5 Simple Gorgeous Ideas for Bay Windows

That slight curvature in the living room or bedroom wall, that houses a spectacular window often calls out to be filled and furnished with thought and care. Whether or not your bay window has a view does not detract from the fact that it is a gorgeous space that needs to be appropriately furnished.

Most rooms in classic configurations simply require furniture arranged around a centrepiece, typically the coffee table, or a focal point, either a television or a fireplace. In rooms with a bay window however, there is another built-in element to consider.

It’s possible to simply, ignore this outpost and lay out the furniture traditionally, without making use of the space offered by the bay window, however, if you’d like some ideas on how to furnish your bay window, we have some gorgeous suggestions for you in this post.

1. The Classic

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The classic treatment for bay windows has always veered towards fitting in a boxed window seat, often complete with storage. It’s a perhaps go-to place to stop for some quiet and hidden storage is always a bonus isn’t it?

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Even without storage, the custom built seating allows you to maximise the use of the space while ensuring the best comfortable seating.

2. Ready for Tea

A cosy nook with comfortable lounge seating and a beautiful tea table is a perfect solution for alternative seating in the living room with a bay window. Of course, consideration needs to be given to how large or small the chairs need to be to fit comfortably in to this space.

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This is perfect for entertaining or as additional seating in the living room for visitors.

3. Dining Area

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If your kitchen or dining area happens to have a bay window, then a really good way to optimise the space would be to use it as part of your dining area. This works particularly well if you already have some built in window seats that can be called in to increase seating options. This also allow those seated at the dining table, access to your views through the window.

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4. A Desk With a View

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If you work from home, the bay window becomes a very appealing place to site your desk, especially if you look out on to a view. Being able to take a break simply by looking up and out, is a great way to rejuvenate, from the demanding tasks at hand. If it is big enough, it can even have two or more seats.

Bay Window Work Desk
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5. Make it the Centrepiece

While living rooms tend to be dominated by a large sofa, or even the TV, adjusting the topography of the room to make the bay window the centre piece ensures that a visitor’s eye is drawn towards a picture framed by the bay window – a canvas of the world outside.

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These are just some creative ideas for furnishing a bay window, of course, if yours looks out over a great view, it may be that leaving it solely as a window would frame and focus the view even more effectively.

Ultimately make the space yours, own it, make it somewhere that lifts your heart whenever you look at it.