Stylish and Contemporary Glass Coffee Tables with Gold Frames

Coffee tables say a lot about the space in which they inhabit and few exude style and assert themselves as well as glass coffee tables with metallic gold frames. Glass coffee tables insist on inhabiting a grownup sphere, one in which children may be seen but not heard, running around or screaming.

The perfection of a glass coffee tables lies in the fact that it is both visually captivating and yet because it is transparent, it appears to take up less space than it actually does, thus making your living space seem larger.

Whether you have a large round one, or a rectangle sitting in the middle of the room, or a slightly taller set of nested tables, to one side of the room, a gold framed coffee table will fit in with almost any contemporary style or look.

Here in this post, we share some of the most gorgeous coffee tables we have come across in recent times.

If you are a fan of such a design and have come across a similar coffee table or one that you think deserves a place here on our list, please do not hesitate to let us know. Leave you comments below and if it pass our screening, we will add it to our list here.

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