Top 5 Thermomix All-in-One Cooking Appliance Alternatives

Thermomix, the renowed cooking appliance is inspiring not only homemakers but professional cooks in preparing their favourite cuisine quickly and easily. Competitors have their work cut out for them but nothing is stopping them from coming up with some worthy alternatives.

An all-in-one coooking appliance is not an easy feat and certainly alternatives out there will need to work hard to come up with a worth opponent to equal or beat an appliance as versatile and robust as the Thermomix.

Given its popularity, other manufactures are following suit, offering their version of the cook processor.

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Still there are those who tried and succeeded in making an equivalent or worthy alternative. It is only time when an appliance will emerge that will shoot pass the master. When considering an alternative, what will it need to do to come close to a Thermomix. For start, let’s look at what the cooking appliance is capable of.

The Thermomix food processor weigh, chop, blend, mix, grind, grate, cook, steam, knead all within one machine. The 12 functions that cover virtually all the appliances you will ever need in the kitchen include blending, mixing, steaming, weighing, emulsifying, grinding, stirring, whisking, chopping, controlled heating, cooking and kneading.

Thermomix Components
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There is also a colour touchscreen display with guided cooking instructions. Using the smart Recipe Chip and Guided Cooking function, you can follow on-screen recipe instructions to prepare varity of meals. The custom recipes are created to work with the appliance. Simply add the ingredients and Thermomix will do the rest, setting the right temperature and timing.

Simplicity is what an appliance as complex as the Thermomix needs to be. Apart from the touch screen, it has one selector dial making it really intuitive and easy to control. Careful design and attention is needed in making the device user friendly particularly when combining so many different cooking functions in one single appliance.

Now the key selling features of the Thermomix is that while it is expensive, it will save money in the long run replacing multiple kitchen appliances, that is if you don’t already have them. Still it would mean not replacing individual appliances and saving energy and time transferring from one appliance to another.

It’s target clients are also working adults that wants to take the hassle and time out of preparing meals when they come back from work. A timer and programme function for heat level and speed is a must to allow one to walk away from the appliance knowing that the food will be prepared when they come back with fully automated cooking process.

Thermomix also encourage healthy eating through gentle cooking of ingredients and thousands of recipes that allow users to easily manage their meals with attention to specific dietary requirements like allergies or diet regime. New recipes continue to be added and a growing community of owners meant that you can be more creative with the appliance, making your dishes the way you like it.

Thermomix Recipe Platform include recipe book, website and app to help you plan your meals, choose the recipe, get the ingredients and cook the Thermomix way.

Lastly, any appliance that wants to go head to head with Thermomix will need to have the same level of quality and reliability. A single device that does everything will need to operate longer and harder than every appliance it replaces and Thermomix is known for being an engineering masterpiece created to take the brunt of everyday use.

Top 5 Thermomix Alternatives

A quick look at our list of alternatives, remember to use the links on this page to check the individual items on Amazon:

  1. Kenwood Cooking Chef KCC9060S
  2. KitchenAid Artisan Cook Processor
  3. Magimix Cook Expert Food Processor
  4. Witt Cook Touch Electric Cooker
  5. Moulinex HF800A Cuisine Companion (Also known as Tefal Cuisine Companion)


Tough act to follow, but here is what the competitors have to offer with most costing only a fraction of the Thermomix:

1. Kenwood Cooking Chef KCC9060SNEW

The Kenwood Cooking Chef KC9060S takes the art of cooking to the next level, allowing you to not only bake, but to prepare and master a wide range and variety of recipes and cooking styles to enhance your range of dishes, wow your dinner guests, but ultimately to serve as your best kitchen help.

Kenwood is not new to the all-in-one cooking appliance market, having released an earlier, smaller version the Kenwood kCook MultiCooking Food Processor. In this new Cooking Chef though, Kenwood has taken on board more than just the ability to cook and process food, casseroles, risotto and steamed salmon on the list of recipes, but true to its roots of being the ultimate cake preparation tool, the Cooking Chef also manages to add choux pastry and creme patisserie to it’s repertoire.

