15 Coffee Accessories Every Aficionado Needs

Crazy about coffee? By now, you might already have a coffee maker of choice or even an entire espresso bar at home. Still, the best thing about being a home brewer is that it’s a lifetime learning endeavor – there’s always a way to improve your coffee making and coffee drinking experience, to make the journey from bean to cup much richer and much more remarkable.

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In fact, for many of us, having a trusted coffee maker at home and a matching traveler’s coffee set to boot is just the beginning. There are a lot more wonders to discover in the world of homebrewing, and we’ll start you off in this article with 15 accessories every coffee aficionado needs.

1. Acaia Pearl Smart Scale

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Acaia Pearl Smart Scale on Amazon

Even artisan and professional coffee shops can’t resist the sleek and elegant Pearl scale of Acaia. However, this smart scale is more than just a pretty face. Its high precision makes it a top choice for professional baristas and homebrewers alike.

While most other kitchen scales can only identify changes in weight of at least 1 g, the readability of the industrial-grade Pearl scale is so good that it can measure weight changes of just 0.1 grams. It even accounts for weight changes due to evaporation.

For those who want to improve their pouring technique, though, the Pearl scale’s flow rate feature is the most commendable. Also, the Acaia iOS and Android applications are an added bonus for those who want an interactive coffee making guide while using this smart scale.

2. TIMEMORE Manual Coffee Grinder

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TIMEMORE Manual Coffee Grinder on Amazon

The consistency of your grind will always make or break your cup of coffee. Now, high-end electric grinders may be great, but they can be quite pricey. If you only have enough budget for a low-end automatic grinder, you might find yourself disappointed with the inconsistent grounds it will yield, not to mention its pretty short lifespan.

We recommend getting a high-end manual grinder instead, like this one from TIMEMORE. It’s a highly durable unit with stainless steel burrs that can last you a lifetime if you take care of it. You will notice that the non-slip design is a great bonus, too, since most of those smooth steel grinders can be tough to the palms.

3. Bonavita Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle

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Bonavita Variable Gooseneck Kettle on Amazon

There’s just no good enough alternative for a gooseneck kettle when making pour-over coffee. Between 140 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit, you can adjust the temperature by one-degree increments to get that precise temperature level you need for the kind of coffee you want.

It can hold temperatures for up to an entire hour, so you won’t have to worry about starting your pour right away. This feature really enrichens the entire coffee-making process since it allows you to slow down and fully enjoy the process.

4. Espresso Knock Box

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Espresso Knock Box on Amazon

Every coffee aficionado needs a knock box because the staggering amount of coffee grounds an avid drinker can produce in a day can be overwhelming. By having a knock box, you can diminish the smell of old and stale coffee grounds that can linger in the trash bin for weeks.

Old coffee grounds can also be composted, and a knock box can help with that. Just dump the grounds on your compost bin once it becomes full. This way, you will no longer contribute to the world’s landfill problem, which sees coffee grounds as one of its main concerns.

5. Bottomless Portafilter

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Bottomless Portafilter on Amazon

No one makes a perfect cup of coffee on the first try — or even on the first five tries, even if you have an automatic espresso machine. Troubleshooting is a major part of your coffee making journey, which makes bottomless portafilters no less than an essential accessory.

By removing the spouts and exposing the basket of your machine, you can identify and troubleshoot any grinding/dosing/tamping problems for better extraction. Aside from that, a bottomless portafilter can instantly enhance the cleanliness of your yield as it preserves more fat for that shiny golden brown coffee we all aspire to have.

6. Tamper Distributor

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Tamper Distributor on Amazon

When using your bottomless portafilter, one of the most common problems you might encounter is uneven tamping. To troubleshoot this, you need a tamper distributor. You might think that leveling the top of the basket might be enough, but keep in mind that OCDs and chisels do nothing for the proper distribution of grounds in your unit.

You need that perfectly compressed puck that won’t have any unwanted holes where the coffee would extract faster or slower in certain areas. Evenness is key for that fine texture you’re looking for in coffee.

7. Lilydrip Coffee Dripper

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Lilydrip Coffee Dripper on Amazon

This is a ceramic add-on for your pour-over coffee that does wonders in terms of keeping most of your grounds in the ‘sweet spot’ that leads to better extraction and eventually, the best flavor for your brew.

At the core, it helps you even out the depth of your grounds, so that the center is not significantly deeper than the outer portions of your brewing ring. With less depth, water can quickly flow through the grounds, substantially shortening your brew time.

We may be all about enjoying the coffee-making experience, but some mornings you just can’t wait long enough for that brew – and the Lilydrip can get you there faster.

