Best Recycling Bins – from budget to premium, play your part for the environment

Sorting out your cardboard, newspaper and magazine, glass jars and bottles, plastic containers from your waste can be a big job if you use a conventional bin at home. These multi-compartment recycling bins will make your life a lot easier with higher models even include a small food waste bin.

With the many recycling initiatives and facilities created by the local authorities, more and more of our household waste can now be recycle. But, sorting them out into the different categories of recyclables meant separate storage are required. Leaving glass and plastic bottles and containers aside on the kitchen counter just creates more clutter and is not the best solution.

We look at some of the cheapest to mid-range and high-end recycle bins that will solve your recycling woes.

Best Recycling Bins

The recycling bins in our line-up are either single bin with up to three compartments or individual bins combined as one with interlocking hinges or stackable design allowing for sorting of the different wastes.

The single unit design comes with either two or three built-in compartments or drawers, with a single or multiple individual lids. While the individual units are simply just individual bins, colour coded for different recyclables.

3 Compartments

Pack Of Threes – BUDGET

Standard – MID-RANGE

High End – PREMIUM

2 Compartments

Now for a closer look at the different recycle bins.

3 Compartments

Pack Of Threes – BUDGET

3 x 25Litre Plastic Recycling Bins 

3 x 25L Recycling Bins

3 x 30Litre Interlocking Waste and Recycling Bins

3 x 30L Interlocking Recycling Bins

45Litre Casa Pura Large Bucket Pedal Bins (70Litre / 90Litre)

Three different sizes and lid with different colours, the Casa Pura Large Bucket Pedal Bins are among the biggest recycle bins in our list, see dimensions below. Each of the bins are sold separately.

Casa Pura Large Bucket Pedal Recycle Bins

Dimensions and corresponding lid colours:

  • L: Red lid – 45 Litres (Size: 40.5x39x59cm)
  • XL: Blue lid – 70 Litres (Size: 50x40x66cm)
  • XXL: Yellow lid – 90 Litres (Size: 50x41x82cm)

3 x Stacking Recycle Bin

3 x Stacking Recycling Bin

Standard – MID-RANGE

Hailo 33Litre (3 x 11) Trento Oko Recycling and Sorting Pedal Bin – SINGLE LID, PEDAL

Hailo 3 x 11L Trento Oko Recycling Bin

Zyon 36Litre (3 x 12) Recycling Pedal Bin – INDIVIDUAL LIDS, PEDALS

Zyon Recycle Bin 36L

VonHaus 45Litre Stainless Steel 3 in 1 Compartment Indoor Recycling Pedal Bin – INDIVIDUAL LIDS, PEDALS

Von Haus 45L Stainless Steel Recycle Bin

High End – PREMIUM

Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Totem Recycling Bin 50L or 60L

Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Totem Bin Family

2 Compartments

Wesco Push Two Recycling Bin 50L ROUND, TOUCH (PUSH FLAP)Wesco Push Two Waste Recycle Bin


simplehuman Wide-Step Recycling Pedal Bin 46L RECTANGLE, PEDAL

simplehuman Wide-Step Recycling Bin 46L


simplehuman Butterfly Recycler 40L ROUND, PEDAL

simplehuman Butterfly Recycler, Stainless Steel, 40L

simplehuman Rectangular Touch Bar Recycler 48LRECTANGLE, TOUCH

simplehuman Touch Bar Recycler, 48L

Also available the Pedal version simplehuman Steel Bar Recycler Pedal Bin – RECTANGLE, PEDAL

Brabantia Touch Bin Twin Bucket 2 x 20L – ROUND, TOUCH

Brabantia Twin Recycling Touch Bin Brilliant Steel 20 and 20L

Available in Brilliant Steel or Matt Fingerprint Proof Stainless Steel

Brabantia Touch Bin Twin Bucket 10L and 23L Plastic Buckets – SEMI-ROUND, TOUCH

Brabantia Twin Recycling Touch Bin Fingerprint Proof Stainless Steel 10 and 23L

Available in Brilliant Steel or Matt Fingerprint Proof Stainless Steel