10 Autumn Essentials for Your Home

Isn’t the weather simply beautiful these days? The sultry days of summer are finally over and the cold, biting wind is yet to arrive. It is all about the pleasant breeze, cloudy skies, and mysterious, foggy mornings. The blooming greens metamorphose to gorgeous shades of bright orange, warm yellow, tender pink, magenta, and purple. The leaves shed off one by one creating a crunchy, colorful galore in your garden. What are you waiting for? Cozy up in your favourite sweater, fix yourself a cup of hot chocolate and take walks on quaint pathways bordered with vibrant foliage. What’s not to love about the fall?

As the temperature outside starts to drop, and birds begin their annual migration, there’s always a sense of slowing down, cocooning, wrapping up, keeping safe and staying warm. How about bringing a little dose of autumn in your house as well? Here’s how you can create a cosy, autumn vibe in your home!

beautiful shades of autumn
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1. Fluff it Up – Pillows and Cushions

During summer, I remove almost all the warm, woolly, fuzzy pillows and cushions scattered around the house. They seem to exude heat when the weather is hot. Autumn brings with itself a lovely atmosphere when you can cozy up the house with everything soft and fluffy featuring fall-friendly shades and accents.

Grab all the cushions and pillows you get your hands on, cover them in awesome bold cushion covers and light up your rooms with seasonal colors. Incorporate neutral shades with bold hues to keep the overall look balanced. Pillows with quilted patterns, embroidered leaves, plaids and tartans, shaggy fleece and autumnal details will blend in with your existing decor smoothly while adding an instant fall-ish charm.

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2. Warm Throws and Mellow Rugs

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A couch is sitting in the corner of the room seems almost bland in comparison to the exciting, colorful autumn foliage happening outside. Add some seasonal vibes to match up with the gorgeous backdrop your window has to offer!

Decorate the couch with warm throws with fall-inspired patterns and colors, and pair it with a furry and soft rug. Don’t go overboard with bold colors like oranges and reds. Stay grounded by adding mellow tones of rust, dusty pinks, apricots, and peaches. It is a perfect way to highlight a range of autumnal colors while creating a cozy retreat bursting with warmth.

Whether you have a hardwood floor or a cosy neutral carpet, rugs with a geometric-design, or a large floral pattern will brighten it up no end.

Long Fur Blanket
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Warm Rugs
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3. Cuddly, Snuggly Blankets and Thick Comfy Slippers

Winters seem far away yet, but you can snuggle up in your favorite blanket in fall! Transform your summery room into a snug and warm respite as the cool wind starts to blow and leaves begin to change their color. Nestle up in a woolly blanket and treat yourself to a nice read and some good coffee.

And for some added fun there are mermaid tail blankets for adults or if you’re good with your hands, check out Maggie’s Chunky Yarn Hand-crocheted Blanket. Believe it or not, it only takes an hour to complete!

Blankets are not just for huddling up in chilly weather. They have a decorative purpose as well. To enhance the vibe of autumn in your bedroom, put down a fuzzy blanket on your bed. Curl up, get lost in a realm of fleeting thoughts and daydreams and recharge your batteries after a busy summer season.

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4. Treat Yourself to Warm Comforting Baths

The changing of the seasons can be gloomy and depressing for some people. It can cause mood swings, irritability, and despair. It can take a while to settle in. Chilly weather also causes dry skin and dandruff that can further worsen the situation. Gear up your bathroom with some autumn essentials and turn it into a warm and cozy space. With assorted fall products, capture the crisp and tangy essence of autumn in your bathtub. Use lukewarm oil to massage your head, scrub off the dry skin with salt baths and rinse off with steamy shower.

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5. Set the Mood with Scented Candles

Your bubble bath won’t be complete without a couple of wonderfully fragrant candles? As you soak in the tub brimming with foamy water, bubbles, and salts, don’t forget to light the candles to create a peaceful and perfumed ambiance. Scented candles are not limited to your bathroom. You can warm up your whole house with your favorite autumn-inspired aromatic candles.

I personally love the spicy notes of pumpkin chai, the hints of woods and rich soil in sandalwood and cedar candles, and forested tones of pines. Usher the spirit of fall with scented candles and set the ideal mood in your home.

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6. Chunky and Vibrant Mugs

Place autumn-friendly props in your kitchen and coffee table to give a feeling of harvest. Large coffee mugs with quotes and color palette of autumn, wooden trays and hand-painted sugar pots will make your autumn brews extra cozy. When you prepare piping hot coffee or a delicious cup of hot chocolate, don’t drink it in your old dainty cups but switch to a chunky mug. Indulge in pumpkin spice lattes and warm spiced apple cider to glitz up your ‘fall-fledged’ evenings with your loved ones.

Happy Pumpkin Spice Season
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7. Light Up the Fireplace

Winters are almost upon us, temperature is gradually dropping, and the chill has begun to us goosebumps. Light up the fireplace to bring the warmth back into your home. Sit in front of the roaring fire, share tidbits, roast marshmallows, and sip on hot cocoa.

If there is an outdoor fire pit in your backyard, move the party there and have a true camping experience under the brightly lit stars of fall. Fireplaces can be easily incorporated into houses and outdoor spaces these days. Heat up your chilly home to enjoy the joys of autumn.

8. Wreaths and Pumpkins

wreath on door
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Pumpkins are one of the first things that comes to mind when one talks about the season of fall. Even though Halloween is just around the corner, there is a lot you can do with pumpkins besides creating a scary gourd. Get crafty and make beaded pumpkins to add a vintage touch to your fall decor or paint some pumpkins in different patterns to glam up the kitchen window. Another thing you can try in autumn is to hang a lovely wreath on a door. All you need is a bunch of ribbons, laces, and flowers. Use beautiful autumn quotes and sayings to remind you of the beauty of this season.

‘There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky’.

9. Fresh Flowers on Display

Spring may be far away, but autumn is just as picturesque. One of the things I love the most about autumn is the colorful array of fallen leaves and the quiet serenity in the air. The leaves are a bittersweet amalgamation of happiness and sadness. If I had to choose one word to describe autumn, it would be ‘tranquility’. Include a little tranquility in your home by putting autumn plants on display. In a few vases of earthly tones insert vibrant blooms of bright red Dahlias, Purple Emperors, and violet-blue daisies. Place assorted leaves around the flowers to complete the look.

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10. Cozy Up the Outdoors

Add some color to your outdoor space to bring the pleasant vibes of fall. Freshen up your porch with hand-painted pumpkins and vari-colored autumnal plants, hang a warm welcome on the front door and create a cozy space with a shaggy rug, pillows and throws in a shaded corner. Extra joy if you have an outdoor fire pit!

Barbecue parties, beach trips and garden picnics – Loud and festive summers may be gone. The colors of fall are beginning to emerge. It’s time to enjoy the utter quietness of cozy nights and misty mornings disturbed only by the crunch of fallen leaves. Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, grab that book you have been longing to read and snuggle up in your warm spot. Autumn will be gone in a flash, do enjoy while it lasts.

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