Kenwood Cooking Chef KCC9060S
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  • Powerful 1500W motor and high-precision control
  • 23 preset cooking programs that will automatically change temperature, adjust stir intervals and power
  • Large capacity 6.7L with 3L working capacity
  • Temperature range 20°C – 180°C for slow cooking at lower temperatures or frying at high temperatures
  • Intuitive user display allows you to change settings as you cook
  • Quick recipe function 30-minute recipes for every day favourites

Kenwood Cooking Chef KCC9060S
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  • Material: Die-cast brushed metal body. Polished stainless steel bowl tools 10 year guarantee & 10 year motor guarantee
  • Included accessories: bowl attachment outlet, flexi beater, food processor, heat guard, K-beater, high speed outlet, slow speed attachment outlet, power whisk, steamer basket, stirring tool
  • 24 optional attachments – blender, meat grinder, pasta maker
  • Dimensions: L.40 x W 34.5 x H 37
  • Weight 12.88 kg
  • Bowl capacity 6.7 L  LARGE CAPACITY

Kenwood Cooking Chef and Accessories
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If you’re looking at budget options, perhaps you might like to also check out our list of Best Value Budget Multi-Cookers

2. KitchenAid Artisan Cook Processor – APP

If there is a manufacturer you can rely on to get the formula for an all-in-one cook processor right, that manufacturer is KitchenAid. Branching out from stand mixers, KitchenAid now does blenders, food processors, coffee machines, bean grinders, slow cookers and multi cookers as well as smaller counter top appliances like hand blenders, hand mixers, toasters and waffle makers. The Artisan Cook Processor is the company’s first all-in-one cook appliance and it does not disappoint.

KitchenAid Artisan Cook Processor Candy Apple
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  • 12 Functions including boiling, frying, steaming, kneading, chopping, pureeing.
  • 6 Automatic Cook functions (Boil, Fry, Stew, Steam, Puree and Dough) as well as standard modes
  • App: KitchenAid Cook Processor (iOS and Android) for ways to use the cook processor from cremy risotto to steamed fresh shrimp
  • Simple and easy to use for different variation of cooking method; automatically set speed, temperature and cooking time. The unit beeps when the food is ready to be served.
  • High temperature cooking of 140°C with thick layer of aluminium in the steel pot for faster and more even cooking.
  • Material: Varnished die-cast – Steel in different colours complete with handle and hinged lid.
  • Accessories: StirAssit, Egg Whip, Multiblade, Dough Blade, Upper and Lower Steamer Basket with Lid, Inner Basket, Mini Bowl with Mini Multiblade, Measuring Cup
  • Dimensions: L.31,4 P.34,2 H.41,1
  • Bowl capacity 4.5 L (6 or more people) – Cable length 100 cm. – Cookbook included – BIG CAPACITY
  • Colour Choices: Candy Apple, Empire Red, Almond Cream, Frosted Pearl, Onyx Black, Medallion Silver.

Colour Gallery:

3. Magimix Cook Expert Food Processor

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The Magimix Cook Expert is a multifunctional cooking food processor with 12 dedicated programmes allowing you to quickly whip up every day family meals in no time and create mouth-watering delicacies for when you entertain.

With 20-in-1 functions it is a true Thermomix contender with functions ranging from built-in digital scales to various slicing and grating discs, a citrus press and an ice crush function in it’s 3 food processor bowls and a double walled stainless steel cooking bowl with a clear shatterproof glass lid.

The hardback recipe book includes 300 recipes ranging from starters to desserts, all to help you make the most of the Cook Expert.

4. Witt Cook Touch Electric Cooker

Witt Cook Touch Electric Cooker
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The Witt My Cook Touch is the only all-in-one device that comes Wifi ready allowing it to connect to a digital recipe archive and join the My Cook Community to download and upload recipes directly from the device.

It’s stainless steel jug comes with built-in blades that allow for easy chopping, blending even kneading of dough or stirring up yummy cocktails. Complete with precision scales and a 7″ touch screen, the Witt promises to take the challenge out of food preparation and cooking. With an app for your mobile that will allow you to easily send the latest recipe to the cooker, the possibilities of trying out new recipes quickly and easily are almost limitless.

