Designing a Garden Office: Everything you need for a garden room to work in

If you are a self-employed entrepreneur in need of an affordable workspace, or just working from home and wish to create a productive environment, a garden office is just what you need. 

A garden room or office is basically a dedicated space outside of one’s house, usually in the garden, designed as a study or an office. Sounds pretty cool, right? 

It’s ideal in theory but has a lot of technicalities that need to be worked out in order to practically establish one, and figuring those bits out can be quite overwhelming. But fret not, in this article we will guide you through essentially everything you need to set up the perfect garden office. Let’s take a look:

1. Design

When setting up a garden office you should consider the design you want. Pick one according to the type of work you need to do and the space you need. You may seek inspiration from the thousands of interior design inspiration boards, Pinterest, and Instagrams available online.. Figure out if you wish to go for a contemporary look or an artsy retro style vibe. 

Once you decide on what you want, you would ideally need to employ an architect or a garden building designer to design the layout for you. Some important things to be considered for the design are spacing, layout, materials, ventilation and drainage. Since this office is separate from the house, you also need to consider its structure and foundation.

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2. Construction plan

Construction plan is another thing you need to consider for a garden office. Choose the best possible site for construction. It needs to be conveniently located and should not become obstructive of any paths or walkways.

You would ideally want to hire a contractor to oversee the construction plan, including acquiring building resources, tackling the red tape, and managing the labour. You may need to acquire permission to set up your workspace if your region requires you to do so. 

3. Insulation

Insulation is a highly significant aspect of any construction. Good insulation can establish a comfortable working environment and save up on energy costs by lowering the need for cooling and heating systems in your office. Insulation also plays a role in noise reduction, which allows you to work comfortably in a peaceful environment without noise interruptions. 

You can get the best insolation in the form of double glazed windows, concrete blocks, polystyrene foam boards, reflective systems or fiber insulation. You can invest in one according to your needs and affordability. 

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4. Windows and doors

Windows and doors are a key part of office design. Strategic positioning of windows ensures an ideal view for a productive and serene working environment as well as provides good ventilation and lighting. 

Adequate natural lighting will minimise the need for electric lighting and cut down on energy costs. Good natural ventilation can prove to be refreshing as well as keep your environment cool and temperate through cross ventilation. 

5. Interior

Interior design sets the whole mood for a productive and functional work environment. You need to take into account the types and quantities of the furniture items you require, including desks, seating and storage. You may wish to contact a local interior designer to give your setup a professional touch. 

Your room can be optimised to a particular theme or set it up for maximum convenience as a workspace. It is useful to create an environment that would suit your working needs, especially if you plan on working for extended periods of time on a regular basis. You would want to pick out comfortable and adjustable seats, an ergonomic desk and maybe even sound proof wall panels to provide yourself with the ideal environment required for a productive and effective working session. 

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6. Electrical connections

Electrical connections are an essential part of any functional setup. You would have to connect the office to your local power supply and get connections for lighting, cooling systems and the set up of other appliances such as computers and coffee makers. You may opt for the installation of renewable energy sources like solar panels and residential windmills to save up on long term energy costs. Remember to factor in batteries to storage the charge for round the clock power.

7. Communication devices

If you are working from home it is essential that you have access to digital means of communication such as a good computer system, fax machine and telephone. It would be wise to invest in a good and versatile computer system which would easily last you several years. You can refer to tech blogs or trusted salespeople to do some research before picking the best one within your range of affordability. 

Setting up digital communication devices facilitates you in numerous ways by allowing you to easily contact clients, partners and associates with mere clicks.  Formal messages can be sent and important documents and work files can be created and shared instantly to the relevant people with ease with an effective communication set up. Getting a stable and fast Internet connection is also a highly essential part of a good communication setup. A good setup will prevent lag and network issues and get your message through timely and effectively. 

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8. Storage

Every workspace requires at least one storage unit. There are hundreds of items which need careful and secure storage such as record files, business and transaction receipts, contracts, identity documents, certificates and licenses and office supplies.

A safe and well-constructed storage unit can take care of all of these by providing great organization and physical safety. It is wise to invest in a file cabinet or a covered book rack where documentations and other resources can be kept away from dust and moisture. You would also want to opt for a storage unit made either from steel or from synthetic materials other than wood in order to prevent termite attacks. 

9. Decor

Decorating your garden office will provide you with an aesthetically pleasing work environment and motivate you to work with renewed energy each day. A beautiful workspace motivates you to be productive and decreases stress levels. You may opt for some pretty picture frames, motivational posters and miscellaneous decorative items. 

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10. House Plants

House plants are a great idea as well! They will provide you with a green environment and a fresher air. You can place them in a planter next to an open window during daylight hours or invest in a smart indoor garden which could automatically water and nourish your plant if your workload makes it inconvenient for you to look after your plants. Plants would also absorb air pollutants from your work environment and keep you healthy and your respiratory system safe. 

Final Thoughts

Garden offices are one of the most convenient workspaces to get your job done! They are located close by so you do not have to worry too much about running late, or long commutes. They are super comfortable as you need not rigorously observe the workplace formalities you would otherwise have to adhere to in a corporate working environment and you get to design them as per your own needs and preferences.

In this article we walked you through all you need in order to establish your very own garden office in the vicinity of your own house. We hope it was helpful and provided you with some valuable insight into the requirements and considerations for the topic.

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