Modern Backyard Ideas with Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

Third in our series of modern backyard designs, this time we focus on back gardens with fireplace or fire pit. If you are looking for ideas on how to design your backyard garden to incorporate an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, read on.

In order to make the most of your outdoor living space all through the year, you need to make it warm for the evenings especially during the autumn and winter months. There are portable or movable fire pits and there are custom built fire pit or outdoor fire place that will go nicely in any garden.

For this series, we start off with three photos of the same place.

Fire Pit Among the Hot Tub, Studio, Seating Area

So impressed with the design that we chose to highlight this in more than one image. The concrete custom built fireplace is of course our focus. Forget the studio in the background. This list is all about designer backyard with fire place or fire pit. Of course, the studio or reading retreat does help make the whole garden feels more inviting.

Modern Backyard by Board and Vellum – Backyard reading retreat with exterior fire pit and benefit from neighbours special tree.
Modern Backyard board and vellum-backyard_reading_retreat-exterior-fire_pit
Modern Backyard by board and vellum another view of the backyard designed as a reading retreat with fire pit and seating area.
Modern-Backyard Board and Vellum-Reading-Retreat
Another angle of the Modern-Backyard by Board and Vellum featuring the reading retreat in the far end, the hot tub and the all important fire pit wrapped in the L-shaped custom built bench. On top of that, the entire garden is wrapped in big stripe or slatted wooded fencing. Slatted fence gives the backyard an expansive feel and offers ventilation and air through the gaps while maintaining privacy.

Cozy Fire Pit Surrounded by L-Shaped Bench and Garden Chairs

Modern Backyard Captivating-Landscape-Designs Fireplace-For-A-Modern-Backyard
Modern Backyard Design with Captivating Landscape; decked area under pergola, fire pit with L-shaped bench and single seaters as well as coffee table in the open. While tiles with pebble borders, pebble patches and wooden deck cover the floor surface.

Urban Backyard with Grey Tone

Modern Backyard Deck Design Seating Fireplace
A Custom Fire Pit sits in the middle of a decked area surrounded by a large L-Shaped Sofa and Two Single Seaters. This Modern Backyard design has a grey colour scheme that goes from the paving to the deck to the fire pit down to the cushions used for the bench and single seaters. The design here is of course the raised grey deck and seating area with focus on fire pit. The L-shaped sofa and single seaters are cleverly arranged around a square fire pit made from bricks with a table top surface.

Large Urban Garden

Modern Backyard Deck Design Seating View From Top Fireplace Dining Seating
Here is another look at the same modern backyard design featured previously with grey decking. This time, a wider view of the garden. You get a glimpse of how big this backyard is. Even though the grey decked area is big, it is just about a third of the space in the garden. Viewed from higher up, the garden has a separate dining area and patio space on the left, with lawn and trees at the far end. Finally, slatted wooden fence surrounds the garden.

Pool Side Fire Pit

Modern Backyard Poolside Fire Place Seats Loungers
What is more inviting than swimming in the evening in your own private pool, being able to get out of the pool, wrapped in your pool towel and keep warm in front of the fire. This is what the modern backyard poolside fire pit design offers Using nothing but outdoor Acapulco single seater chairs around the fire place, these Mexican inspired loungers are timeless allow one to kick back and relax.

Where is the Fire Pit

Modern Backyard Project Design Wooden Deck Fireplace Pizza Oven
It may be immediately obvious but it’s there. The Modern Backyard Project Design centres on a huge Wooden Deck, a dining area, Pizza Oven and is sympathetic to an existing tree by carving out a round section of the deck to accommodate this. But beyond the raised wooden deck to the left is the fire pit itself safely tucked away from the wood.

Huge Bowl Fire Pit

Modern Backyard Redwood Decking Recessed Planters Punctuate a Garden Wall
Next we have a Modern Backyard design, a walled garden with Redwood Decking, Recessed Planters and tall slatted fence. A custom built L-shaped bench envelopes the big bowl fire pit on the deck. Our only slight concern is the wood and fire being so close but hey we are all responsible adults and don’t leave open fire unattended.

Rectangular Modern Fire Pit

Modern Backyard Unique-modern-backyard-landscaping-Ideas-fireplace
This Modern Backyard is unique in that it has a gel fire pit table that is rectangle. This custom built rectangle fire pit table is made to fit the custom built U shaped bench. Both the fire pit and bench is located on a raised wooden deck surrounded by recessed planters, low slatted fence and tall hedges.

Modern Fire Pit Next to A Water Feature

Modern Backyard Water Feature Dipping Pool Fireplace Seating
We couldn’t decide if this falls under the category of Modern Backyard with Water Feature or Fire pit. Both are equally impressive and just as big. The flame won us over.

Contemporary and Modern Backyard

Modern backyard with wooden bench and metal outdoor fire pit
This modern backyard design has huge slabs with pebbled borders for floor, an L-shaped custom built wooden bench, Acapulco Chairs and a wooden reclining garden chair. But at the centre of all that is a modern movable steel fire pit or log burner. Although, we won’t recommend moving it when lit. Also, make sure that there are not kids around or wondering near unsupervised.


Modern Backyard-Beautiful-Mid-Century-Fireplace-Patio-Sofa-Fireplace-Ideas
It’s those Acapulco chairs again, they are everywhere. This time on a perfectly manicured lawn in a private walled backyard. Furthermore, a huge fireplace set as the backdrop and focal point of this garden. Plus, more seats are available in the form of long sofas. Still, that Mid-Century Fireplace is bound to wow all your guests and friends.

Custom Built Fire Pit and Seating Area

Modern Cement Wood Fireplace Seating Bench
This Modern Cement fire pit and U shape seating and benches are just what this garden needs. Throw some blankets and cushions on the bench and you have an inviting alcove to entertain friends and family. The wood fire pit is far enough to keep a safe distance while still providing warmth from the evening chill breeze.

Another Contemporary Cement Wood Fire Pit

Modern-Backyard paved patio raised plainter bench fireplace-ideas
Modern-Backyard paved patio raised plainter bench fireplace-ideas

A Complete Outdoor Sofa Setty with Fire Place

Modern-Backyard-Awesome-Small-Garden-Design-Water-Feature Sofa Fireplace
Modern-Backyard-Awesome-Small-Garden-Design-Water-Feature Sofa Fireplace

A Complete Do It All Backyard For Entertaining

Modern-Backyard-Beautiful-Patio Fireplace Pizza Oven Dining Seating
It’s those Acapulco styled chairs and cement fire pit. Instead of wood, this is more a gas powered fire pit making it easy to light and gets stated. A part from the two chairs, there is a dining area with long table and benches before you get to the BBQ and Pizza Oven at the back.

Wooden Fire Place on Paved Garden

Modern-Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas bench seating fireplace
Modern-Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas bench seating fireplace

Fire Pit in a Small Urban Terraced Garden

Modern-Backyard-multi-level-landscaping bench fireplace steps
Modern-Backyard-multi-level-landscaping bench fireplace steps

Poolside Recessed Seating Area and Fire Place

Modern Patio Designs 27 Contemporary Patio Outdoor Designs regarding dimensions 1080 X 1080 - Patio Ideas
Modern Patio Designs 27 Contemporary Patio Outdoor Designs regarding dimensions 1080 X 1080 – Patio Ideas

Low Maintenance Urban Backyard with Outdoor Fire Place

Modern-Small-Backyard-Design long garden fake grass raised bench fireplace
Modern-Small-Backyard-Design long garden fake grass raised bench fireplace