Pyroflam Cookware – from the freezer to the cooker

When I was nine, my first foray in to cooking consisted of (much like many of my Asian contemporaries) making my first packet of instant noodles – in this case – Maggi Chicken Flavoured Soup Noodles.

So I got a container, filled it with water from the tap and put it on the stove. Unbeknown to me was the slightly rather important issue that the Pyrex bowl (which I used – because I thought it just looked so amazingly good) was not meant to be anywhere near the stove-top.

You can probably guess what happened next. It did not take long…but within half a minute, the Pyrex bowl promptly broke in half dumping all of it’s watery contents on to the cooker.

It certainly did not make sense to my nine-year old mind – why a pyrex bowl could with stand the heat of at least 250 o C in the oven, and yet could not do something as simple as keep it together for a bowl of boiling water.

So anyway, while this has baffled me most of my life (including my stint as a research chemist, for we did heat pyrex beakers on hot plates – and they did not break!) I have had to learn to accept it.

But imagine my pleasant surprise to learn that Pyrex now actually has a series of cookware that you CAN put on the stove top (apart for induction cookers – Induction uses magnetism to heat the cookware while ceramic is not magnetic – for more information visit this wikipedia page).

Pyroflam by Pyrex

The Pyroflam range of cook ware – offered by Pyrex is a series of nice looking bowls and lids that can be taken from the fridge or freezer to the hob or stove or oven direct. Pyroflam is apparently made from Vitro-ceramic – a material that is used by NASA in space shuttles.

They come in a range of options:

Just so you know, in the Pyrex range of the Multi-cook Set, it is still only the White ceramic part that is safe for the stove-top….so here’s to me still hoping.

Pyroflam Casserole Dishes

Pyroflam Steamers

Pyroflam Roasters

Pyroflam Multi-Cook Set