Adding a Mezzanine Floor to Your Home: Considerations and design ideas

A mezzanine floor is a unit constructed between the floor and the ceiling within a single storey of the house to create an intermediate floor. They are not only tasteful architectural additions to your house especially those with high ceiling, but also an effective solution for space limitations and storage needs. If you wish to add a mezzanine floor to your residence but not sure where to start and what to, you’ve come to the right place.


The main considerations when embarking

1. Permissions

The first thing you need to consider is obtaining a permit. Depending on the region you live in and it’s respective building regulations, you will need planning permission from the relevant authorities. In several regions around the world such as Singapore, building a mezzanine floor is not permitted as it modifies the purpose, floor space, and plot ratio of a property. In most areas however, planning is allowed as long as it complies with building regulations of the land. If you live in a listed area, you may require permission from your local authority. 

If you are to construct the mezzanine next to a party wall in your house, a wall shared with your neighbours, you may have to acquire an agreement in order to follow through with the construction. Additionally, if you are a leaseholder, you may have to obtain the permission of the freeholder of the property to make structural changes. 


2. Safety

Next thing you need to consider is safety. Safety is the utmost importance when it comes to buildings. Here, we consider aspects of safety namely structural and fire.

A. Structural safety

Adding a mezzanine floor would increase the overall structural weight of your property. It should be ascertained that the building is capable of withstanding additional load to its structure without the risk of collapsing or being damaged. It is recommended for you to consult a structural engineer to survey the potential risks associated with installing a mezzanine before you go through with the project in order to ensure you are able to establish a secure and structurally sound unit in your house. 

On top of that, the staircase accessing your mezzanine floor should be safe to mount if it is to be party supported by the wall. A free standing staircase unit will also need secure railings and balustrade to reduce the risk of tripping, especially if when have children or elderly in your house.

B. Fire safety

Fire safety is an essential factor to be taken into account while installing a mezzanine floor for your home. It is important to ensure that the floor abides by your region’s fire safety regulations. A fire exit should be sought out and developed and sprinklers and extinguishers should be put into place as a precautionary measure.

3. Space

A mezzanine floor can only be installed if your room is tall enough to accommodate one. Mezzanines are often installed under lofty ceilings as the concave shape allows for sufficient space in terms of height. Consider the space you require for the floor according to how you aim to utilise it. The floor may serve as a home office, a compact closet, or even a bedroom. Ideally, a mezzanine room should be around 2.6 meters tall in order to allow for ease of movement for an average individual. 


4. Lighting and windows

When you construct a mezzanine floor, it would require its own lighting and electrical connections. You may add a window or two to let natural light in during the day. In doing so, you may need to consider sound proofing and insulation. You may install acoustic grade glass to help with noise reduction and double glazed windows to improve insulation, in case windows are installed. Enlist the help of an electrical engineer for your electrical installation.


5. Architecture

  • Employing a professional architect for the job allow you to establish the perfect mezzanine space according to your design preferences with the additional professional perspective. You would need to get accurate measurements of the space you need for the construction of the mezzanine floor in order to create an accurate and effective blueprint and acquire materials accordingly
  • Next, you need construction materials. Decide on the type of mezzanine floor you wish to install. Typically, mezzanine floors are constructed in the form of a wooden deck. A lumber mill would be able to construct you a solid flooring for your unit if you provide them with the measurements and design idea. Make sure to get a good finishing job on the flooring in order to prevent termite infestations and make the floor easy to clean and maintain. 
  • The flooring of the mezzanine floor is held up by strong beams. You would want to employ a professional builder to install the beams securely before the floor is set up. You would want to be certain that the floor is completely safe and well constructed. Solid I beams are typically used for as support beams for the floor. 
  • A mezzanine is accessed via a ladder or staircase. Ideally, you would want to get a full size stairs with stable railings set up for the job in order to ensure the safety of yourself and others in your house. These can be created entirely out of timer or steel.

Design ideas

When it comes to setting up and designing a mezzanine floor, the possibilities are limitless. The floor can serve a variety of purposes, and can be set up accordingly with immense aesthetic appeal. Let’s take a look at some of the most elegant yet artsy design ideas for your mezzanine. 

1. Bedroom

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Mezzanine Floor Photo by Next Luxury

Mezzanine units function incredibly as bedrooms. You can install one in a bedroom to create space for an extra bed and have an entirely new room! The walls may be customised with a preferred wallpaper, frames or posters to give it a personalised touch and bedside tables or a dresser may be tossed in to make the space all the more viable. 

If your mezzanine unit has windows, you can add plants next to them to keep the air fresh. If your mezzanine floor is part of the lofty ceiling, consider installing roof windows. These are great for natural light during the day and ventilation for when it gets too hot in the summer.


2. Children’s playroom

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Childrens Playroom Photo by Loftnets

If you have children, a mezzanine floor is perfect to cater to their need for space to play and unleash their creative sides. The unit can make a perfect play area when designed with bright colours and set up with some anti-slip carpeting and recreational items such as toys, storybooks and art supplies. A very important consideration to make here however is safety. In order to keep the kids safe especially on a heighted platform, it is imperative to install secure railings, balustrade and barriers both on the floor and on the stairs, in order to prevent risks of falling and injury. You can also get creative and introduce braided hammocks and professionally installed safety net that doubles as trampoline. 

3. Closet

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Mezzanine Floor with Storage Photo by House and Garden

If you are in need of some extra storage space for your clothes or belongings, a mezzanine floor can serve as a great closet space. You can store your out of season clothes in an organised manner in shelves or cupboards placed inside the unit. 


4. Study room/ Home office

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Mezzanine Floor as Study Photo by

Whether you work from home, are a student in need of space to focus or an adult who wishes to perform important tasks in isolation away from distraction, a mezzanine floor can serve as a great study for you. You can customise the place to create a resourceful and productive environment. You can add a study desk or custom wall mounted table top, some bright lamps, a cooling system for temperature control, an ergonomic chair and a cabinet for storing and organising your work and documents. 

Mezzanine floors can serve endless purposes, but it can be a little overwhelming to initiate a construction project when there is so much to consider. Here were some considerations and design ideas for you to go through and seek inspiration from, we hope you enjoyed the read and found the article to be informative and thorough. Until next time, we leave you with more inspiring builds in our gallery below.