Modern Butler’s Pantry Design Ideas to Fit Any Space and What You Need

Butler’s pantries are a classy addition to your kitchen. They not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the space but also provide a perfect fix to all your storage needs! They can be utilised to store spices, preservatives, seasonings, kitchen appliances and out of use utensils in an organised and safe manner.

While the idea of a butler pantry may be enticing, there is a ton to be regarded with respect to the installation of the pantry. Creating space for the pantry can particularly challenging if you are installing it into a preexisting small or overly crowded kitchen. But as you will see, these can be resolved through effective spatial management. In this article, you will find some tasteful and space effective design ideas for inspiration as well as an outline of what you need to set up the perfect butler’s pantry in your kitchen.

Design ideas:

To get you started, here are some design ideas to fit any space.

1. Open shelving

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Open Shelf Pantry by Home Bunch

If you wish to have an elegant storage solution while utilising minimal space, an open shelf pantry is the perfect solution for you. It can be installed in the form of slabs supported by beams on a preexisting wall. If you don’t have an empty wall you can utilize, you may even avail the space over the sink or countertop to create the pantry.


2. Drawers for an ultra compact pantry

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Drawers by Master Brand

Adding drawers to your butler’s pantry creates a retractable storage space which would not take up much space inside your kitchen. You can get them installed under your cabinets or as a separate unit if sufficient space is available.

3. Add a wine chiller and drink prep corner

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Wine and Drink Prep Butler Pantry

A wine fridge would make a super innovative, classy and resourceful addition to your butler’s pantry by providing you with a cool spare storage space for your drinks and refrigerated items. This would allow you to accommodate food and drink items that require refrigeration. It will require a small corner of the kitchen to be refitted for this purpose but if you like . You would also have to take into regard the electrical connection requirements of your wine fridge before installation.


4. Utilize vertical space

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Utilise vertical spaces by Stacys Savings

Another great idea to fit a butler’s pantry in your kitchen is to utilize the vertical space available. This cuts down on the need for floor space and maximise the use of overhead room. You can create a single horizontal shelf close to the ceiling or a series of compartments starting from the lower end of the wall to the ceiling. You may need to consider a lightweight foldable step ladder to help reach things stored in the top compartments.


5. Use pocket doors

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Pantry with Pocket Door by Clean and Scentsible

A very important space consideration is allowing room for pantry doors to open and shut. You can save the need for that by opting for the installation of pocket doors. These doors simply slide into ‘pockets’ when open, removing the need for swinging space. Unlike conventional doors, you can also leave pocket doors open and create an open shelf look without it looking out of place. As the doors are out of sight, this avoids the awkward open-door look.


6. Experiment with colour schemes

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Experiment with Colours Photo by Country Living

When installing a butler’s pantry, the design possibilities are limitless. Simply deciding on a cool colour scheme can go a long way to give your pantry an artsy, tasteful look. You can either go with a color scheme that match the rest of your kitchen and blend right in, or you can go for a complementary colour which would look incredible in contrast and liven up your kitchen.

Practically, you would want to pick from the lighter shades of the colour palette in order to enhance visibility of the shelf. If the rest of your kitchen is white, some cool colors you can choose for the job are light grey, lime green, beige or sky blue.


7. Decorate your space!

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Wet bar in a butlers pantry – Photo by contentinacottage

If you are short on space to put up picture frames or wall decor, you can style up your kitchen by decorating your pantry doors! You may add photographs, quotes, a clock or other decorative pieces onto the pantry door by fixing them securely in place, preferably mounted to ensure that they stay fixed to the door even with frequent opening and closing. Otherwise, consider hanging photos and images where there is room on the wall. Lastly, you can also choose to display your table ware, crystals and glasses in the storage cabinet as part of your decor.

What you need for a butler’s pantry

Let’s look at the things you need check off your list as you plan to incorporate a butler’s pantry in your kitchen:

1. Available space

Start with the available space for your pantry. Will this be part of the kitchen or a separate room? Perhaps a dedicated storage cabinet or a series of floor to ceiling storage to be added to the opposite end of the kitchen. If it is a separate room, will this take up a corner of your kitchen or is part of an extension? You can consider converting an under stair cupboard or under used utility room into a walk in larder and pantry.

2. Decide on the size

In order to decide on the size, you need to be aware of your pantry’s purpose and then space it accordingly. If you plan to use it for storing utensils, create enough space for them to be stacked safely and far enough from the edge to be securely stashed. If you plan on placing electrical appliances on the countertop of your pantry, make sure you have enough electrical outlets to plug them into so that you do not have to move them each time you wish to use them. Whatever it is, knowing what you want in your pantry lets you plan and size it accordingly.

3. Material

One common question that arises is what material should be opted for when installing a butler’s pantry. You can either go for whatever material is predominantly used for the rest of your kitchen cabinetry so that it fits right in, or a distinct material in order to make your butler’s pantry stand out from the rest of the space. The key things to consider when choosing material are the following: style, maintenance and durability.

Quartz is a durable, scratch resistant material which would give your pantry a classy, elegant look. You can go for transparent, glass doors for your cabinets if you wish to create a contemporary look. Opt for durable tempered glass or safety glass in order to avoid the risk of cracking or breaking. Wooden materials like butcher blocks are also a great lightweight and cost effective material as worktop for your pantry.

4. Lighting

You would want your butler’s pantry to be well lit in order to make it convenient to view, rummage through and access the items you wish to avail. You can invest in some bright coloured paint and lacquering to make your pantry more visible and reflective of light. You can also install extra lights over the pantry or invest in LED strip lights to brighten up the space, especially those deep shelves.

5. Decor

Good decor goes a long way to liven up your space. You can opt for a pretty wallpaper to complement your cabinets, or accessorise your pantry by adding wall hangings, picture frames, posters and stickers. The decor also gives your space a homely, personalised touch and creates a comfortable space to be in.

6. Workforce

Once you have decided on the specifications, you would want to hire a professional workforce for the project.

  • An interior designer can help you incorporate your butler’s pantry in your kitchen in the best way possible by creating an aesthetically pleasing and space efficient design in accordance with your preferences and needs.
  • A contractor would be able to professionally oversee the project, obtain materials, supervise workers and get the job done to perfection.
  • You would want to hire carpenters in order to get the construction of your pantry done in the most tidy and optimal way.
  • An electrician would be able to help establish electrical outlets for your appliances as well as work on lighting projects for the pantry.
  • Next you would want professional painters in order to give your pantry a tasteful color and finishing.

Alternatively, you can take the job up as a DIY project and find resources and materials for yourself from the market to carry out the job on your own. There are plenty of free of cost tutorials available online nowadays to guide you through the process and help you fulfill the task.

In this article we walked you through the design ideas and practical requirements of a butler’s pantry. We hope you found it to be useful and informative!