Best Boiling Hot Water Taps – for instant filtered hot and cold drinking water

Imagine wanting to boil a huge pot of pasta, or make a cup of tea (or coffee), or even warm up the baby’s milk bottle without needing to wait. Not even one second for the water to boil to the right temperature.

Not that long ago, it would have been but a dream, but these days the reality of the Hot Water Tap is a luxury that is slowly penetrating in to modern kitchens. A tap that makes a kettle redundant is for most people an unimaginable development. The reality is though most of the people who have one, swear by it so much that if they move, they would have a new one fitted.

Considerations when Choosing an Instant Kettle-Hot Water Tap

Instant Kettle Hot Water Tap
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A hot water tap is certainly something that joins the ranks of the luxuries list, not the necessities. It is certainly something on my ‘Very much like to have’ list and because of that I’ve narrowed down my possible options to these five. Now the only few considerations you might want to think about are:

1. Stand-alone or Combi

Apart from the Quooker, all the other taps are combination taps, meaning that it dispenses hot water and the cold water (or combinations of) within the same tap. With Quooker, it functions as a stand-alone hot water tap. All of the mixer ones also come with a child-safety lock.

2. Costs

The costs of one of these is not cheap, it would be at least 10 times if not more than your standard tap.

3. Maintenance

While my personal favourite is the Red Duo by Grohe, the most logical considerations would be

a) how much it would cost to maintain in the long term – with change of filters and the potential need for spare parts (also consider if you are in a hard water area) and

b) the availability of expertise. Having said that, there have been reviews where some people have installed the units themselves.

And so if the theatrics of putting on a kettle to boil, for a cuppa, is not something on your ‘must do this way’ list, below are the five best options currently.

Now for the list.

Top 5 Best Boiling Water Taps

Quooker Basic Pro 3-VAQ (Separate Unit)

  • Childproof tap in polished chrome finish
  • Boiler capacity: 3 litres insulated tank keeping water at 110 degrees

Grohe Red Duo Faucet and Single Boiler

  • Chrome-plated sink tap and water boiler with Child Lock
  • Boiler capacity: 4 litres tank size

InSinkErator HC3300 Steaming Hot & Cold Water Tap

  • Single handle operation with a hot push-lever locking mechanism for safety and child-proof
  • Boiler capacity: 2.5 litres tank size, dispenses approximately 100 cups of steaming hot water (98 degrees) per hour and cold filtered water
  • Adjustable temperature via dial

SMEG Etna 3 in 1 Instant Steaming & Cold Mixer Tap

  • Child safe handle mechanism on lever
  • Boiler capacity: 2 litre tank size for 98 degrees hot water
  • 3 in 1 instant steaming hot water, cold water or mixed hot and cold

Franke Minerva 3 in 1 Boiling Hot Water Tap

  • Safety mechanism to stop accidentally turning on the steaming water
  • Mixer tap for normal hot and cold water from your supplies
  • Boiler capacity: 4 litre tank size, for maximum 100 degrees hot water

Other Considerations

  • Splash back from boiling hot water unless using tall cooking pot
  • Hard water- generally affects performance and water flow
  • Filtration – most have filtration systems built in – filters are expensive
  • Safety feature /child lock for little people (and sometimes big people)
  • Energy efficiency — debatable – really depends on individual preferences and family use
  • Theatrics of ‘A Cup of Tea’ i.e. putting the kettle on