Top 5 Favourite Rose-scented Candles

There is something especially comforting and calming about scented candles as they are lit and infuse the environment. I personally adore rose scented ones, in part because they remind me of the beautiful blooms of one of my favourite flowers, but also because it reminds me of the warm British summers, when rose blossoms are at their peak and their scents are carried across unimaginable distances.

In my quest to recreate and evoke these emotions within our home, I have come across a significant number of rose-scented candles. While they are not all created equal, without a doubt, much of it is down to personal preference.

Which Rose-scented Candle is Best?

The list below are my favourites… So which rose-scented candle would you buy?

1. Jo Malone Red Roses Home Candle

It is unlikely that you will find anything more luxurious that Jo Malone’s scented candles, represented both in it’s cost and it’s packaging. While truly a ‘spoil yourself’ purchase, Red Roses does indeed present itself as the cream of all rose-scented votives.

Also consider: Red Roses Travel Candle

2. Yankee Candle’s Fresh Cut Roses [OUR FAVOURITE]

Fresh Cut Roses is the newer of the two Yankee candle rose-scented options. It is very slightly lighter and fresher, with a tiny hint of the greenness that one can make out. As to be expected of all Yankee’s offerings, it is a worth-while buy and only needs to be lit for a relatively short amount of time for the scent to diffuse throughout a medium sized room.

3. Yankee Candle’s True Rose

True Rose is the original Yankee offering of rose scents. It is a deep heady scent, that reminds you of how a huge bouquet of valentine’s red roses ought to smell like (except of  course, most commercial roses these days have no scent).

It is in a way a ’truer’ scent than that of Fresh Cut Roses, but there’s not much to choose between them.

4. Prices Patent Candles Tea Rose Scented Lantern

Prices candles are the grand old dame of candles and it is no wonder that they make the list here. While certainly not a strong in scent as the others on this list, it does manage to hold it’s own in a small space.

It is without a doubt one of the better value for money offerings.

5. Lily Flame  Scented Candle in Tin – Rose Petals/Pink

While I’ve always been intrigued by Lily Flame candles, I must admit that I have not been a huge fan, in part because I find it ‘straight out of the tin’ over-powering. The Rose Petals is no exception, with it’s strong heady aroma, the good news is that it does tend to disperse somewhat after the initial burning.

In conclusion, if you like me are a fan of Rose-scented Candles, you will undoubtedly find that there is quite a large variety to choose from. Ultimately though, I am sure you will agree, it is simply down to personal preference.

If there are any I have missed, that you think ought to be added to the list, please do let us know in the comments below.