5. Moulinex HF800A Cuisine Companion (Also known as Tefal Cuisine Companion)

Depending on where you are, the same multi-cooker appliance may be called different things. Moulinex or Tefal Cuisine Companion is one of such cooker. The user centric cooker has a big control panel with easy soft touch buttons with direct access to one of 6 automatic cooking programmes. Here is a simplier single pot cooker that does most of what the other cook processors in this list are capable of.

The appliance also has 5 dedicated accessories; ultrablade knife for chopping and dicing any food, stirrer or mixing accessory to mix ideal for risottos and soups, blade for mixing / chopping to make pastries and pizzas, whisker accessory whip / whisk to mount, emulsify and produce sweets and finally, 2 L steamer basket for steaming, ideal for fish and vegetables.

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  • Functions: kneading or sautéing, whipping or steaming, crushing or coarsely puréeing and much more…
  • 6 automatic programs: soup, sauce, steam, dessert, pastry, slowcook and manual.
  • 5 dedicated accessories and storage box
  • Temperature: 30 to 130 degree Celsius
  • Timer: 5 seconds to 2 hours
  • Capacity: 4.5 Litre (6 people or more) – BIG CAPACITY
  • Cookbook with 300 recipes

Tefal Companion
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Kenwood kCook MultiCooking Food Processor – APP

The Kenwood kCook cooking food processor will make creating healthy, homemade meals easy. Again, a single pot profile, the kCook makes cooking easy. Use it with the companion app to whip up the meal of your choice from a selection of over 200 recipes. Complete with a simple, step-by-step guide and pre-set functions a variety of dishes can be prepared with confidence, freeing up more time to do other tasks. The control panel is the easiest to follow with soft touch buttons only. There are no knobs or buttons to content with. When using recipe programmes, the time will be set automatically but can be changed manually. You can also manually control the stir speed and temperature level as required. The lockable lid is required to be in place for safety once temperature hits 60 degrees.

Kenwood kCook
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  • 3 cook functions: one pot, sauces/soups and steam
  • Recipes with over 200 simple recipes over iOS and Android app called Kenwood kCook.
  • 3 preset temperature settings with programmable timer
  • Included: metal bowl, 3 tools (chopping blade, steaming basket, stirring paddle), cleaning brush, measuring cup, spatula and processing blade
  • Capacity: 1.5 Liter (total bowl capacity 2.5 liter) big enough to serve a family of 4 people
  • Cooking power: 800W, Motor: 150W
  • Dedicated chop button, start and stop to activate or pause programme and cancel.

HotmixPRO Gastro

HotmixPRO Gastro is not just any standard food processor with a heat source, it is a professional all-in-one cooking appliance with commercial level performance and parts. The “I mean business”, industrial finish look and design is matched by its strengths in the mechanical and heating department. It can process and cook many different food with precise temperature setting at 1°C increments. The heating elements can be set to ultra high temperature of 190°C. With a powerful on-board 1500 Watt motor, the unit can hit a speed of 12500 RPM without breaking a sweat. It comes with 78 different programmed functions from processing to cooking.

It doesn’t stop there, choose from one of the 250 different pre-stored recipes, add the ingredients and you are good to go at a push of a button. The programmable memory combined with the perfect cooking temperatures means it will prepare the same food in a constant and standardised manner letting you easily automate the cooking process. The menu system and display helps you access the recipes found on the SD card and displays self-diagnostics information making sure that everything is in working order.

You will however, need your own weighing scale and measure, which is pretty standard in any kitchen as the unit itself does not come with one integrated. There is a mention of a 4 hours continuous operation limit. For added safety, thermal protection system allows the motor to cool down before continuing should the system is overworked. Once the motor is sufficiently cool, it will continue any unfinished program without restarting completely.