8. Brewista Professional Cupping Spoon

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Brewista Professional Cupping Spoon on Amazon

Speaking of enjoying the coffee-making process, every coffee aficionado needs a dedicated spoon for cupping. These deep-set spoons can scoop up an adequate amount of coffee for better tasting.

A good, heavy one like the Brewista Professional Cupping Spoon can last years with proper care and maintenance and is thus a cool addition to any coffee collection.

9. Double-Wall Glass

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Double-Wall Glass on Amazon

Double-wall glasses preserve the temperature of your coffee without any fuss. For hot coffee drinkers, it prevents scalding of fingers. For cold brew fanatics, it eliminates messy condensation as it keeps the temperature within the interior cup while the outer wall insulates the entire thing without ever actually getting hot or cold.

Also, double-wall glasses always look fancy.

10. KeepCup Reusable Cups

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KeepCup Reusable Cups on Amazon

Now, you need a sealable cup for when you’re leaving the house and can’t bring your coffee on a double-wall glass. KeepCup reusable cups are perfect for this use, with its splash-resistant and press-fit lid.

It’s compact and lightweight and is way better than any disposable cup you may have lying around. Aside from the fact that KeepCups are reusable, the company actually donates 1% of its annual earnings for environmental causes.

11. Mug Warmer

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Mug Warmer on Amazon

Now, if you want to up your coaster game, then you might want to invest in a mug or cup warmer instead. This is perfect for slow coffee drinkers who get frustrated when their coffee gets cold before they’re ready to drink it all. Some smart mug warmers automatically turn off when you lift your mug, while others have an anti-gravity function.

Simply look for one that suits your needs and is also compatible with your favorite mug or cup at home.

12. Miroco Milk Frother

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Miroco Milk Frother on Amazon

Miroco’s milk frother can produce three different textures: Airy Foam, Hot Dense Foam and Cold Milk Froth, on top of the classic heated milk. It’s a very good companion no matter what kind of coffee you’re making — may it be a simple flat white, all the way to the most artisanal of macchiatos. Its double-wall design also keeps the milk at the perfect temperature while you brew your coffee.

A small yet significant bonus for those who enjoy having people over is the fancy and sleek design of this frother, making it a beautiful piece to leave on display on your kitchen counter.

13. DeLonghi Milk Frothing Pitcher

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DeLonghi Milk Frothing Pitcher on Amazon

However, if you already have an espresso maker, all you need for that perfect coffee cup is a reliable frothing pitcher that can be used to draw amazing latte art. For that silky milk foam, you need a metal container that will help the milk move and roll properly. The broad bottom of the DeLonghi milk frothing pitcher is perfect for this. The slope of the carafe and the comfortable handle makes pouring and drawing fairly easy.

Aside from the consistency of the milk, another thing you need for the perfect froth is of course, temperature. Hence, you might want to consider investing in a clip-on thermometer to go along with your frothing pitcher. This one from CREMA PRO is a favorite, because it conveniently features both fahrenheit and centigrade measurements.

14. SAKI Airtight Coffee Caddy

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SAKI Airtight Coffee Caddy on Amazon

Buying coffee beans or grounds in bulk is always more sustainable, but it can be a challenge keeping them fresh. You need an airtight coffee caddy if you’re planning to hold on to a batch of beans for more than a few weeks. Even when you use regular airtight containers, though, they won’t completely preserve the flavor of your beans/grounds, because the coffee itself emits carbon dioxide that can negatively affect its taste over time.

You need one like the SAKI coffee caddy, which comes with an exhaust button to release carbon dioxide while keeping oxygen in. Its borosilicate glass is also very durable, and is built to last.

15. Fellow Prismo for your AeroPress Coffee Maker

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Fellow Prismo on Amazon

If you’re uncomfortable with the volume of paper waste your AeroPress generates, then you can simply shift to this reusable fine metal filter.

However, this is not the only reason to invest in a Prismo. This pressure-actuated valve can actually take your AeroPress experience to the next level. By building up the pressure, you can brew espresso-style coffee for a full immersion brew (without the need to invert your unit).

Finally, Prismo’s crema is much more robust and longer-lasting, and can even be used for latte art.

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker
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AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker
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Fellow Prismo Attached to AeroPress Coffee maker

To wrap up, note that this list barely scratches the surface in terms of all the wonderful accessories and add-ons you can explore to level up your homebrew. Each coffee journey is unique, and you can always carve your own path to that one perfect cup. However, these cool finds should at least get you started on your coffee aficionado wish list. Happy brewing!