apply pressure to slow down the front wheel. Together it can achieve a braking distance as short as 16.4 feet or 5m.

Finally, there is the powerful 3W LED headlight and rear taillight one blinking brake lights for riding in the night. The latter comes on as and when you brake, with or without the headlight switched on. The front beam is strong enough to light your path in the dark. To activate this, press the function button twice rapidly and twice again to turn it off. If you need to warn others of your approach, use the bell near the brake lever.

7. IPX Rated

We would advise against riding this scooter in the rain. Firstly, it is not safe, particularly in the wet and windy English weather and especially in the dark winter evenings. But if you are caught in the rain, the Turboant 7 Pro is IP4 rated, which means it will survive splashing water from any direction. Be sure to keep water away from the charging port of the battery by securing it with the cover and make sure not to remove the battery in the rain. This would certainly expose the contacts inside the stem to water.

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Turboant X7 Pro Folded E-Scooter

8. Ease of Folding and Storage

I have to admit that this is by no means a small e-scooter. The dimensions correspond to what you would expect a full size adult kick scooter to be. But, those 10-inch wheels makes it taller and bulkier. Still, it will fit in the boot of a small sedan or a hatchback. If you compare the size of the Turboant X7 Pro to the Turboant X7, you will see slightly bigger dimensions in length and height.

Turboant X7 Pro

  • Unfolded Size: 42.6 × 16.5 × 46.7 in (1083 × 420 × 1186 mm)
  • Folded Size: 42.6 × 16.5 × 18.1 in (1083 × 420 × 460 mm)

Turboant X7

  • Unfolded Size: 41.6 × 16.5 × 45.9 in (1056 × 420 × 1166 mm)
  • Folded Size: 41.6 × 16.5 × 17.7 in (1056 × 420 × 450 mm)

Folding down the scooter is a three step process. Unlock the stem safety latch and unfold the stem’s quick open spanner. Then drop the stem down until the hook catches onto the rear mudguard. That’s it. The Turboant X7 Pro will stay folded so you just need to lift it up by the stem.

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Turboant X7 Pro Hooked on Mudguard

To unfold, push the mudguard down to release the hook on the stem. Lift the stem to its upright position, making sure that the quick release spanner is completely unfolded. Now, fold the spanner to lock the stem in place and use the safety latch.

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Turboant X7 Pro Folded and Lifted

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits for choosing the Turboant X7 Pro e-scooter. This ranges from the design to longer travelling distance per charge, to the smoother rides with the larger pneumatic wheels. We love how clean and well thought out the design is and the safety features it comes with.

But there are some downsides that we cannot ignore. Namely, the battery. This protrudes out of the stem making it look a bit out of place. Like the Turboant X7, this could be designed to fit inside a wider stem with more volume inside, keeping the battery completely shielded from the elements.

The other thing we think might be improved are the handles. Both handle bars are screwed on and can be removed, but it would be great if they can be folded in easily. This would help to keep the folded dimensions even smaller, although stability may be compromised.

What would also be great would be an included carry case, carry handle or strap. That would make carrying and transporting the e-scooter significantly easier. At 15kg, it is not much heavier compared to other e-scooters in its class. The Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 weighs 14.2kg, although the Turboant X7 Pro is considerably bulkier with its 10-inch wheels. Anything that can help commuters in between transport modes would always be welcome.

Lastly, while not strictly necessary, Bluetooth connectivity and an app access would be icing on the cake. To be able to record things like distance travelled, speed, time, charge remaining, distance since last charged as well as to control some settings would be useful. Many premium e-scooters do have this facility, with the Turboant X7 Pro being right up there, we would have expected app connectivity to be available.

All in all, we are impressed with the Turboant X7 Pro and definitely think it’s a serious contender if you’re looking for an adult electric scooter.