HotmixPRO Gastro
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  • Processing: chopping, blending, whipping, pulverising, doughing, homogenising, liquefying and whisking
  • Cook functions: clarifying, browning, cooking, roasting, pasteurising, reducing, tempering chocolate, sous-vide cooking.
  • Recipes: with over 250 simple recipes pre-loaded via SD card*
  • 16 subsequent steps to automate your cooking
  • 26 preset speed settings with programmable timer, degree by degree temperature control up to 190°C
  • Included: metal bowl, blades, mixing paddle, lid with measuring cup, spatula
  • Capacity: 2 Liter big enough to serve a family of 4 people
  • Cooking power: 800W, Motor: 12001500W. Total power 2300W.
  • Dedicated chop button, start and stop to activate or pause programme and cancel.

NOTE: new recipes are constantly being added, the last we check, the included SD card includes up to 400 recipes, however this is subject to the reseller and SD card versions supplied.


Severin KM 3985 James The Wonder Machine

Severin KM 3985
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  • 10 Cooking Functions: the all-round talent for cooking, steaming, grinding, beating, kneading, mixing, blending, emulsifying, shredding and heating
  • Capacity: 1.5 liter. Included: stainless steel blender jug, 4-part steamer, 60 minute timer; LED Display; a butterfly stirring attachment and a recipe book
  • 4 temperature settings for cooking and steaming: 200 rpm = 37 C, 70 C, 100 C and 0 rpm = 120 C
  • 5 power settings incl. turbo: 400 rpm, 1,000 rpm, 6,000 rpm, turbo: 7,000 rpm

Morphy Richards 562000 Supreme Precision 10 in 1 Multicooker

Morphy Richards 562000
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  • Versatile multi-cooker with 10 cooking functions and over 70 inspirational recipes included
  • Two automatic programmes with 12 pre-programmed dishes with automatic temperature, time and speed settings
  • Easy to use digital display and countdown timer to create a range of healthy meals with desired results
  • Large 1.2 L stainless steel jug feeds up to four people
  • Easy to clean removable parts for quick tidying

GOURMETmaxx Thermal Multi-Cooker

GOURMETmaxx Thermal Multi-Cooker
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  • Functions: 9 different functions; mixing, pureeing, emulsifying, beating, chopping, boiling, cooking, steaming and crushing ice
  • Extremely versatile multi-function food processor
  • Powerful motor: max. 4.500 rpm, Heating: 1000 Watts
  • Illuminated display and 60 minute timer

BioChef Mycook Multi-function All-in-One Thermo Cooker

The BioChef MyCook is an evolution for the healthy kitchen with thermal cooking induction technology, performing 15 kitchen tasks. European-designed energy efficient kitchen appliance, the BioChef MyCook is another appliance that shares a similar cooking tower profile to the Thermomix except for the side control panel. There is a state of the art LED timer and display and the much loved fully integrated scales allow for perfect results every time. Induction heating means that ingredients are cooked by the hot air instead of in contact with a heating element. This seals in the natural flavours, juices and nutrients. Hundreds of recipes are included in the comprehensive recipe book so you will never be left without meal ideas.

BioChef Mycook Multi-function All-in-One Thermo Cooker
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  • 15 different functions including steaming, frying, kneading, blending, grinding, mincing, shredding, emulsifying, whipping, beating, gentle mix and turbo.
  • Precision fully integrated scale weighing function for accuracy
  • Energy saving Induction Technology meaning quicker heating and cooling and greater control, cook complete meals in 15 to 30 mins.
  • Easy cleaning function
  • Easy to control heating and speed settings, Power: 1000W
  • Recipe book with hundreds of recipes

Final Thoughts

A cook processor is only really practical if you are preparing a single dish meal. To make the most of these cook processors, and prepare a multi-course meal, one would need a few of these. Considering the appliances that it replaces i.e. standard food processor, blender, mixer, mincer, saucepan, steamer, weighing machine, frying pan, chopper, stove, cooker or hob, it may not be a bad idea to have a few of them. We are not saying it is impossible to prepare a multi course meal. With careful planning and organisation, there is nothing stopping one from cooking a storm. Combine it with saucepans, frying pans and pots.