Modern Backyard Design Ideas: 90 garden patio & landscaping ideas for space of all sizes

Extend your living space to the outdoor terrace and backyard with these modern patio garden and landscaping ideas. It doesn’t matter if you have a small, medium or big backyard, pick and choose from the various designs in our biggest list yet.

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Plan Your Modern Backyard Garden

First, before you make a start, plan what your modern backyard is going to look like. Be sure to make a list of things you want in your back yard including the type of plans. Map out the available space for these things and get to work putting what you want on the grid. You may find that even the smallest of garden can have tonnes of features and character.

What to Keep and Where to Put It

Also, consider as part of your plans what you wish to keep, including the plants and trees and how you intend to them. To make it easier, choose from our list below. Make a wish list of the things you would like to have in your backyard or garden patio. Get the dimensions if these are shop bought. If you intend to custom build them, consider the materials and how they work together.

List of Things You Can Put In Your Garden

  • Flooring: wooden deck, marble, concrete, paving tiles or mix
  • Steps or Stairs for terraced gardens
  • Terracing with Retaining Wall
  • Raised Planters for ease of access and to create borders
  • Paved Paths
  • Garden Lighting
  • Big Parasol
  • Dining Area Furniture
  • Seating Area Furniture
  • Floating Built-in Bench
  • Gazebo or Pergola
  • BBQ Grill
  • Pizza Oven
  • Built-in Storage
  • Feature Wall
  • Water Feature
  • Water Pond
  • Garden Decorations
  • Poolside Loungers
  • Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi or Summer House

On a separate note, the last item above, the swimming pool is likely to be a feature already in your garden. If you are thinking of getting one, you will definitely need professional help. For everything else, from flooring to water feature and pond there are tutorials online that you can follow to build them yourself.

Standalone and Moveable Accessories

Next, accessories such as Pizza Oven, BBQ Grill, Parasol or even Fire Place can either be part of the design or added in later. The same goes for movable furniture such as L-shaped outdoor sofa, dining set and standalone outdoor bench. Finally, remember to consider the space available for these should you wish to add them in at a later date.

Modern Backyard Ideas for Small Garden

Firstly, we take a look at 20 of the best modern backyard ideas then followed by backyards with outdoor fire place, water feature, swimming pool, jacuzzi or dipping pool.

Outdoor Pergola

Modern Backyard Pergola Design Ideas
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The first being a Modern Backyard Pergola Design Ideas from the Best of Miami Beach Cabana Rental. Further more, mix soft furnishing, L-shaped sofa and modern amenities such as flat screen television, lighting and fan let everyone enjoy the creature comforts.

Small Enclosed Garden with Clearly Marked Area

Modern Backyard Deck Design Ideas L Shaped Sofa Dining Area Green
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Next we take a look at a Modern Backyard Design with Raised Decking and Paving Areas for Sitting and Dining respectively. Plenty of green lawn space towards the back.

Covered Dining Area with Steel Pergola

Modern Backyard Dining-Terrace-Seating Area Design
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Our third Modern Backyard design comes with a Dining Terrace and Seating Area. In addition square raised planter, rockery and big tall vases adjacent to the sitting and dining area create a more homely feel.

White and Bright Wood Fired Oven and Dining Area

Modern Backyard Outdoor Seating Area and Oven
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The fourth Modern Backyard design has an Outdoor Seating Area and Wood Fired Pizza Oven. Besides, the dining Area is just right perfect for entertaining. Another feature of this design is the white counter top and floor lightens the mood as well and complements the building.

Black and White Contrasting Colour Scheme

Modern Backyard Outdoor Seating Area
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The fifth entry of our Modern Backyard comes with an Outdoor Seating Area. In this garden, the semi lounging wooden seats in black and black painted wooden fence on white pebble floor makes creates a stark contrast. On top of that, the trees offer plenty of shade creating a great space to chill.

Open Dining and Open Kitchen for Social Gathering

Modern Backyard Party Gathering Social BBQ
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Following this, is a Modern Backyard design that is Perfect for Parties and Social Gatherings. BBQ and Oven on one side and huge dining table with bench and seats parallel to this. Also, a raised square planter for herbs and vegetables at one end of the table means you can get fresh ingredients straight to the table.

Contemporary Open Plan Garden

Modern Backyard Patio BBQ Bench Breakout Landscaping
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Seventh in the list of Modern Backyard has a white Patio and wooden deck with BBQ and Oven in the corner, bench and breakout area as well as interesting landscaping. On top of that there is even a food preparation and serving surface. This garden can host casual dining, light tea, barbecue or to serve finger food.

