Medium & Small Home Office Set Ups: Turn the balcony or a small space into a work from home corner

Running out of space in your apartment for a home office, convert your balcony or small space into a workspace with dedicated work desk, shelves and cabinets. Get your inspiration from our list of some of the best home office set-ups.

When you are in a small apartment, be clever with the space you have. Make the most of all the nooks and crannies, alcoves and corners, even the cupboard. Get clever with living tiny. We divide our list of Home Office Set Up into Medium and Small. Depending on the space you have to work with, pick the best office set up to suit you.

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49 Medium and Small Home Office Set Ups

We present a total of 49 different medium to small home office ideas. Designs that will get you excited and inspired to build your own home office.

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22 Medium Home Office Set Up Ideas

If you are fortunate to be living in a big apartment and have more room to spare, try our medium home office set up. By room we don’t mean taking up a spare room. Although if you have one of those, it wouldn’t hurt. We still insist that you want to be clever with the extra space you have, making the rooms dual use. This might be a corner in the living room, dining or bedrooms or even an alcove or storage cupboard.

We also have a handful of balcony conversions, medium-sized balconies that have been turned into offices and workrooms. These not only offer you a great view from your apartment where you work but plenty of light and air, if you open the windows. Use heavy drapes or blinds to cut out the light if it gets too much. Also, think about air conditioning or heating for the summer or winter seasons.

Here are twenty-two medium home office design ideas.

Medium Balcony Glass Worktop Big Table Overhanging Floor Lamp Open Shelves
Medium Balcony Conversion Modern Work Desk with Drawers Chair Blush Pink Hanging Cabinet Designer Chair
Medium Balcony Office with Master High Back Arm Chair Floating Cabinet Feature Wall Custom Hanging Cabinet and Drawer Set Swivel Table Design
Medium Balcony Home Office Minimalist Design Wooden Stool and Table
Medium Home Office Floor to Wall Wood Effect Floor Board and Wall Cladding Shelf and Table in the Same Wood Tone Storage Drawers Modern Table Lamp
Medium Home Office Black Feature Wall, Floating Worktop and Shelf, Wall to Wall Table, Floating Set of Drawers, Wall to Wall Shelf
Medium Alcove Wooden Feature floor to wall panels shelves with lights a pair of drawer cabinets. Wall to wall table top and wall to wall shelves. Floor boards as wall cladding for feature wall.
Medium Custom Wooden Table Wall to Wall Shelves Black Feature Wall and Lighting
Medium Work Desk Wooden Shelves Wooden Table Vertical Wooden Divider
Clever Concealable Work Desk Storage Cabinet Designer
Medium Home Office with Another Vertical Wooden Divider in Beech Tone Extension of Flooring. Custom Wall to Wall No Gap Work Top and Under Table Storage Shelf.
Medium Alcove Wooden Table Shelves Under Stairs Study Storage Shelves on the right and under the table. Magnetic notice board for notes. Above table shelves.
Medium Bright and Airy Wooden Shelves Table Top Wood Tones All Around Wooden Chair for an Alcove
Medium Shelves Hanging Cabinet Table with Drawers Wall to Wall Design For An Alcove
Medium Basic DIY shelf and worktop wooden chair pull out cabinet for an alcove. Wall to wall table and open shelf
Medium Home Office Hidden Storage Small Work Top Stool in Living Room with Plenty of Storage Boxes on Shelves
Medium Custom Built Office with Shelf Wall Hanging Cabinets Drawer Storage Floating Desk and Drawers Wall to Wall Design for Medium Alcove.
Medium Alcove Work Space Wall to Wall Table Under Table Storage Cupboards Over Head Wall Hanging Storage Cabinet and Shelf
Medium Closed Balcony White Office Suite Desk and Hanging Cabinet Mix of Close and Open Storage. Office with a View.
Medium Home Office Interior Idea Fully Custom Made Furniture. Table with Slimline Drawers Open Shelves with Detailing High Back Office Arm Chair Grey Wall
Medium Balcony Home Office Burgundy Feature Wall With Matching Burgundy Open Shelves Mid-Century Inspired Table with Storage and Industrial Work Lamp
Medium Closed Balcony Vintage Style Desk Moorish Tiles Purple Feature Wall with Matching Purple Open Shelves High Back Chair and Designer Table Lamp

27 Small Home Office Set Up Ideas

Not enough room in your apartment for a home office? Be creative with the little spaces you have in your flat or apartment. The balcony being one such space. There are tonnes of ideas on how to extend your living space into the balcony. Closed balconies are usually better as an extra room. Open balcony works well too depending on the weather.

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Small Dark Brown Floor Table Mounted Shelves Coffee Table Home Office Close Balcony Conversion Custom Wall to Wall Work Desk with Drawers Hanging Cupboard and Open Shelves
Small Balcony Home Office Brick Wall High Back Chair Wall Mounted Shelves to One Side for Access to Window Full Sized Table High Back Arm Chair Three Tier Drawer Under Table Cabinet
Small Hanging Bureau Hideaway Unit Flips Open to Reveal Work Top Works in Small Alcoves
Small Hanging Bureau Hideaway Unit Closed Custom Built to Fit Alcove
Small Closed Balcony Work Desk and Single Seater Sofas and Coffee Table Multi Use Area with Dedicated Workspace Open Shelves and Hanging Wall Document Holders
Small Hideaway Work Space with Shelves Full Height Cupboard Slideaway Doors to Conceal Workspace when not in use
Small Work Desk Lighting Alcove with Custom Furniture Desk with Drawers Wooden Splash Back as Feature Wall Open Shelves with Lighting
Small Alcove Home Office Set Up Wall to Wall Shelves Desk and under desk shelf wall lamp
Small Floating Table with Drawer and Open Shelf White Chair Hanging Lamp in Small Alcove Next to Floor to Ceiling Cupboards
Small Space Work Space Custom Wooden Shelves, Floating Desk, Work Table Lamp in Converted Larder
Small Shelves and Table Red Chair in Alcove Full Width Open Book Shelves Magnetic Noticeboard
Small Closet Larder Conversion Home Office Left and Right In-Wall Book Shelves Wall to Wall Table and Small Shelf for Photos
Small Corner of the Room Home Office Setup Simple Shop Bought Wall Mounted Solution
Small Work Office L-Shaped Table Home Office in Closed Balcony Open Shelves for Books
Small Balcony Retro and Rustic Work Space Floor to Wall to Ceiling Floorboard Cladding for Design Continuity Shelves with Matching Wooden Finish Effect.
Small Work Desk Navy Blue Wall Custom Wall to Wall Shelves with Metal Detailing and Wall to Wall Desk, Study Table Lamp
Small Balcony Corner Desk Home Office Custom Narrow Storage for PC and Books. Roman blinds to tone down the sunlight.
Small Work Desk Wooden Veneer Home Office Balcony Conversion Grey Wall Floating Table with Drawers and Open Wall Hanging Cabinet. Roller black out blinds.
Small Balcony Design Work Desk Heating, Table with Small Drawer, Wallpaper, Shelf Roller Blinds
Small Closed Balcony Work Desk Setup Mini Office Roman Blinds Custom Built Furniture, Under Table Drawer Unit, Corner Window, Red Wall with Guitar Holder and Posters
Small Closed Balcony with Work Desk Custom Built Table and Wall Cabinets Wooden Back Splash Roman Blinds
Small Closed Balcony WorkDesk Grey Theme Vertical Wood Stipes Detailing, Wall to Wall Table, Narrow Under Table Drawer Unit, Designer Metal Rack, Roman Blinds
Small Closed Balcony Home Office White High Back Chair Black Table Overhead Shelves Venetian Shutters
Small Balcony Crafting Corner Work Top Hanging Shelves Corner Table Unit
Small Balcony Home Office Conversion Corner Table Window Facing Custom Grey Desk Romand Blinds
Small Balcony Conversion Compact Study and Home Office Narrow Table all round Corner Unit Fancy Book Shelf Full Height Cupboard Small Narrow Shelves
Small Balcony Ultra Compact Work Desk High Chairs Break Area Multi Use Balcony Conversion for Coffee, Reading and Work.

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