Backyard Studio

Modern Backyard Sett-Studio-Working-from-the-Backyard
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Number eight has a Studio central to the garden, a place to work from in the Backyard. It sits on on raised deck. Moreover, a Coffee Table Set is located in front of the studio provides a place to relax under the sun. Rockery and hedges completes the look.

Ultra Compact Urban Garden

Modern Backyard Small-Garden-Design-Landscaping-Seating-Terrace Planter
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Here is a good example of how to get creative with small urban garden. The Modern Backyard with Ultra Compact Garden Design maximises the use of all surfaces. Likewise, built-in Seating Area, Raised Planters, glass fence and border hedges are used to divide the space. Similarly, stripe wood fence and walled planter adds character and variations to the wall surfaces.

Terraced Private Garden

Modern Backyard Small-Space-Design-with-Fire-pit Floating Bench Terrace Steps
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Next in the order is number 10, the Modern Backyard Small-Space-Design-with-Fire-pit, Floating Bench, Terraced Lawn with Wooden Stairs. Wooden fence and plants offer privacy from prying eyes. Another feature of this garden is the dining area situated on the top terrace.

Open Plan Garden for Cooking, Dining and Seating Area

Modern Backyard Square Garden BBQ Gazebo Sofa
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For a bigger walled garden, the eleventh entry in the Modern Backyard Design list is a Square Garden with BBQ Counter on one side, Gazebo for Sofa on another site and paved area for Dining under the sun on another side.

Small Private Garden with Tall Hedges

Modern Backyard Ultra Small Garden Private Contemporary Design
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Following that is a Modern Backyard idea for Ultra Small Garden. Using tall hedges, the owner achieved a Private Contemporary Space. Furthermore, it uses an off the shelf L-shaped sofa on flat wooden decking and fake lawn to the left for a truly low maintenance setup.

Urban Low Maintenance Garden

Modern Backyard-Small-low-maintenance raised planters fake grass grey bench
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No 13 is a Modern Backyard with-low-maintenance. The small garden has raised planters, fake grass, grey bench and high fence for privacy. Also, built-in corner bench offers a friendly seating area. In addition to that, a pair of bright coloured garden decoration sits in the corner.

Low Maintenance Garden with Clean Lines and Easy Access Planters

Modern-backyard Garden-Design simple floating bench
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No 14 is a Modern-backyard Garden-Design with simple floating bench on raised planters in U-shape facing a fake lawn. Similar to the closed and walled garden above, instead of a totally grey colour scheme, this one takes on natural wood, light grey and white for a livelier feel.

Modern White Tiled Floor Urban Garden

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Next in number 15 is a Modern Backyard Design Idea for another Compact Garden. Use of generous lighting, paved hard floor and raised planters, wooden fence and boxed plants make this an inviting urban garden.

Summer House in the Back Garden

Modern-Backyard-Design-Deck Raised Planter Summer House 2
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Lucky number 16 takes on another studio or summer house in the garden. This Modern Backyard Design invites you to take your journey from the decked area through to the path leading to the lawn leading to the modern summer house.
Modern-Backyard-Design-Deck Raised Planter Summer House
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Again at number 17 we look at the same Modern Backyard Design with clear border using decking and Raised Planters on either side of the path to lawn. Likewise, a Summer House or studio sits at the far end of the garden.

Use of Multiple Different Outdoor Furnitures

Modern-Backyard-landscaping and multiple furniture
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Nearing the end is number 18, a Modern Backyard design with landscaping and mix of multiple furniture. Don’t be afraid to mix the furnitures you like be it weather proof poofs, dining sets or long benches. However, we would advise to stay true to a chosen colour scheme to be safe and to ensure that the pieces work together.

Roof Top Terraced Garden

Modern Outdoor Patio-Design for Open Roof Top.
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No 19 is a Modern Outdoor Patio-Design for Open Roof Top. Terraced Seating Area with Steps leading to a big open deck. While a U-shaped sofa and two single seaters complete with coffee table.

Make the Most of Narrow Garden

Modern Outdoor Patio-Design for Narrow Space.
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Finally, at number 20 is a Modern Outdoor Patio-Design for Narrow Space. Due to the narrow space, the seating area is kept wide open with  short garden furniture and tall Glass Pergola. Also, the Sofa Set and Coffee Table are accessible from inside via ceiling heigh french folding doors.

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First in my series of modern backyard garden, you can find other post in the series below: